Looking for a instantaneous mood booster? This was Duran Duran’s breakthrough success in the US and it all came from MTV. ("Yoooou… you got what I neeeeeed… but you say he's just a friend…"). Few of us can get there without our voice cracking like an angry cat, but it never stops us from trying. Nobody actually remembers all of the lyrics to this 1987 classic from America's greatest rockers.

The second single off the best selling album of all time, Billie Jean is an undeniable classic. Sure, Joe Strummer probably wasn't writing about whether to keep flirting with a girl in algebra class, but that's how many of us took it.

Who wouldn’t love to scream-sing this at their ex?? There's only one possible way they're going to answer. You can argue all you want that the only reason this song holds up is because of that wildly inventive video featuring rotoscoping (or pencil-sketch animation). From Wham! This is a glossier sound than the one that fueled "Barracuda" or "Straight On" during the '70s, but Ann Wilson's dynamic, one-of-a-kind vocals combine well with the group's trademark driving guitar to forge a solid '80s rock song. Metal, real metal, never came close to satisfying people who loved hummable melodies. Look, it does take two to make a thing go right! Anytime, anywhere there is something to be celebrated, this tune will be played and it’s oh so good. Not even.

There may be higher-quality '80s love songs than these, but few are more emotionally wrenching or delightfully predicated on heartbreak. You will not regret it. "Beat It" was just that infectious, causing even the most shy among us to leap out of our chairs and sing along like we were trying to negotiate a friendly dance competition between rival gangs.

Badass rock chick Pat Benatar gave us this battle-of-the-sexes anthem that'll never lose its relevance. That high note is every '80s kid's White Whale. As far as I’m concerned The B-52’s are geniuses. This is what I think 10 minutes after I arrive at a bar and need to assess the situation.

The '80s seemed to have a lot of songs about surveillance (see: "Every Breath You Take" and "Somebody's Watching Me"). 500         STEVE WINWOOD            VALERIE, 498         SHALAMAR         THE SECOND TIME AROUND, 497         MICHAEL MCDONALD    SWEET FREEDOM, 496         ARETHA FRANKLIN          I KNEW YOU WERE WAITING FOR ME, 494         BOBBY BROWN EVERY LITTLE STEP, 491         JANET JACKSON               CONTROL, 489         BILLY OCEAN      WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH, 487         MARY JANE GIRLS            IN MY HOUSE, 486         ADAM ANT         GOODY TWO SHOES, 484         PEBBLES               MERCEDES BOY, 482         PAT BENATAR    TREAT ME RIGHT, 480         MUSICAL YOUTH              PASS THE DUTCHIE, 479         STACEY Q. It's got a hormonal energy that makes you want to snarl and dance and knock over furniture and make a spectacle of yourself. Plus, this song makes points. Do not ask an '80s kid if he or she likes Weezer's cover of "Africa." (PRETTY YOUNG THING), 95           FOREIGNER        WAITING FOR A GIRL LIKE YOU, 94           PET SHOP BOYS WEST END GIRLS, 92           WHISPERS           ROCK STEADY, 91           BON JOVI            WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE, 90           BLONDIE              THE TIDE IS HIGH, 89           BILLY JOEL           UPTOWN GIRL, 88           PRETENDERS      BRASS IN POCKET, 86           STEVIE NICKS     EDGE OF SEVENTEEN, 85           JOHN MELLENCAMP       HURTS SO GOOD, 83           U2          I STILL HAVEN'T FOUND WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR, 82           GO-GOS               WE GOT THE BEAT, 80           GENESIS               IN TOO DEEP, 79           KENNY LOGGINS              DANGER ZONE, 78           MR. MISTER       BROKEN WINGS, 77           BILLY JOEL           IT'S STILL ROCK AND ROLL TO ME, 75           ROMANTICS       WHAT I LIKE ABOUT YOU, 73           DEF LEPPARD     POUR SOME SUGAR ON ME, 72           TEARS FOR FEARS            EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD, 71           CUTTING CREW (I JUST) DIED IN YOUR ARMS, 70           ROLLING STONES             START ME UP, 69           LIONEL RICHIE   ALL NIGHT LONG, 68           GENESIS               INVISIBLE TOUCH, 66           QUEEN ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST, 65           MADONNA         CRAZY FOR YOU, 64           OUTFIELD            YOUR LOVE, 63           DIRE STRAITS     MONEY FOR NOTHING, 62           MICHAEL JACKSON         THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL, 61           JOURNEY             OPEN ARMS, 60           IRENE CARA        FLASHDANCE...WHAT A FEELING, 59           QUEEN CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE, 58           ROBERT PALMER              ADDICTED TO LOVE, 57           REO SPEEDWAGON         KEEP ON LOVING YOU, 56           HUEY LEWIS & THE NEWS             THE POWER OF LOVE, 54           POISON                EVERY ROSE HAS ITS THORN, 53           KENNY LOGGINS              FOOTLOOSE, 52           BLONDIE              CALL ME, 51           WHITNEY HOUSTON       I WANNA DANCE WITH SOMEBODY , 50           FOREIGNER        I WANT TO KNOW WHAT LOVE IS, 49           RICK JAMES        SUPER FREAK, 48           WHAM!

It's a song that let us coexist with dual personas: the snarling punk rocker who wasn't afraid to push back against authority, and the insecure teenager who was really indecisive about a relationship. But, every song on this album is great. It'd be like rebuilding Stonehenge, or the Great Sphinx of Giza.

And that's coming from somebody grew up with it as the soundtrack to his life. There is no shame in shaking your hips along to the beat as George Michael reminds you that not everybody "has a body like you.". You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, The Real Reason Why Halsey Changed Her Name, All the Songs That Need to Be on Your NYE Playlist, Taylor Swift’s “Only the Young” Lyrics, Explained, Ariana Grande's "34+35" Lyrics Are All About Sex, 10 Latina Rappers Whose Music You Have to Hear, These Happy Songs = The Cure for Your 2020 Misery, Miranda Lambert's New Music Video is SO Steamy, The Lyrics to H.E.R. I kid you not! and George Michael Solo Songs of the '80s, Billy Vera & the Beaters - "At This Moment", Naked Eyes - "Always Something There to Remind Me".

Biz Markie recycled a lil' music for this, but hearing the words "She/he is just a friend" and knowing it's a complete lie is perfectly captured in this track. This mid-tempo track rides in on some shimmering hooks and gentle harmonies, but the layers of guitar help keep the proceedings squarely in the rock category instead of mere pop. Probably the most famous film clip of all time accompanies the title track of the best selling album in history. If you don't immediately know it, please see yourself out. Made at the request of director Spike Lee for his renowned film Do the Right Thing, this song speaks the straight truth with max intensity and pride.

During Heart's '80s song production, Ann and Nancy Wilson endured a reduction in their creative output with class and grace, taking solid compositions from professional writers and turning them into some of the finest hits of the '80s. If you don't know what song this is in literally the first second of it, you need to put that ish on repeat, and then we'll accept you back into society again. More of a work out than a dance song, this 1989 banger certainly gets you limbered up. 1987's Bad Animals certainly would have had an excuse for being even poppier than the preceding album, given the immense success of Heart's newfound hooks and mainstream appeal. New wave pioneers New Order are arguably much bigger that just Blue Monday, but it’s the only song I could live with on a desert island. The perfect segway from classic to electronica, you will be hard pressed to find a DJ who doesn’t play this song. It's hard to fathom, but there are actually people who exercise regularly and, when hitting a wall, they don't imagine the melody of "Eye of the Tiger" playing on a constant loop in their brain to get them through the final few sets. It's okay if it happens to you too. Once because Quincy Jones thought it was an afterthought, and again when Michael’s church going friends told him the video promoted devil worship. There is certainly no shortage of candidates for this collection but come with me while we reopen old wounds and memories of fetal-position misery. Rick James essentially glorifies groupies in this song but it’s so much fun. Need I say more? When you've already got one of these Wonders of the World, why does it need to be done again? You have to love this track's limited but right-to-the-point lyrics. Some might even call it excruciating. It hasn't aged well. RIAA Certification. For a true '80s kids, challenging yourself to see how many "It's the End of the World" lyrics you still remember is like a mental exercise for aging brains. Just the first few notes are enough to make you sing it in its entirety. The best 80s feel good songs through the night. Listen, even Pitchfork, the internet's highest bar of indie music criticism, gave the Faith album an 8.7 rating, a rare high score for music also beloved by suburban teenagers. The contrast between the jump-up-and-dance feeling this song inspires and the heavy story it tells is unparalleled.

Trivia note: This song was played to help welcome home the 52 freed American hostages from Iran in 1981. 198         CLASH   SHOULD I STAY OR SHOULD I GO? So once again, ample credit must go to the band for releasing another guitar rocker like this one instead of turning ever further toward sappy, toothless love ballads. According to Depeche Mode vocalist Dave Gahan, this song was written as the punk scene was winding down and London club kids were looking for music they could dance to that wasn’t so aggressive. Top Glenn Frey Solo Songs of the '80s. A cozy pair of sweatpants? As is customary with Prince it’s dripping with sex and other aphrodisiac musks.

1. Waiting by the phone hopefully but stripped of all dignity is most definitely a recurrent theme of this strain of soft rock love song, and this tune does not disappoint. However, you’re never alone in karaoke and the only thing that will be louder than the bar cheering you on is the eternal  glory of this 80s synth pop classic.


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