Many of those killed on the island of Utoeya were involved with the Norwegian Labour Party's youth wing, the AUF. He was very positive with a very big heart. Comments are subject to our community guidelines, which can be viewed, Breivik giving a Nazi salute in court where he was appealing against being held in solitary confinement, The right-wing extremist killed 77 people, Flowers left on Utøya in memory of those killed by Breivik, Mass killer Breivik makes Nazi salute in court appeal hearing. Elected as central member of local AUF a month before the tragedy. Breivik, with all his gear and chemicals, moves into the farm south of the town of Asta He tells people the farm will be used for a sugar beet operation. His attack on the Labour Party youth camp was designed to limit the party’s ability to recruit in the future, and he intended to target former Labour prime minister Gro Harlem Brundtland, who delivered a speech at Utøya just hours before the massacre. He started a farming business under the name Breivik Geofarm. A Labour colleague said he was very engaged and engaging.

Breivik admitted to the killings while he was being held in police custody.

Breivik’s parents divorce. The local mayor described his death as "an enormous tragedy". After making some adjustments, Breivik again tests his explosive device. Described by friends as "a boy who spread joy". Breivik’s trial opens in Oslo District Court. The dance instructor was described as a "very bubbly, happy, caring and happy boy. Bano Abobakar Rashid, 18, Nesodden, Akershus county. He was described as "socially engaged". Get exclusive access to content from our 1768 First Edition with your subscription. He was a board member of the Joint Association's Central Youth Committee. Those who knew him described him as trusting and kind, and a person who showed great concern for others. The student with an interest in politics was described as "a gentle boy who stood up for his friends". Our latest podcast episode features popular TED speaker Mara Mintzer.

Anders Breivik and the July 22 Norway Massacre: A Chronology . Breivik copied large sections of the Unabomber manifesto. She was described as a "good colleague". Breivik attended Hartvig Nissen High School and Oslo Commerce School and took online courses in small business management. A Study of History: Who, What, Where, and When? Friends said he was "ambitious and fearless". 1995 to 2002. Known as Sissi to friends and family, the schoolgirl was described as a "beautiful, caring and vibrant girl". He was a teacher in the Chicago suburbs and Seoul, South Korea, prior to joining Britannica as a freelancer in 2000. Sharidyn Svebakk-Boehn, 14, Drammen, Buskerud county. He grew up with his mother on Oslo's affluent West End and visited his father, who had been transferred to Paris, in the summers. The student was described as a quiet girl who always stood up for those who needed her. Breivik’s parents divorce. Under Norwegian law, if a person is considered a threat to the public then they will not be released back into society. Karar Mustafa Qasim, 19, Vestby, Akershus county. Active in Sund AUF, she was described by friends as a unique and bubbly girl. He was said to be "full of initiative" with "a great desire to work in politics". Active in Askoey AUF and was involved in local politics as well as being a member of the youth council., The Telegraph - Norway massacre: A timeline of the attacks that horrified a nation. A keen student described as happy and funny as well as determined. Hakon Oedegaard, 17, Trondheim, Soer-Troendelag county. It was later discovered that the bomb that exploded in the July 2011 Oslo attacks was made of a mix of fuel and fertilizer, reminiscent of the Oklahoma City bombing. Described as energetic with great commitment. At 3:26, …the target of a massive bomb attack that damaged government buildings, including the prime minister’s office. Silje Merete Fjellbu, 17, Tinn, Telemark county. Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article (requires login). A student who said she loved going to school. She was with her 20-year-old daughter, who survived the shooting. However, instead of Breivik we follow several fictional characters representing the people of Norway, who had to deal with the consequences of the disaster immediately. Breivik is active in the culturally conservative Norwegian Progress Party, which favors restrictions on immigration.

Shot and killed whilst taking care of and giving joy to young people. When was the world’s first detective bureau founded? Painter and union man. After a prolonged court battle, he lost his appeal to the European Court of Human Rights in June 2018.

And now she is dead. Andrine Bakkene Espeland, 16, Fredrikstad, Oestfold county. Espen Joergensen, 17, Bodoe, Nordland county. Oslo and Utoya attacks of 2011, terrorist bomb attack on Oslo and mass shooting on the island of Utoya in Norway on July 22, 2011. The mayor of Alta described him as "a flower that would have grown big and strong". In August 2012 the court ruled that Breivik was sane at the time of the attacks, and he received the maximum sentence of 21 years in prison. Lejla Selaci, 17, Fredrikstad, Oestfold county. He is imprisoned at Telemark Prison, about 60 miles southwest of Oslo. His family described him as a "bubbly" boy with a keen interest in music. Colleagues said they had lost a "dear and highly valued employee".


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