This underlying similarity is the basis for treating spaces and networks together in Repast HPC. An agent at x=99 and an agent at x=0 are 99 units apart. process for doing this may be new to those accustomed to Java. In this demo, we will use a different kind of projection: a spatial projection. The process by which Repast HPC code is compiled, linked, and run in The last step of Demo 03 is an example in which there is both a network and a set of spatial projections in operation simultaneously.

However, in a one-dimensional space, B can have exactly two neighbors. To use the libraries just mentioned, your code will have to know the structure described in the .h files, so that it will know what to find in the compiled version of the .cpp files. The outline for this tutorial is: Repast HPC Demo 00: A 'null' demo that has no Repast HPC code, but that demonstrates how to compile and run the demos to be presented;

In theory, this is not necessary: each process could be responsible for a portion of space that is unique in size, and, in theory, this might be useful if the distribution of agents in space is not even. The initialization includes synchronization, so the value of '7' is seen on all processes in the 'AFTER_INIT' files. In the 'TEST_BEFORE' files, the value is still '7' on all other processes except 7 (where the search through the file finds nothing because the value is zero and the cell is not recorded). Some of the features discussed are related to Repast HPC infrastructure- how to set and change model parameters, You can download the source code for the examples in this tutorial here: Once you have downloaded and decompressed the file, you should look at the instructions here: getLinkToPage("HowToUse");.

(Note that the Repast HPC code could prevent such changes, but in rare cases if handled very carefully such changes might be reasonably used, so the possibility of making them was left open.).

The following compiled libraries and associated header files: Boost (version 1.54 or later), including all headers and the 'serialization', 'mpi', 'system', and 'filesystem' libraries. Movement past the specified boundaries is prohibited.

'Linking' refers to the fact that code is usually built in pieces that must be 'linked' together in order to run. Less obvious is the fact that the position of an agent in space is only relevant when considered with respect to the positions of other agents in the space. For example, suppose that the 'space' is actually one-dimensional (a line), and there are 5 elements on it which, labeled in order, are A, B, C, D, and E. The labeling is arbitrary, but in a line (assuming you cannot have two elements in the same place) the elements must be in a sequence, and each element can have 2 neighbors: 'B' is neighbors with A and C; 'D' is neighbors with C and E; etc. Conceptually, each process 'sees' only a portion of its space: This allows parallelization because each process is now doing calculations for only a fraction of the agents. Getting Started with Repast HPC; Table of Contents; How to use this tutorial; Repast HPC Demos in this Tutorial; HPC Demo 00 Overview; HPC:D00, Step 01: Hello, World! This is a region of space that is managed by an adjacent process that is copied onto the local process. which is visible to all eight processes but is local only on process 7, is initialized to '7'. By specifying simple rules, complex dynamics can emerge that lead to systems-level characteristics and examples of order at a macro-scale that is difficult to derive from the micro-level (agent) rules. An installed version of the Repast HPC package (including ReLogo), version 2.1 or later. An agent at x=99 is adjacent to an agent at x=0. This will include an installation of MPICH-2, OpenMPI, or other MPI implementation. However, first we will explain how RepastHPC uses space and how it parallelizes spatial models.

Finally, the most important point: the example given above inspects the cell that the agent is on and another, adjacent cell. Demo 00: A 'null' demo that has no Repast HPC code, but that demonstrates how to compile and run the demos to be presented, Demo 01: A basic demo in which agents interact without a spatial or network structure, Demo 02: A Network demo: agents interact according to a network of connections among them, Demo 03: A Spatial demo: agents interact on the basis of spatial proximity.


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