Includes test with shorted terminals of untested windings 4. Impulse Test concepts by Philip J Hopkinson, PE Good impulse Test : 1. %JP��g,^U�ܯ.�� o�ȭ�[�����I�2�-��ɑ�P= _;o��������������si���9r�)V�k�'��\ROw�3�}�m�ɛ�99�(D�?0����3�7v�T91��!��%I(���'�t����Q=�#B�İ6��;�iYxVZE��H���1���@�V�H� N�o��z�� ,n���&� ���l��~�Z��>��cS�b�VR�C�ٷ�,c���u��e��:����}O 2 active flammability (fig. 3) According to EN/IEC 60384-14:2005 U R VAC is connected to the capacitor. 2. The rated critical-impulse flashover voltage 200 kV is specified by ANSI C29.18, Table 1. 113 0 obj <>stream Able to excite all natural frequencies of the windings Ideal Impulse Test 1. (2.9) is limited to values of K t close to unity, for K t \0.95 it is voltage: kV yes no TECHNICAL QUESTIONNAIRE - Impulse Voltage Test System, page 4 of 4 (recommended for standard wave shapes) (recommended for chopped wave shapes) Higher line terminal voltage than can occur in the field 2. �wU��T2{�R���l��OJ�~���=�ʼd�y��S�S���,Q�^�����u��9���|S�B��aZ�!�̜ �V .�T7|z�E�!j�vM�I�N{/4��?������B���&. IS 2026 (Part 3) : 2009 lEe 60076-3:2000 IEC 60790, Oscilloscopes andpeak voltmeters for impulse tests IEC 61083-1, Digital recorders for measurements in high-voltage impulse tests - Part 1: Requirements for digital recorders IEC 61083-2, Digital recorders for measurements in high-voltage impulse tests - Part 2: Evaluation ofsoftware used for the determination ofthe parameters ofimpulse waveforms The total charging voltage ranges from 200 kV to 10’000 kV with a per-stage energy of 10 to 30 kJ. The value of criticalimpulse flashover voltag- e is higher then 92 percent of the rated critical-impulse flashover voltage, i.e.

%PDF-1.6 %���� Impulse Voltage Test System, 200 – 10’000 kV / 10 – 1’500 kJ. Vice versa when a test voltage V 0 is specified for standard reference atmo-sphere, the actual test voltage value can be calculated by the converse procedure: V ¼ K t V 0: ð2:9Þ Because the converse procedure uses the breakdown voltage V 50 (Eq. Significant hold time 2. Fast rising wave. of the test voltage, under specified conditions 3.1.2 steep front impulse fast-front voltage impulse whose time to peak is less than that of a standard lightning impulse but not less than that of a very-fast-front voltage as defined in IEC 60071-1.

1 Fig. CONTROLLED RESISTIVE LIGHTNING IMPULSE VOLTAGE DIVIDER nom. 2.6), the applicability of Eq. MX-%��!��C�ǷG�ܭ֖,tǠO�����wO!�>Y��}���;�A�I tϻ-�I�Q�4�U�V�|��G��~dj�7�����Y�]�A�8��%9�P��¬���/͸����� ���[7����n�̪����>�$&�6�e r���lI(�J���؀����8���o�D�;шSm�Uҿjp/�䭇���Z�c�� ���=���$Cͽ+x7a�v$^b0F�����Ez=��F�����hm��W��am�-"��b2VMI�sѫ�c�R%/~�b�Voߖѣ�'�O�2*�C&��T��f��&��6Xd`���Zs���;[�g!��5�0��ǩ�}�����Y�ڜ�Y�j������#��,����|��&����pۤI�O{+. endstream endobj 114 0 obj <>stream 3. 184 kV. 1) According to EN/IEC 60384-14:2005 Capacitor class U p kV X1 4 X2 2.5 none Y1 8 Y2 5 none Y4 2.5 Fig.

APPLICATION . Test sample met the requirements. The impulse voltage divider (4), which is capaci-tively damped, measures full and crest-chopped lightning and switching impulses. 1X]�S1t?�9�>Q���o-୳ǀ8��7��$ހLʀMS� The chopping gap (5) provides a fast volt-age breakdown. Test Ca 90 – 95% R.H. U U i U R time impulse voltage test (fig. is a platform for academics to share research papers. The overshoot compensation (6) improves the impulse voltage wave shape for highly capacitive test objects.

Severe chop wave. SGVA impulse test systems can be used to generate impulse voltages simulating lightning strokes and switching surges.


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