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Using a narrative of her experiences caring for her disabled daughter, Eva Feder Kittay discusses the relevance of her analysis of dependency to significant cognitive disability. New York: Routledge, https://doi.org/10.4324/9781315108926, Vulnerability and the Moral Nature of Dependency Relations, The Benefits and Burdens of Social Cooperation, “Not My Way, Sesha. Where society is viewed as an association of equal and autonomous persons, the work of caring for dependents figures neither in political theory nor in social policy. Other edited collections include The Blackwell Guide to Feminist Philosophy (with Linda Alcoff, 2007) and The Subject of Care: Theoretical Perspectives on Dependency and Women (with Ellen Feder, 2003). H�b```"aV15~�ʰ1�� K������9=f�ͱM����톶�3��̜Q(`0�t"���6��GT�"�64E�84�^�Hmd��r�Ѹ)s�L*���˕p$R���j���Ag٩��Ӏ� This new edition of Eva Feder Kittay’s feminist classic, Love’s Labor,explores how theories of justice and morality must be reconfigured when intersecting with care and dependency, and the failure of policy towards women who engage in care work. 0000009739 00000 n 0000004360 00000 n Her pioneering work interjecting questions of care and disability (especially cognitive disability) into philosophy, and her work in feminist theory and the philosophy of disability, have garnered a number of honors and prizes: 2003 Woman Philosopher of the Year by the Society for Women in Philosophy; the inaugural prize of the Institut de Mensch, Ethik und Wissenschaft; the Lebowitz prize from the American Philosophical Association; and Phi Beta Kappa, a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Center for Discovery, an NEH Fellowship and a Guggenheim Fellowship. Eva Feder Kittay is Distinguished Professor Emerita of Philosophy at Stony Brook University/SUNY. 0000010613 00000 n Classement des meilleures ventes d'Amazon : Comment les évaluations sont-elles calculées ? H�\TYR�@=��П3UH�*i>���$?�*U)�Ë NlC!�p n�[�u�l�U�L�����]q�ޒ��h���R�T'�����i>H��0/?L,]Ei*c��n^lOOŹ��m[5�Y��WI��2U���P��^�m��r�ѣ����ue�J'Ui�t��N�F�-�hs��é"Oj�K[#o�g��#�-�]:���6a���`�Mi�L�|��#�d�g]��ZjP��lD6?n{֗�Yq�eN�����@�YC_���Ђ�qL��%��G[EZ6��*&�1�2�6IKcb*-Ϥ���-�G���� (^�:�UT/@�@�VA�]6¹�b $�'pvZC�w�d�7����x}�.�YP�[��{�5ULw��w!�m& F��=D��Ǝ#N�ky�:bA"�|ҬC�����M��#v�U?F#{�ਆ��9��l�WZ�/=K�k���E7 ��~`���a�X3�i���Q��g4��J6�_�@ ��H�F3�1����7�%1yܡ�Sl�G��<8J_�� ��f�~�l�}���en�ԑot#В�KJ�ayK�x��s��������W��zï�e�ɾ&�J�ul=�e_�����~�A��x�2��-A�%$���I�lF ��H�Z�1���1�l=b���k$�6Q��V �ۢ)+�|����Y��Q���U 0000001810 00000 n 0000007230 00000 n Eva Kittay is Professor of Philosophy at SUNY Stony Brook. Vos articles vus récemment et vos recommandations en vedette.

Impossible d'ajouter l'article à votre liste. 0000001043 00000 n Zݑ-�ޭ����. Désolé, un problème s'est produit lors de l'enregistrement de vos préférences en matière de cookies. 30990675 Howick Place | London | SW1P 1WG © 2020 Informa UK Limited, Kittay, E. (2020). Achetez neuf ou d'occasion Amazon.fr - Love's Labor: Essays on Women, Equality and Dependency - Kittay, Eva Feder - Livres 0000016695 00000 n Using a narrative of her experiences caring for her disabled daughter, Eva Feder Kittay discusses the relevance of her analysis of dependency to significant cognitive disability. Voir les 100 premiers en Livres anglais et étrangers, Afficher ou modifier votre historique de navigation, Recyclage (y compris les équipements électriques et électroniques), Annonces basées sur vos centres d’intérêt.

Achetez neuf ou d'occasion Amazon.fr - Love's Labor - Kittay, Eva Feder - Livres Passer au contenu principal 0000009760 00000 n Après avoir consulté un produit, regardez ici pour revenir simplement sur les pages qui vous intéressent. 0000008105 00000 n Her most recent book is Learning from My Daughter: The Value and Care of Disabled Minds (2019). 0000008935 00000 n Using a mix of personal reflection and political argument, this new edition of a classic text will continue to be an innovative and influential contribution to the debate on searching for greater equality and justice for women.


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