For example, a speaker symbol with this over it indicates mute.

‌ A symbol with a series of boxes and jagged lines with boxes in the corners like that shown here is a QR Code and used to store information for scanning. ‌ A symbol of a trash can or a recycle bin is a symbol used to represent deleting a file or another object on the computer and may be a container for any deleted items.

‌ Not to be confused with the pencil symbol, a brush symbol is used on programs that allow you to paint a picture or canvas. Please consider making a contribution to wikiHow today. Enter the alt code number (e.g., 0128). How to insert symbols or special characters in a word processor. ‌ A circle with a line going to the bottom right that resembles a magnifying glass is a symbol use to represent search.

‌ A port with "10101" that also looks like "IOIOI" is a symbol used to represent a serial port on a computer. If this still does not work, try opening up a virtual keyboard on your computer. A lightning bolt may also represent a power connector port. ‌ Two arrows going in a circle with a 20 in the middle of the circle is the RoHS symbol that represents the product meets the obligations of China that began on March 1, 2007. Avoid making embarrassing mistakes on Zoom! ‌ A lightning bolt next to a connector or on a cable is used to represent the Apple Thunderbolt connector. A lightning bolt may also represent the Apple Thunderbolt symbol. ‌ Three disks stacked on top of each other or a tall cylinder represent a computer hard drive.

‌ The symbol of a lock on a laptop computer is used to represent a Kensington lock found on the back corner of some laptop computers. alt 197 ‰ alt 0137? alt 2: B: alt 66: é: alt 130? Amid the current public health and economic crises, when the world is shifting dramatically and we are all learning and adapting to changes in daily life, people need wikiHow more than ever. ‌ The thumbtack symbol is used to represent the ability to pin an object to the screen.

‌ Two plus symbols next to a P within a D is a symbol that represents the display port and display port cables. It's when it gets to the 8,000 and 9,000 range that it doesn't work for me. Anything with this symbol that is not crossed out should be recycled. ‌ The fire symbol can have many different meanings when used on a computer, software program, or an Internet web page. ‌ A box on top of another box is a symbol that represents a piece of paper coming from the top or bottom of a printer.

‌ A speaker icon with no waves, crossed out, or with an "x" next to it indicates mute or disabled. ‌ A phone symbol is used for the RJ-11 (phone connector) used with a computer Modem. ‌ The backspace or erase to the left button may also be represented by the symbol of a box arrow pointing to the left containing an X. If your keyboard has more than one symbol on the number 2 key, press Ctrl + Shift + 2 to type the at sign. ‌ An Apple keyboard key with four circles that interconnect is known as the Command key on the keyboard and is used with other keys on the keyboard. ‌ An umbrella icon on a package represents that the contents of the package are sensitive to water and should be protected. ‌ A plus symbol or a horizontal line crossing a vertical line is also a symbol used as an indication to increase, add, move down, or zoom in on software programs and hardware devices. However, these symbols should be close enough to what you are looking for that you can identify the meaning of each symbol. Why doesn't Alt+9773 make a hammer and sickle symbol? Many of the above warning and cautions symbols may also be on packaging and the product contained in the package. ‌ Three solid circles connected by two lines is the symbol that is often used to represent a social network sharing link on websites. Yes.

alt 194 † alt 0134? How many keys are on a computer keyboard? It may not work in your browser or other programs,. For example, your browser may have a refresh button that allows you to reload a browser to get the most recent copy of a web page. Please help us continue to provide you with our trusted how-to guides and videos for free by whitelisting wikiHow on your ad blocker. ‌ One or two arrows with a line underneath them indicate what direction the box should be positioned. The directive is an European community directive was first created in 2002 as a way to help deal with the environmental impacts of electronic waste. For example, a software program may have a button with a floppy disk symbol that can be pressed to save a document. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. In many computer software programs, you can hover the mouse pointer over the symbol to get a balloon tip of what the symbol is supposed to represent. ‌ The biohazard symbol is the universal symbol that represents a danger of biological substances often hazardous to human health. ‌ A circle connected by a line to another circle, triangle and square is the symbol used to represent a USB port (USB 2.0 and lower) or a USB device.

symbol. If you know the category of the symbol you are looking for, use any of the links below.

‌ Not to be confused with the recycle icon the two arrows going in a circle and pointing to each other is a symbol often used to indicate a reload or refresh.

", Click the viewer icon that appears in the menu bar and select "Show Emoji & Symbols.".


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