After the establishment of the railway station in 1899, Alexandropol witnessed a significant growth and became the largest city in Eastern Armenia. Dogs of Gyumri (or D.O.G.) The mission of D.O.G. For Gyumri is the 3rd extended play by Tigran Hamasyan and was released 16 February 2018. [52] The Gyumri Technology Center also participated in helping revitalize the airport by adding interior design details to improve the airport's look.[53]. The newly founded Sh.S.U. Starting from 2017–18 season, FC Gyumri became known as Shirak Futsal, representing the futsal branch of FC Shirak. The 2019 Revision of World Population Prospects is the twenty-sixth round of official United Nations population estimates and projections that have been prepared by the Population Division of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations Secretariat. Saint George Greek Orthodox Church, opened in 1850. It was formed in 1897 and the first railway link to Alexandropol that connected the city with Tiflis was completed in 1899. [7], Kumayri was a significant and quite-developed urban settlement during the Middle Ages. [30] There are around 16,000 Armenian Catholics in the Shirak Province.

The factory produces a variety of lager beer under the brands Gyumri, Ararat and Aleksandrapol. As of 2017, the one-way trip fee is AMD 100 (around US$0.21).

The Turkish forces withdrew from Alexandropol after the Treaty of Kars was signed in October 1921 by the unrecognized Soviet and Turkish governments. According to the Armenian scholar Ghevond the Historian, the town was a centre of the Armenian rebellion led by Artavazd Mamikonian against the Islamic Arab Caliphate, between 733 and 755. Until the sovietization of Armenia in 1920, Alexandropol had 31 manufacturing centres including beer, soap, textile, etc. The Shirak plateau is surrounded with the Pambak Mountains from the east and Aragats volcanic range from the south. As of 2014[update], according to some news websites, between 4,000 and 5,000 residents of Gyumri remain homeless, although there are no official figures provided by the local authorities of the city. Many districts including Shirak were depopulated. As of the 2011 census, the city had a population of 121,976, down from 150,917 reported at the 2001 census.

The city's population grew above 200,000 prior to the 1988 Spitak earthquake, when it was devastated. Multiple new airlines began operating flights to the airport, including Taron Avia, a new Armenian airline based in Gyumri.

It was completely destroyed during the Soviet days. Russian church of the Caucasian 7th Rifle Regiment, built during the 1850s. Kumayri historic district: is the old part of Gyumri with its unique architecture. During the period of the Russian rule, Gyumri became one of the developing cities in the Transcaucasus. If population growth rate would be same as in period 2016-2018 (-1.37%/year), Gyumri population in 2020 would be: 111 387*. Converse Bank has another “Sport” surprise for Gyumri population. Catholicos of All Armenians Garegin II also took part in the ceremony. Guiumri o Gyumri (en armenio, Գյումրի) es la histórica ciudad armenia de Kumari. [48], Gyumri is considered to be the "laughter and humor capital" of Armenia. Many works have been published to narrate about the legacy and heritage of the humor in Gyumri.[50]. En esta ciudad se firmó el llamado tratado de Gümrü entre Armenia y Turquía que puso fin a la guerra entre ambos Estados y acabó con el sueño de la Gran Armenia que establecía el tratado de Sèvres (1920). The Aslamazyan Sisters Gallery, built in the 1880s, is home to more than 700 drawings, paintings and other works of the Aslamazyan sisters who were the Soviet-era artists. [15], Being under the Soviet rule, the name of the city was changed in 1924 to Leninakan after the deceased Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin.

In 1829, in the aftermath of the Russo-Turkish War, there was a big influx of Armenian population, as around 3,000 families who had migrated from territories in the Ottoman Empire -in particular from the towns of Kars, Erzurum, and Doğubeyazıt- settled in and around Gyumri. [12] In 1410, Armenia fell under the control of the Kara Koyunlu Shia Oghuz Turkic tribe. The album is named after the city Gyumri and is where Tigran was born. (պատմություն)", "Gyumri Technology Center:Vision/Mission", "Gyumri Tumo Center to Open in Spring 2015", President Serzh Sargsyan working visit to Gyumri, "Hauptausschuss für Städtepartnerschaft mit Gjumri in Armenien", "Armenian Genocide Memorial to be unveiled in Israel",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. The Russians built the Sev Berd fortress at the western edge of the city during the 1830s in response to the Russo-Turkish War of 1828–1829. Rock, folk rock and ethnic rock are widely popular through the local famous rock band Bambir, active since 1978.

գյումրեցիների գնահատականը մեկդարյա «Անուշ»-ի առաջնախաղին, Ապրիլի մեկի խորհուրդն ու գյումրվա հումորի առանձնահատկությունները, «Սարի պես բանցր Գյումրին» եւ նրա հումորի լեգենդները, Armenia among the top 10 safest countries, "1837թ. After 2 centuries of Islamic rule over Armenia, the Bagratids declared independence in 885 establishing the Bagratid Kingdom of Armenia.

The newly founded Sh.S.U. The South Caucasus Railway CJSC, is the current operator of the railway sector in Armenia.[54]. [40], Influenced by Gurdjieff, the Armenian musician Levon Eskenian founded The Gurdjieff Ensemble in 2008. In 1912, Gyumri was home to the first opera show ever staged in Armenia, when composer Armen Tigranian presented Anoush to the public in Alexandropol. It is considered the cultural and educational centre of northern Armenia. Converse Bank has another “Sport” surprise for Gyumri population (photos) 24 September, 2019 168hours another, ceremony, opening, professional, The. Actualmente la ciudad cuenta con un poco menos de 120.000 habitantes, y es la capital de la provincia de Shirak. [18], Gyumri was celebrated as the Capital of Culture of the Commonwealth of Independent States for 2013.

[49] The jokes and anecdotes of famous local humorists like Jgher Khachik and Poloz Mukuch are widely known by the local citizens. Tigran considers this EP a companion work to his 8th album An Ancient Observer, which was released the year before. The area was mentioned as Kumayri in the historic Urartian inscriptions dating back to the 8th century BC. The opening ceremony of another professional sports ground constructed with the support of Converse Bank was held in Gyumri, with the participation of Shirak Governor Tigran Petrosyan, Gyumri Deputy Mayor Hayk Sultanyan, Converse … The name was chosen in honour of Tsar Nicholas I's wife, Princess Charlotte of Prussia, who had changed her name to Alexandra Fyodorovna after converting to Orthodox Christianity. “With the opening of similar sports ground in Nor Hachn in the near future, we will thereby complete 5 professional sports grounds construction project in Armenia and Artsakh. Esta página se editó por última vez el 30 sep 2020 a las 18:21. It was completely destroyed during the Soviet days. Many Olympic and world champion wrestlers, weightlifters and boxers are from Gyumri. Futsal is also very popular in Gyumri. Archaeological excavations conducted throughout the Soviet period have shown that the area of modern-day Gyumri has been populated since at least the third millennium BC. Throughout the 19th century, Alexandrapol was considered the centre of folk and traditional Armenian music. 52–58. [15], Being under the Soviet rule, the name of the city was changed in 1924 to Leninakan after the deceased Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin. In 1837, Kumayri was renamed Alexandropol after Czar Nicholas I's wife, Princess Alexandra Fyodorovna. Many Olympic and world champion wrestlers, weightlifters and boxers are from Gyumri. The icon links to further information about a selected division including its population structure (gender, urbanization). Gyumri is the seat of the Diocese of Shirak of the Armenian Apostolic Church. Imastaser Anania Shirakatsi University, opened in 1992. However, the Ottomans withdrew from the city on 24 December 1918, as a result of the Armistice of Mudros. [17], At the time of the breakup of the Soviet Union, the city was renamed Kumayri between in 1990 until 1992 when it was finally given the name Gyumri. The statistics of the population history of Armenia show progress. Different genres of music became popular in the city during the 2nd half of the 20th century. At the same time, the Bank elaborated and introduced “Gyumri” and “Gyumri Agro” loans for the purpose of expanding and developing agriculture, tourism, tourism infrastructures, trade and service network in Shirak region.


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