To qualify for Social Security disability, you must expect to be disabled for at least 12 months. If you are over Age Pension age, or are already drawing down from your super, the money will be included in the income and assets tests. I will be on my 7-8 month living on social security. This is an Attorney Advertisement – Not an Attorney Referral Service I'm by If you buy a unit, as you suggest, and that becomes your principal home, and you don't own any other property, it will be exempt from the assets test. Will this affect her benefit, particularly if it is over £16,000? Depending on the amount you could look at a diversified fund through AMP, Colonial, BT etc where the funds are changed to shares. Do I need to let SSDI know about the inheritance? This is not to say that such events will not impact other forms of government support. HI Irene, If You Have Arthritis, Can You Qualify for SSDI Benefits? Because you are on SSDI benefits, you will not have any issue with inheritances. For example, many people wonder if they will lose benefits or be denied if they receive money through an inheritance or other sudden influx of money. In reply to But, WILL they take your by I know someone on SSI, and just inherited 2 homes and a quarter of a million Dollars. In reply to I am on SSI,, my mother is 92 by If I just got a slip and fall injury and since have settled , will I still be able to get my SSD payments along with my medicare ? William B (not verified), If my inherit a house and I am on SSI would that be taken for me upon my death or can I leave it to a son, In reply to If my inherit a house and I by When you reach full retirement age, your benefits will convert to retirement benefits. & I get SSDI, In reply to I was just curious if I was by Should I File for Unemployment and Social Security Disability? I'm by What age it will stop, In reply to Will the child continue to by An inheritance is not included in the income test, however what you do with the money could see it included in the Centrelink means tests. My mother is likely to receive money from the WILL following her mother’s death, however, she receives carers allowance. In reply to The child will be eligible by

Jose rodriguez (not verified). Andrée is expecting a big inheritance and wants to know what happens if she pays off her mortgage. I need to know this. I will be retiring soon at 62. by

Do I need to let SSDI know about the inheritance? If you are applying to receive disability benefits, there are financial and employment requirements that must be met. If, however, you spend it on your mortgage (as you suggest), home repairs or on a holiday, then it will not affect your pension.

However, there are options that you have to avoid your benefits being permanently stopped.


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