SheThePeople.TV is India's biggest digital storytelling for women, dedicated to passionately championing and promoting their journeys. Click here to join our channel (@indianexpress) and stay updated with the latest headlines. In case a woman tears the membrane (hymen) of her Vagina, she shall instantly have her head shaved or two fingers cut off and made to ride on Donkey. Such houses lose their splendour. Their decisions hardly matter to the family. Some of the most celebrated derogatory comments about women in the Manusmriti are-. Even in manusmriti you highligh only part that suited your agenda In the same manner no evil whatsoever exists in women O Indra. Know that women are the reflected form of Hari Garuḍa Purāṇa 3.3.19 First educate yourself then preach others….Jay Hind, First off all its totally biased as well on the base of your half knowledge…. But the truth is only the Brahmin men are privileged, not even the Brahmin woman, as even she is not allowed to read the ancient texts. It wouldn’t be wrong to state that since ancient times a woman is seen as a ‘child-bearing and rearing machine’. The person that desires affluence should honour them. The husband protects her in youth. Inter-caste marriage is still a crime for women and in some states, she is killed in the name of honour killing if she dares to love or marry a lower caste man. These rules are preached by Brahmin saints and sages and are considered the woman’s ‘Dharma’ or ‘Duty’! You had just keep writing with out giving any actual references with hymns of Manusmriti. Women, true to their class character, are capable of leading astray men in this world, not only a fool but even a learned and wise man. So serve them and worship them, bend your wills before them. Sayana Comments — The wife and the husband being equal halves of one substance are equal in every respect, both should join and take equal part in all work – religious or secular. Even I am not allowed to visit temples or enter my grandmother’s kitchen during the first three days of menstruation.

The man who uses offensive language towards a woman, who sees the private parts of a woman who is not his wife, and laughs derisively at her, should fast for two days to purify himself. In addition to that, we as a society neglect the root causes of everything around and Manusmriti is one such text which has been responsible for framing the mindsets of a large number of people. Of the gamut of problematic things written in the text here we are highlighting 5 of the most unequal and demeaning laws.

Her only duty is to obey and please her husband and she will for that reason alone be exalted in heaven.

In this connection a princess of the house of Janaka the ruler of the Videhas, sang a verse.

A man of piety free from sin, consistently adhering to the precepts of the sacred scriptures, performs those deeds that are not condemned by women and that please them. Here are the words from chapter 3 law 8: “One should not marry women who have reddish hair, redundant  parts of the body [such as six fingers], one who is often sick, one without hair or having excessive hair and one who has red eyes.” The very next law to this says, “One should not marry women whose names are similar to constellations,  trees, rivers, those from a low caste, mountains, birds, snakes, slaves or those whose names inspire terror.”, Law 10 and 11 of chapter 3 says- “Wise men should not marry women who do not have a brother and whose parents are not socially well known.” (3:10), “Wise men should marry only women who are free from bodily defects, with beautiful names, grace/gait like an elephant, moderate hair on the head and body, soft limbs and small teeth.” (3:11). Don’t they have a right over their life? The main theme of both the epics is to depict how good wins over evil and how women are to be respected, but the respect that they talk about is very patriarchal in nature. She has deliberately mentioned corrupted Manusmriti which was rewritten by Britishers to show Hindus in inferior light. Then there are highly austere rules for menstruating women as well.

At her pleasure [after the death of her husband], let her emaciate her body by living only on pure flowers, roots of vegetables and fruits.

A female child, young woman or old woman is not supposed to work independently even at her place of residence. One More Thing: With the M1, Tim Cook just did a Steve Jobs! The caste system in India is a fourfold division of people based on their birth, and is largely followed by people who follow the Hindu way of life. Menstruation was seen as an impurity back then and even now. There are others among them that are full of malice, covetous of honours, fierce in disposition, unlovable, and impervious to reason. (Baudhayana 2:45 Vasiṣṭha 28:6) Just as the Ganga and Sarasvati (rivers) are free of impurity & sin. Today, Khushbu Sundar on behalf of the BJP is leading the pack in attacking Thirumavalavan for his remarks on the Manusmriti, which they construe as an insult to Indian womanhood. Startlingly, 40 per cent of “what is classified as rape …is actually parental criminalisation of consensual sexual relationships, often when it comes to inter-caste and inter-religious couples” (Rukmini S., ‘The many shades of rape cases in Delhi’, The Hindu, July 29, 2014.). Wherever I am the realities are, wherever I am the gods too are.

In caste lies the key to understanding India’s obsession with controlling and curbing women’s autonomy — and in the Manusmriti lies the key to understanding the codes of caste and gender that are hardwired into our societies and selves. When we read about Caste System, we assume that all upper caste people enjoyed the superior status and all lower caste men and women were severely victimized.


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