It was a testament to his popularity that he was never short of willing patrons to take him in. WHO knows the world will never feel surprise,When men are duped by artful women's eves;Though death his weapon freely will unfold;Love's pranks, we find, are ever ruled by gold.To vain coquettes I doubtless here allude;But spite of arts with which they're oft endued;I hope to show (our honour to maintain,)We can, among a hundred of the train,Catch one at least, and play some cunning trick:--For instance, take blithe Gulphar's wily nick,Who gained (old soldier-like) his ardent aim,And gratis got an avaricious dame.LOOK well at this, ye heroes ... Jean De La Fontaine - Jean De La Fontaine Poems - Poem Hunter. AS o'er their wine one day, three gossips sat,Discoursing various pranks in pleasant chat,Each had a loving friend, and two of theseMost clearly managed matters at their ease.... more », A FAMOUS painter, jealous of his wife;Whose charms he valued more than fame or life,When going on a journey used his art,To paint an ASS upon a certain part,... more », WHAT various ways in which a thing is toldSome truth abuse, while others fiction hold;In stories we invention may admit;But diff'rent 'tis with what historick writ;... more », DIVERTING in extreme there is a play,Which oft resumes its fascinating sway;Delights the sex, or ugly, fair, or sour;By night or day:--'tis sweet at any hour.... more », BOCCACE alone is not my only source;T'another shop I now shall have recourse;Though, certainly, this famed Italian witHas many stories for my purpose fit.... more », SOLICITED I've been to give a tale,In which (though true, decorum must prevail),The subject from a picture shall arise,That by a curtain's kept from vulgar eyes.... more », THE simple Jane was sent to bring Fresh water from the neighb'ring spring; The matter pressed, no time to waste, Jane took her jug, and ran in haste... more », A CLOISTERED nun had a loverDwelling in the neighb'ring town;Both racked their brains to discoverHow they best their love might crown.... more », WHEN Venus and Hypocrisy combine,Oft pranks are played that show a deep design;Men are but men, and friars full as weak:I'm not by Envy moved these truths to speak.... more », A STURGEON, once, a glutton famed was ledTo have for supper--all, except the head.With wond'rous glee he feasted on the fish;And quickly swallowed down the royal dish.... more », THE Lombard princes oft pervade my mind;The present tale Boccace relates you'll find;Agiluf was the noble monarch's name;Teudelingua he married, beauteous dame,... more », HE surely must be wrong who loving fears;And does not flee when beauty first appears.Ye FAIR, with charms divine, I know your fame;No more I'll burn my fingers in the flame.... more », THE change of food enjoyment is to man;In this, t'include the woman is my plan.I cannot guess why Rome will not allowExchange in wedlock, and its leave avow;... more », DAME FORTUNE often loves a laugh to raise,And, playing off her tricks and roguish ways,Instead of giving us what we desire,Mere quid pro quo permits us to acquire.... more », I LATELY vowed to leave the nuns alone,So oft their freaks have in my page been shown.The subject may at length fatigue the mind;My Muse the veil howe'er is still inclined,... more », ONCE more permit me, nuns, and this the last;I can't resist, whatever may have passed,But must relate, what often I've been told;Your tales of convent pranks are seldom cold;... more », I'M now disposed to give a pretty tale;Love laughs at what I've sworn and will prevail;Men, gods, and all, his mighty influence know,And full obedience to the urchin show.... more », FAMED Paris ne'er within its walls had got,Such magick charms as were Aminta's lot,Youth, beauty, temper, fortune, she possessed,And all that should a husband render blessed,... more », OFT have I seen in wedlock with surprise,That most forgot from which true bliss would riseWhen marriage for a daughter is designed,The parents solely riches seem to mind;... more », NO easy matter 'tis to hold,Against its owner's will, the fleeceWho troubled by the itching smartOf Cupid's irritating dart,... more », EXAMPLE often proves of sov'reign use;At other times it cherishes abuse;'Tis not my purpose, howsoe'er, to tellWhich of the two I fancy to excel.... more », JOHN courts Perrette; but all in vain; Love's sweetest oaths, and tears, and sighs All potent spells her heart to gain The ardent lover vainly tries:... more », WHEN William went from home (a trader styled):Six months his better half he left with child,A simple, comely, modest, youthful dame,Whose name was Alice; from Champaign she came.... more », SOME wit, handsome form and gen'rous mind;A triple engine prove in love we find;By these the strongest fortresses are gainedE'en rocks 'gainst such can never be sustained.... more », I RECOLLECT, that lately much I blamed,The sort of lover, avaricious named;And if in opposites we reason see,The liberal in paradise should be.... more », NO city I to Rheims would e'er prefer:Of France the pride and honour I aver;The Holy Ampoule and delicious wine,Which ev'ry one regards as most divine,... more », A GASCON (being heard one day to swear,That he'd possess'd a certain lovely fair,)Was played a wily trick, and nicely served;'Twas clear, from truth he shamefully had swerved:... more », TO you, my friends, allow me to detail,The feats of monks in Catalonia's vale,Where oft the holy fathers pow'rs displayed,And showed such charity to wife and maid,... more », A DEMON, blacker in his skin than heart,So great a charm was prompted to impart;To one in love, that he the lady gained,And full possession in the end obtained:... more », AS WILLIAM walking with his wife was seen,A man of rank admired her lovely mien.Who gave you such a charming fair?


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