Choosing a plan means you will not be paying individual listing fees rather one flat fee for a specific predetermined number of listings. If you are selling men’s clothing consider putting each item in its proper category such as: Building an email list of your shoppers is critical for repeat business.

The more items you sell on eBay the better the offer will be. Now your store is active you can start selling like a pro and you can work on other aspects of your business such as: I’ve dedicated an entire article to this issue and will discuss this in my upcoming post so stay tuned. Typically you will need to provide: Tax ID number such as your Social Security, – 250 fixed price listings per  month at a 20 cent insertion fee and 250 auction style listings per month at 25 cents as well as 5,000 off-eBay promotional emails per month, – 1,000 fixed price listings per  month at a 10 cent insertion fee and 500 auction style listings per month at 15 cents as well as 7,500 off-eBay promotional emails per month, – 10,000 fixed price listings per month at a 5 cent insertion fee and 1,000 auction style listings per month at 10 cents as well as 10,000 off-eBay promotional emails per month, Pay attention to which products are selling and which aren’t – ditch the ones that aren’t profitable and increase the variety of your top sellers, Don’t forget to try out both ‘auctions’ and ‘buy it now’ and see which one works best for you, Oh ya, don’t forget to have fun – shopping should always be fun and believe it or not shoppers can sense sellers who are positive and believe in their product, your shop window (or homepage in this case) is your facial expression and smiles sell more than frowns , adding you to their list of saved sellers, or clicking ‘sign up for store newsletter’ which appears on your store homepage, Inform shoppers when new items are added to your store, And to generally touch base with customers and remind them that your store is there for them whenever they should need to make their next purchase, eBay provides ready made templates under ‘marketing tools’ > ‘email marketing’ (I also recommend reading X-cart’s expert guide about, – This appears in people’s inbox and is the first thing they see assuming your email hopefully did not end up in their spam box. Aby otworzyć własny Sklep eBay, trzeba spełniać następujące wymagania: Posiadać status zweryfikowanego sprzedawcy w serwisie eBay . Make sure you are generating enough monthly sales in order to make it worth your while to open an eBay store. Having a store on eBay is definitely not a must, it should be a financial decision first and a branding decision next. – Where will my products get more exposure ? Atrakcyjny format aukcji — organizowanie aukcji o dłuższym czasie trwania. Please enable cookies on your browser and try again. is using a security service for protection against online attacks. Buy, sell and save with the eBay app! Don’t forget to: Be sure to create categories for your store. Which 3rd party tools are recommended, if any? Once you have chosen your subscription type and your store name you simply have to agree to eBay’s terms and conditions and officially subscribe. Promocje krzyżowe — określ, które z Twoich innych przedmiotów będą promowane podczas wyświetlania, kupowania lub licytowania ich przez kupujących.


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