Visitors can view some of BookBrowse for free. The answers are the basis of this novel. (Booklist). Click on a thumbnail to go to Google Books. Apr 1999, 286 pages. When he died suddenly, the townsfolk were saddened but not surprised: Just shy of sixty-five, Newquist worked too hard, smoked too much, and exercised too little. Now private eye Kinsey Millhone steps into a case that should have never been closed, in a town where there's no such thing as a private investigation. Become a Member and discover books that entertain, engage & enlighten. Search String: Summary | Genres & Themes |  She was never seen again.

Some moments we saw would make no sense at all and some, I suspect, would frighten us beyond endurance. And now that Tom is gone, Selma can't help but wonder what it really was that was troubling him…. Shipped with USPS Media Mail. N is for Noose. "N" Is For Noose (Book) : Grafton, Sue : Female detective Kinsey Millhone becomes involved in the case of a double murder in Carson City and a detective who dies trying to investigate it. Good and bad things seem to be coming in threes for Kinsey Millhone: on her 33rd birthday she moves back into her renovated apartment, gets hired to find an elderly lady supposedly living in the Mojave Desert by herself, and makes the top of ex-con Tyrone Patty's hit list. Stream or download thousands of included titles. Sue Grafton is back with her quirky, quintessentially cool detective Kinsey Millhone. Mary Pfeiffer's narration is spot on with my mental picture of Kinsey. When she takes on the quest, it turns into a high-risk hunt for a killer. Sometimes a widow should just let sleeping dogs lie because this widow ended up not only losing her husband but also her son.

He was also a heavy drinker and a workaholic, much to his wife Selma's distress. Find books by time period, setting & theme, Read-alike suggestions by book and author. Private investigator Kinsey Millhone is back, sassy and self-reliant as ever. Kinsey learns he suspected some policemen of murder. The first edition of the novel was published in May 15th 1998, and was written by Sue Grafton.

The test is whether Kinsey can prove her case against him before she becomes his next victim. I'd been too polite to pry while he was standing right there beside me, but once he was safely ensconced in the orthopedic ward at Carson/Tahoe Hospital, I felt comfortable scrutinizing everything in my immediate range, which necessitated dragging a chair around and standing on it in some cases. Reba Lafferty was a daughter of privilege, the only child of an adoring father. That plus an appetite for junk food made him a poster boy for an American Heart Association campaign. She sounds like a computer. Selma Newquist understands that her husband, Tom's carelessness about diet, smoking and exercise led to the heart attack that killed him. The first was a local PI of suspect reputation. No current Talk conversations about this book. Become a Member and discover books that entertain, engage & enlighten. When Kinsey opens an investigation, the town clams up.

Sue Grafton's X: Perhaps her darkest and most chilling novel, it features a remorseless serial killer who leaves no trace of his crimes. When David Barney was acquitted in the shooting death of his wealthy wife, Isabelle, a good many thought that justice had not been served, including Kenneth Voight, Isabelle's former husband. It's April, 1988, a month before Kinsey Millhone's 38th birthday, and she's alone in her office doing paperwork when a young man arrives unannounced. Everyone knew the kind of girl Jean Timberlake was: wild, looking for trouble. As she digs into Tom's last few months, she finds he was working on a double murder – one killing in Nota Lake and the other near Kinsey's home town of Santa Theresa. Dietz was a nomad and I'd never pictured his having much in the way of material possessions. All ready by Judy Kaye. Now, at 32, she is about to be paroled, having served 22 months of a four-year sentence. Kinsey learns he suspected some policemen of murder. he was down in the dumps before dying and she cannot understand why, so she hires Kinsey to find out. His license might have lapsed, but (most of) his operating skills were still current. Take the case in point. Selma Newquist wanted closure, and the only way she'd get it was if she found out what it was that had so bedeviled her husband. Kinsey is about to call it quits when she is severely beaten in her motel room.

Couldn't put it down. Through 14 books, listeners have been fed short rations when it comes to Kinsey Millhone's past. He'd been sleeping rough. "N" Is for Noose (Book) : Grafton, Sue : PI Kinsey Millhone of California is hired by the widow of a policeman who refused to tell her what was on his mind. Author Bio, First Published: Enter sexy, savvy ex-cop-turned-P.I. ). N Is for Noose. This time, Grafton feeds you an entire feast, including the juice about Kinsey's first husband! In Santa Theresa Kinsey discovers enough about Tom's case to return to Nota Lake, where she is now so unwelcome even the gas station attendants refuse to serve her. Once again breaking the rules and establishing new paths, Grafton wastes little time identifying this sociopath. When Dietz tells her about a case she can quickly look into she decides to take it. Sue Grafton, Narrated by: Kinsey realizes that someone in town may be afraid enough of what she'll find to kill her – and he nearly does. This site uses cookies to deliver our services, improve performance, for analytics, and (if not signed in) for advertising. Lest you think I'm intrusive, I can assure you Dietz had searched my apartment just as thoroughly during the time he was in residence. Click on a plot link to find similar books. Maybe that's what killed her. Or push on in spite of her growing fears? Apr 1998, 289 pages DISCLAIMER... Kinsey Millhone is my favorite character ever and I couldn't find fault with a Sue Grafton book even if the alternative was a root canal.

Not a bad look at Kinsey, just not that interesting I have to say. The author of Orphan Train returns with an ambitious, emotionally resonant historical novel.

No identification. Learn how and when to remove this template message,, Articles to be expanded from January 2018, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 15 October 2020, at 15:12. One night, a mysterious assailant attacks her in her motel room and dislocates two of her fingers. Kinsey is at the top of her game. Excerpt | The author of Orphan Train returns with an ambitious, emotionally resonant historical novel. I kept hoping I’d get used to it, but I dislike it more and more. Judy Kaye, Narrated by: The main characters of this mystery, fiction story are Kinsey Millhone, Robert Dietz. © BookBrowse LLC 1997-2020. A brutal and unscrupulous gangster. She was found dead on the beach 17 years ago, and an ex-boyfriend named Bailey Fowler was convicted of her murder and imprisoned, and then escaped. He'd been staying in my apartment for the two previous months and since our separation was approaching, we tended to avoid discussing anything personal. Visiting a small town in the Sierras, Kinsey aids a recent widow, Selma Newquist, who believes that her detective husband did not die of a heart attack, as reported, but from foul play. Kinsey Millhone, brought in by Voight to gather the necessary damning evidence. Suppose we could peer through a tiny peephole in Time and chance upon a flash of what was coming up in the years ahead? A dying old man cared for by the son he pummeled mercilessly. But she certainly wasn't looking for murder. It seems the whole town is united to keep the secret of what Tom knew about the murders and why it might have upset him. In the small California town of Serena Station, tongues wagged. They just get better and better!! It is an identity she cunningly stole, an identity that gives her access to private caregiving jobs. Mary Peiffer, Narrated by: The other was on the beach six weeks later. Kinsey Millhone just is not the same without the voice from Judy Kaye. Search: Kinsey drives to Carson City to take care of Dietz after he has surgery and quickly realizes she's aching for some alone time. Kinsey soon discovers that virtually everyone in Nota Lake County idolized Tom and dislikes Selma. Great writing.


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