l DENTAL IMPLANT, DENTAL CROWNS This cost is usually hidden and rolled into the fee for service that the dentist charges you. Palladuim Metal: Onlays, 3/4 crowns, telescope crowns, conus crowns, posts, short and long span bridges, PHM crowns. PFM combines the strength of a metal coping with hand layered porcelain.

l TOOTH WHITENING ............................................................................................................................. Copyright© 2004 SILOM DENTAL BUILDING. All Rights Reserved, Modern Dental Laboratory USA, 500 Stephenson Highway, Troy, MI, 48083, United States. Because all the lab costs are rolled into the price of the service, patients are rarely informed of what their dentist is selecting and prescribing for them. Non-Precious Crowns. l LASER TEETH WHITENING l OUR LAB

l ORAL SURGERY In fact, the "precious" yellow-gold alloys used to make all-metal dental crowns usually only run about 15 to 20 karat. l CONSULTATION The exact percentages are dependent on which laboratory is used. crowns, partial dentures. l SEDATION DENTISTRY COSMETIC DENTISTRY (See below for more details.) The bright root brightens the gum above it. Onlays, 3/4 crowns, telescope crowns, For $60 more, the dentist could request a “porcelain butt joint margin” so if or when the gum receeds, an exposed metal margin will not appear. It is often used when destructive night grinding is a problem or when long span bridges are needed. Non-Noble Alloy (Non-Precious Metal): Made from less than 25 percent precious metals, noble alloy generally is made from a combination of nickel, chromium, and gold. The mouth is a very hostile environment and whether we are replacing lost tooth with a filling or with a crown, the aim is to get the mouth back to looking and functioning as close to a normal tooth as possible. Crowns. l FACILITIES An inexpensive dental office might pay as little as $35 as a total fee for a mass production laboratory which is often offshore to make your restoration. The second stage will be to return for fitting. But also, this grade of alloy is relatively malleable so the fit of the restoration can be adjusted if … The resulting darker gum can be very visible in some patients smile. Needing less porcelain means less tooth reduction is required to make it attractive. Materials Matter for Dental Crown. Some prosthodontists and high-end cosmetic dentists will work with technicians that charge double the normal lab bill and unfortunately that cost has to go somewhere and so will be factored into the price you pay. If a crown uses a combination of these alloys, at least 40 percent must consist of gold. An exceedingly refined restoration that now combines CAD/CAM precision; high-strength and translucency; proprietary Smile Library; and the artistic touch of our master ceramists. All-ceramic crowns. High quality labs charge the dentist over $700 for a POM but if your particular case has complexity or many teeth are being done at the same time the laboratory costs to the dentist can rise to $1500 for each restoration. l OPERATIVE DENTISTRY l PERIODONTICS This entry was posted These have been developed as a cheaper alternative to the gold crown. Non-precious alloys are silver coloured. The metal coping blocks all light from going through the tooth. The porcelain fused to metal crown is stronger and more versatile in many clinical situations. l PRICE&DURATION e-mail :silomdental@silomdental.com An average cap will have a medium quality ceramic fused or baked over a base metal (non-precious alloy or low noble) coping. With versatility, reliability and longevity in mind, e.max is unmatched in clinical success.


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