The tools and resources you need to get your business up and running. The list covers most employees but please keep in mind there will be some roles and circumstances where other specialised forms will be required.

Typical examples include: The Australian government has an up to date guide on taking on new employees.

You must not discriminate against job applicants or employees because of reasons including: If you interview or employ someone with a disability, you may need to adjust your work place (or work practices) to make sure it's safe and accessible for them.

New Employee Training Checklist template New Employee Training Checklist template. Recruiting and inducting new employees is a time consuming process. You’ll collect these PAYG withholding amounts and send them to the ATO at regular intervals. files reports with the Australian Tax Office (ATO).

Get support on how to use Xero with articles and discussions, or get in touch.

HR toolkit overview. You can set up each employee with access to personalised information.

Skip to content. You can also visit the ATO website for more information on your tax and super obligations for employees. It should also welcome your new employee to the organisation and answer many of the questions they may have about their new workplace.

Before you can do this, you must register for PAYG withholding. We acknowledge the traditional owners of the country throughout Australia and their continuing connection to land, sea and community. The Ultimate Guide To Agile Performance Management, What Remote Working Means for Performance Management, Plus 7 Other PM Trends, 3 Easy Tips For Your 360 Feedback Questionnaire, Get the Onboarding Business Case Whitepaper, Sample Orientation and Onboarding Program, Forms You Will Need For A New Employee In Australia, 7 reasons you should be using competencies, Easy Guide to Competency Based Assessment Tools, How To Conduct a Skills Audit and Identify Skill Gaps, Sample one-on-one check-in conversation notes, Sensitive items to avoid in feedback/comments, How to conduct one on one meetings with team members, Designing a Work-From-Home Policy: Where to Begin, How to Keep Employees Informed During a Crisis, How To Keep Staff Working From Home Productive. Employee’s Bank Account Details So that your new employee can receive their salary or wages, they need to provide you with details of the bank account they wish to be paid into.

When moving through with arrow keys, screen readers will not always expand the sub-menus, anti-discrimination and equal opportunity requirements, Australian Business Licence and Information Service, list all the tasks currently done in your business, assign only the tasks that employees should do, identify the gap in your staff from the tasks remaining, in which section or department the position sits, the employment type (full-time, part-time, casual), essential and desirable selection criteria the applicant needs to respond to, any skills, knowledge, experience or education required for the role, desirable personal attributes to fit the business’s culture. The better you treat your employees, the harder they will work for your business. manages the workers' compensation scheme.

This is the unique template can also use for the new employee orientation training for new hire employees.

Superannuation Standard Choice Form You must provide new employees with a Standard Choice Form which outlines employee options for choosing a superannuation fund. To distribute your advertisement, consider: Each application you receive will be different, and you need to assess each one. COVID-19 Webinar With Natasha Hawker and Danny King; Podcast; Media; Blog; Contact Us

Your new hire will need to fill out a portion of a form to advise you of their nominated fund. Teacher Performance Management – Is It Worth the Investment? Even if you stop being an employer altogether, some of these responsibilities will continue. Submit a job requisition form to HR.. Make the hire official with your HR department before proceeding any further.

Find out more on this Equal opportunity and diversity page. Xero advisors share their triumphs, failures, and learnings on their journey. To do this, you may have to make changes to your workplace. If you’re considering hiring a worker from overseas, you must make sure they have the correct type of visa. It gives you a clear understanding of the type of person you’re looking for, as well as their roles and responsibilities. If you get the process right, you’ll ensure you hire the right people.

You can find out more about your obligations and download free resources for small businesses from the Fair Work Ombudsman’s website.

in a prominent place in the tea room or on a noticeboard at work). They can also refuse work. There are so many things to remember when you are running a small business. Check the award – sometimes it will require you to pay more often or by a particular method. Every employee has a different TFN.

This is a good time to provide them with things like tax and super forms, information about their employment conditions, and your work health and safety information. When you manage and develop employees, consider specific business training. The Employment Contract and Agreement, Position Description, Employee Information, and Superannuation Standard Choice can all be provided as electronic forms and included in the automated pre-boarding process, whilst the TFN Declaration Form and Fair Work Information can be accessed and completed online.

Learn more about paying wages and what you must include on a pay slip on the Fair Work Ombudsman website. When moving through with arrow keys, screen readers will not always expand the sub-menus, differences between employees and contractors, adjust your work place (or work practices).

Use our checklist for small business owners to help you meet Australian laws when hiring an employee. The best questions are open ended questions, so that the candidate can answer with their previous experience. communicating with unsuccessful candidates. This involves a series of activities both before and after day one. Prepare questions to ask the candidates.

You can check out the ready made templates as …

Remote work, technology, and engagement are hot topics in the New World of Work. STP started from 1 July 2019 for small businesses with less than 20 employees.

If you’d like to see how simple an automated an onboarding solution can be, download our Easy Guide to Selecting an Onboarding System today.

When you contact candidates, make sure you confirm the following details: When you interview candidates, try to create a relaxed environment. Throughout the hiring process, keep an accurate record of each candidate, including their strengths, weaknesses, expectations and interview notes. When you take on an employee, you’ll be responsible for managing them and their performance.

Your accounting software should be able to do this for you. If so, give them a Standard choice form within 28 days of them starting. Let them know what you will provide in return. For most new employees in Australia, employers are required to give them a choice of the fund to which you will make payments. This Statement gives your new employee a summary of their entitlements under the Fair Work Act of 2009 and provides them with contact details of Fair Work Australia.

Your COVID-19 Working From Home Pack; Hire to Fire Toolkit; Book; Employee Assistance Program; Forms & Checklists “Winning the War for Talent” eBook. Find out if you need to withhold tax from payments to your employee on the ATO website. Learn the recruitment process, how to welcome new staff to your business and your responsibilities as an employer. PK ! But when they first begin, you may find your workload increases while they are coming up-to-speed with everything. There may be other forms of paperwork that are required in your jurisdiction, so be sure to check with your Human Resource or Employment Law professional to ensure you are meeting all your legal requirements as an employer. Skip to content. The checklist gives an idea to new hire employee about what business expecting from them, and how they can contribute for business growth. See our, For the menu below: if you move through the content using the Tab key, sub-menus will expand for each item.

The Australian Fair Work Ombudsman has a number of templates and guides you can use for creating your Employment Contracts. Download a copy of the FWIS from the Fair Work Ombudsman website to provide to your employee.

This statement provides your new hire with information about conditions of employment in Australia. Consider using a single sign-on service like OneLogin, Okta or Google for Work. Ensure you offer the current award or wage and meet anti-discrimination and equal opportunity requirements. Often you will still want to check their references, but you can provide the candidate a conditional offer of employment. However, many employees may not be aware of their rights or understand them.

You must meet your obligations to employees under the relevant award and the NES. It would usually take as much as six months (probationary period) for an employee to be able to fully adjust to his job.

Ask your new employee to complete a tax file number (TFN) declaration form. If your employee chooses to not provide a TFN declaration, their pay will be subject to the top tax rate. Your job advertisement is your first impression to your potential new employees. Make notes during the interview, and review your notes and their job applications after all the interviews are complete.


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