Looking for a way to follow the progression of your pregnancy? What resources are available to help me begin breastfeeding?

Mama Natural birth is a childbirth online class that aims to empower women to have their best, most natural birth. The Mama Natural Birth Course will help you achieve the birth of your dreams and give your baby the best start in life.

Here is an overview of how the Mama Natural Birth Course and Moms on Top compare, using key features we think are essential when choosing the best online birthing course: While Moms on Top can have a more intimate feel in terms of connecting with the instructor, you can always connect with Mama Natural in our private Facebook group without paying a premium price. Practice mind & body deep relaxation in this hour-long class. Take advantage of these awesome free resources to help you have your best pregnancy and an empowering natural birth in a hospital.

Here are some tips for getting the rest you need, naturally.

So, what if you’re a C-section or epidural mom? There are a lot of classes out there, but the quality can vary widely. Mamas can also opt to have their course instructed to them live via video chat, though this is pricier at $599.

We wanted to take back childbirth and make it less about only pushing and more about the overall experience.

If you have benefits, we think you should be able to use them, which is why the Mama Natural Birth Course accepts FSA/HSA payments. We love seeing mamas conquering birth and enrolling in online birthing classes. But which one is the best choice for a natural birth–home vs birthing center vs hospital? Are there restrictions on who can visit me at the hospital after the birth? Kopa’s Prepared Plus class takes a more clinical approach to its lessons, with a structured format that can seem a little stiff at times. That it’s a medical condition instead of a natural biological process. No risk, no hassle, and no hard feelings.


Katie Griffin, Founder of Kopa Birth,® is a Registered Nurse, Lamaze certified childbirth educator, and mom of 6. All fields are required *.

You may have been told that childbirth is scary, excruciating, something out of your control. But the Mama Natural Birth Course is accessible to you for up to one year, allowing you to revisit sections even after birth. May 2020.

In comparison, the Mama Natural Birth Course is 10 hours divided into 8 classes with additional bonus content like a prenatal workout video, Natural Birth Playbook, and more.

We want you to be prepared and confident as possible in all aspects of delivery. Pregnancy Weeks to Months: How to Do the Math Accurately, Fish During Pregnancy: Why You Absolutely SHOULD Be Eating Fish, Walmart Baby Registry: A Complete Checklist, Buy Buy Baby Registry: A Complete Checklist, Creating a Baby Registry: What You Need to Know, Amazon Baby Registry: A Complete Checklist, Target Baby Registry: A Complete Checklist. You want to seek out the type of instructor that works for you, as teaching styles vary by instructor from predominantly charts and medical simulations, to hands-on, approachable instruction. Kopabirth.com is the culmination of her thousands of hours of research and observation, and all posts are current and evidence-based.

Not sure where to begin? It is absolutely possible to achieve a natural birth in a hospital setting. It’s 100% online and on-demand, so you can take it at your own pace.You can repeat modules if needed, and if time is an issue, you could do the whole course in a weekend.

It doesn’t get better than this!

But Mama Natural is here to tell you the truth about your childbirth.

You know your due date, but how many weeks pregnant are you? 8 moms who have recently given birth share their boots-on-the-ground postpartum experiences, alongside the instruction of Katie Griffin, RN.

(1) MacDorman MF, Mathews TJ, Declercq E. Trends in out-of-hospital births in the United States, 1990–2012. When you sign up for the Mama Natural Birth Course we send you a package in the mail that contains a deck of our Natural Pregnancy Affirmation Cards as well as a motivational bracelet from our charity partner in Haiti.

Mama Natural Birth Plan Price: $264 or three payments of $98 #2 KOPA Natural Hospital Birth Classes. Home vs Birthing Center vs Hospital: Where to Give Birth, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Week 19 Pregnancy: Twins, Symptoms & Facts. Hyattsville, MD: National Center for Health Statistics.

Spanning 12 hours, Kopa’s 8-class video series offers a downloadable manual to follow along and a private Facebook group for participating parents. We've got answers! Click for full Comparison.

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