Red Green airs his handyman show from Possum Lodge, Canada, and also experiences some zany adventures in real life.

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Either you watched it or you didn't. The show has been running for more than 20 years and even though Rick Mercer is gone and so are May Walsh, Greg Thomey and others who have come and gone over the seasons, original and hilarious cast member Cathy Jones is still there. The title says it all! Comedy, Drama. Stars:

Documentary, Comedy. Starring Paul Gross. Some readers may recall the childhood story about the 11-year-old orphan girl with the red hair and her varied adventures. Comedy, Crime, Drama. This Canadian historical-drama is a go-to for Canadian television shows on Netflix US. Animation, Comedy, Kevin Spencer is a sociopath addicted to cough syrup/booze and cigarettes. Heartland also explores other themes dealing with supernatural abilities as one of the main characters, Amy, inherits her mother's gift to heal abused and damaged horses. Stars: Jason Momoa, Landon Liboiron, Zoe Boyle, Greg Bryk. Trailer Park Boys is a comedy-filled television series delivered in a mockumentary-style. The show includes numerous characters, each with their own interesting background stories, along with a comical plot and dialogue. Les Lye, TV-PG

Dave Bigelow. | | Dan Lett. The TV series of the Canadian sketch comedy troupe that, more often than not, puts bizarre, unique, and insane twists in their skits.

The original (and in my opinion easily the best) Tom Green show! Eric Peterson. 22 min Cara Pifko, Reagan Pasternak, | This show features stand-up comedy at its best. In the search for a new television show to binge-watch? A half hour sketch comedy show that is not politically correct. 30 min Guy Big, Pete Williams, Adventure, Comedy, Drama. A CBC series I loved that only got one season about a young public defender, her co-workers and many clients. Funny but super low brow show about aliens, perverts, and alien perverts! Urging for a more seductive perspective of Canada? Dan Redican stars as a social worker who runs a halfway house for criminals. Shaun Majumder, Thomasin Langlands, Dave Foley, Peter Keleghan, The universe is modeled largely after the Star Trek universe, with references to "warp drive" and "transporter beam" ... See full summary », Stars: Brent Butt, CBC series about a detective in Newfoundland. It is a coming-of-age type of story that will pique the interest of those interested in teen dramas and stories of growth. | And when it comes to Netflix USA, the opportunity to do so is even more likely. Mark Critch, Many will say that this successful Canadian series deserves all the praise and accolades it gets. Stars: are regularly in the area. Comedy, Crime.

Billy Van, It focuses on Curtis, a weird couch potato who never leaves his home and watches the Rex Reilly ... See full summary », Stars: While some may be attracted to the categories of romance, horror or even true crime, others find joy in the international section. In fact, Anna Silk – the lead – plays a succubus named Bo. Stars: | If you’re yearning for a Canadian cop show, then perhaps you should take a look at Flashpoint – yet another series filmed and set in Toronto.

Fishka Rais rocked! Two friends fight it out every week on this reality series, where they challenge each other to do stupid stunts (i.e. This captivating television series follows the story of a video-store magnate by the name of Johnny Rose and his quirky family. Probably the most successful Canadian show of all time, starring Brent Butt!

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Kenny Hotz, Tanya Boyd, 44 min Dave Thomas. The 10 Best Canadian TV Shows You Need to Watch, Copyright © 2020 Heavy, Inc. All rights reserved. Anne with an E follows the young girl as she learns to navigate the daily mishaps of her life on Prince Edward Island. If that all seems too cliche, a young man works at a recording studio and meets a macho rap star, who abusively forces him to keep their homosexual relationship a secret.

It's old but airs in reruns and is still funny and weird. | One aspiring dancer attempts to survive financially as a stripper, where she finds a washed-up celebrity to shoot a sex tape with which is then leaked and leads to her being picked up by a porn company.


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