One such list, circulating on Twitter, reveals a cluster of four COVID-19 deaths at Westbourne Park garage. Not a single bus should depart without comprehensive safety measures in place.

Bus drivers in London say bosses are “forcing” them to breach Covid regulations by allowing passengers to pack on, HuffPost UK can reveal.. International Committee of the Fourth International, Twenty-nine London transport workers dead from COVID-19, as anger rises over unsafe working conditions, Pseudo-left groups block fight by London bus drivers against COVID-19. to even bigger success. Three drivers are in hospital. Contents (Click below) Facebook Public Page. Strict social distancing to be introduced on all buses with immediate effect, including a 15-passenger limit on double-deckers and 7 passengers for a single deck bus. The Unite union has been equally silent, claiming information about the location of driver fatalities is “not our responsibility.”. It said Unite health and safety representatives would be focusing full time on ensuring that safety measures were fully enforced.

We urge all workers who agree with this to contact the Socialist Equality Party.

TfL declined to respond and pointed to their “condolence page”—which consists of a nine-sentence statement by Transport Commissioner Mike Brown. You’ll know some of them by name, and some of them will even know you on first name terms too! In scenes reminiscent of the Grenfell Tower fire, drivers have compiled their own list of fatalities. “He was a person everyone could get on with,” said another.

If you have a friendly personality, are looking for a customer facing role and can drive safely, we’d love you to join us.

We did not find out until it was posted on the company app that Ali has passed away.”, Another explained, “28 years at this garage, and all there was is a piddly little notice from the manager… We were just told on the Blink site that he had passed away. You’ll need to operate the bus safely of course, but we’ll teach you all of that for free in our in-house training academy. Please follow the rules.". If that’s not enough, you’ll be part of an incredible family.

"But we all need to play our part too and that means fewer Londoners using the public transport network. We, the carbon-based life forms behind the steering wheel, are not mere diesel which you burn and get more.”, “We need to make sure we defend the lives of the ones at the wheel, now and tomorrow,” his colleague agreed. Full PPE for every driver, including masks, gloves, sanitiser, and disinfectant wipes, provided on a daily basis in line with drivers’ needs.

“TfL and the mayor [Labour’s Mayor of London Sadiq Khan] do not think we are important enough to be properly protected, we are just an expendable commodity to them. Anne Nyack, the mother of Emeka Nyack Ihenacho, a bus driver who died from coronavirus, told the. "I have been clear that our incredible public transport staff -- on the buses, tubes, trams and trains -- are critical workers, making a heroic effort to allow our NHS (National Health Service) staff to save more lives," he said.

The introduction of shorter shifts on full pay to protect drivers’ health and decrease exposure to the virus. "We should be increasing capacity or keeping capacity as big as possible so that people can socially distance.". After graduating from the DSA course, you will have your PCV permit. The UK is still grappling with a surge in Covid-19 cases, with the country reporting its highest single-day death toll of 938 on Wednesday, bringing it to a total of 7,097 deaths and 60,733 cases, according to its Department of Health and Social Care. Occupational data released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) on Monday shows that bus drivers in England and Wales are dying from COVID-19 five times faster than National Health Service (NHS) workers. 2) What is the confirmed number of deaths and cases of COVID-19 among all TfL public transport workers, broken down by company and location?

Its 600 drivers operate 17 routes, including the busy number 16 through central London which Ali drove. Across TfL, a further 10 underground and railway staff have died. But whether it’s UNITE, GMB or RMT, they all do the same thing, defending their cosy relationship with the company.”. Nine London bus drivers have died from the coronavirus along with five other transport workers, as demands grow for better personal protection for transport employees in the UK capital. All drivers to be informed as soon as any new case of COVID-19 is confirmed at their garage. With five different shifts, drivers say it can be hard to detect when a colleague is missing: “I tried to get in touch with another driver on the same route as Ali. So far, 33 London bus drivers have died from coronavirus. They should test all drivers. Some drivers are displaying cold/flu symptoms… it’s distressing.”. The article cited Unite regional officer John Murphy stating that “drivers are petrified of what will happen next.” Needless to say, Murphy was not challenged over Unite’s corporatist relationship with Metroline, TfL and the Johnson government. Driving a bus with Stagecoach is a job that could suit you right down to the ground. We value your application and will be in touch with you as soon as we can. Discover more about who we are and what we do via our social media posts. Drivers at Cricklewood have reacted angrily to news of Ali’s death. Apply to Bus Driver jobs now hiring in London on, the world's largest job site. Find out what you can expect to earn and the other great benefits on offer. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who is suffering from coronavirus symptoms, spent a second night in intensive care on Tuesday amid warnings that the high point of infections is yet to come. Every driver’s life is precious! Full nightly deep cleaning of buses and effective anti-viral cleaning after every “rounder”. This week, it will introduce middle-door boarding -- with passengers using the entrance away from the front of the bus, and the driver.

They have the means to. In an interview with Sky News on Wednesday, Khan said that 14 transport workers had died -- nine were bus drivers, three worked for TfL, one worked for the underground train system, and one worked for a TfL supplier.

Metroline confirmed yesterday that Ali reported sick on April 1.

Workers at Cricklewood say that unsafe working conditions are killing drivers. These must link up with rail and underground workers across the UK, seeking out the active support and cooperation of transport workers in Europe and internationally.

2,734 hits; 2020 Bus Drivers in London Powered by He said every passenger should have to wear a mask, even if they were only homemade, to reduce the chance of infection. Being a Stagecoach bus driver is all about keeping our communities on the move – for work, school, the shops, a night out or countless other reasons why our customers rely on our buses. **New rates of pay at all locations**

Immediate self-isolation on full pay for all drivers experiencing illness or symptoms of COVID-19. A separate list of driver fatalities has been compiled by the WSWS and includes public transport deaths beyond London. Unite regional secretary Pete Kavanagh said more action was "urgently needed" to protect drivers and said the maximum number of bus passengers must be reduced. The station and platform staff are already totally exposed. Responding to questions from the WSWS, Metroline confirmed there are 17 COVID-19-related absences at Cricklewood, including eight diagnosed COVID-19 cases. He has recovered, but how many more are unwell and sick? We celebrate diversity in all its forms, and aim to be truly reflective of the wonderfully diverse local communities that we serve. "I completely echo the advice it should only be for essential travel," he said. Self-isolation on full pay for all at-risk drivers with underlying medical conditions. And you thought being a bus driver was all about driving a bus! It was Murphy who signed a joint letter with Metroline and TfL on April 7, informing drivers they did not require face masks. We are consciously being kept in the dark.”, “We were shocked and saddened at the news about Ali,” a driver said, “God help us, why wouldn’t our company or TfL [Transport for London] notify us? Another driver agreed, “The union sing the same tune as the bosses and go along with everything they say and want. We were not told how.”, Cricklewood is one of London’s biggest garages. Drivers’ lives must not be sacrificed to defend the profits of the major transport corporations or the homicidal back-to-work policies of the Johnson government!


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