It is similar and comparable to a Penny board. Click here to find out more information about it on However, though it locks you in, the concave can start to feel uncomfortable especially after hours of skating. They also tend to be very expensive like the Loaded Tesseract. However, you can always fill the blank with loads of stickers or simply use paint over it with a design. There are also a few other options you can choose from, so can look through to find the best one for you. The size of the deck makes it suitable for advanced skaters, especially if they are looking for a board to do more technical tricks on. The deck comes with high-quality mob griptape. They reflect every tiny bit of road vibration and it can make your feet hurt. Shop Standard Skateboards . It means it will be easier to control, turn and it will be slightly lighter so tricks will be easier. Being from a brand under NHS, you know these decks are going to be high quality and durable. Arbor is another well-known longboard brand. and have been pushing the progression of skating and skate technology. It’s affordable, doesn’t break easily and it provides a nice pop.

After you read my guide, you’ll know what type of board will be best for you. ", "Great prices and a very big selection of products. Check our Guide to Longboarding for more info. ", "Smooth, quick and easy. A deck shouldn’t break your budget. They are also ideal for mellow cruising, pushing long distances and skating down hills at high speeds. They are made with North American maple and glued together with epoxy resin, as opposed to the normal waterbased PVA glues used. Meaning it will skate comfortably and fit all types of riders needs. The sport owes a lot to them. Check out this board here on It’s really unique, eye-catching and not something you would see in a lot of other skateboards. If it doesn’t match up to your taste, the Powell Peralta is a similarly great deck with a few more options. They are always stoked. If you want to support a company that cares about the environment, this deck might be for you. If you have been skating for a while, you know what you prefer. This is primarily determined by your body size and weight. When it comes to longboards, boards between 9.5in to 10in in width tend to work for everybody (expect kids who should get smaller cruisers instead). It’s great for. You’ll encounter decks with different types of it, some steeper some mellower. But it should be noted that it doesn’t come with griptape – which you’ll have to get separately. Toy machine is a fairly well-known skater brand. Some boards will have slightly different concave but it won’t matter soo much. We’ll help you to work out whether it’s worth paying extra for a high-end version or whether you’re getting just as good a deal by getting the cheaper item. For a more conservative board, check out the Flip Hkd Rwb or Almost skateboard below for a something with a similar width and construction. Every store and seller is rated for customer service, price and quality by real customers. Whilst the deck is high quality and great for pool and vert skating, I would recommend a smaller 8in board for kids if they want to do vert and pool. And a light blue graphic on the bottom featuring the brand’s simple logo. Whether you’re looking for high-end labels or cheap, economy bulk purchases, we guarantee that it’s here on AliExpress. They allow you to plant your feet on your board and stay in control as you pump around the bowl or come down the ramp. By using this site, you agree to our use of cookies and, Bent Logo Mini 7.0 Soft Wheels Complete Skateboard, Recruit Whiskey 8.0 Street Complete Skateboard, Star Wars The Mandalorian Beskar 7.75 Complete Skateboard, Bactocat 8.0 Bunyip Shape Complete Skateboard, Recruit Whiskey 8.25 Street Complete Skateboard, Star Wars The Mandalorian Mando 7.75 Complete Skateboard, Matte OG 7.75 Complete Skateboard (w/ Backpack), American Monster 7.75 Complete Skateboard, Nora Teddy 7.75 Wicked Princess Mini Shape Complete Skateboard, Cucharon Foundation 19 32" Complete Skateboard, Pilsner Flagship 28.75" Complete Skateboard, palisander / black trucks / trans amber wheels, Dinghy Adventure Skeleton 28.5" Complete Skateboard, Street Skate 8.79 Street Cruzer Complete Skateboard, Dinghy Coffin Cocktail 28.5" Complete Skateboard, Street Skate 8.4 Street Cruzer Complete Skateboard, Pilsner Solstice 28.75" Complete Skateboard, palisander / silver trucks / ghost white wheels, Big Blazer 32" Cherry Complete Skateboard, Dinghy Crown Peak 28.5" Complete Skateboard, cole beal photo / black trucks / trans amber wheels, Drop Cat Seeker 33" Drop Through Complete Longboard, Shakedown Foundation 34" Complete Longboard, Typhoon 38" Drop Through Complete Longboard, Flow Mini Lookout 37.5" Mini Drop Through Complete Longboard, Rosin Richochet 33.375" Complete Longboard, molly steele photo / black trucks / trans amber wheels, Geminon Micro-Drop Coconut 37.5" Complete Longboard, Battle Axe Space Rock 38" Complete Longboard.


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