rockstar Even if you're not familiar with scary stories and urban legends, you've probably heard of The Slender Man. (feat. Do they scare you like they do some people? Mo Gilligan's Sofa Mix Especially if you're just trying to relax while it's raining and storming outside and then BAM! Only people who are really unafraid of everything can make it all the way to the end without getting creeped out. 1 hour, 45 minutes Last on.

Whatever it is, there's bound to be something.

Does it scare you? Mo gives us our daily supermix, Scott gets a bit angry at the Don't Look It Up Quiz and Listener Henry missed out on his holiday to Australia, so Scott and Chris recreate the holiday experience for him, including a rather thorough security procedure at the airport! Or are you not worried about creatures from another planet? This entire basement just looks like something straight out of a horror movie. Although there are a lot of scary clowns out there, especially in movies and TV shows, most real life clowns are friendly and fun! Doja Cat), Sorry, this episode is not currently available.

Would you buy this demented prank of a toy? Let's find out!

The ones that try to be scary definitely succeed in trying to creep people out. (feat. Look at how long it is! 1 hour, 45 minutes Last on. You never know what's going to be hiding around the corner at the end of it or what you might bump into while you walk through it. Kids can be pretty scary.

Or, maybe you're really brave and would have no problem with walking down into this scary basement. (feat. Or do you just not care about the backstory? Love Island's Chris And Kem Are "Going Back On" The Show - But There's A Twist, Baby Yoda fans outraged after he commits "genocide" in #TheMandalorian season 2 Or maybe you're scared of dolls or mirrors. Does the idea of aliens being real scare you? Does this house look scary to you?

Just imagine the ghosts that would be in a house like this if it were in a movie. (feat.

Then join Scott from his kitchen on Wednesday 9 December as he gets us all in the festive mood with an extra special Christmas themed pub quiz.

Check, of course! Whether or not aliens exist, no one actually knows. The idea of being able to contact the spirit world and have them be able to talk back to you by moving the planchette around the board is pretty creepy to think about. Considering how much of the planet is made up of water, this can be pretty crazy to think about! Match These Logos To Their Brand In Under 2 Minutes. The idea that they might get stuck or somehow malfunction is really terrifying to think about! (feat. The biggest database of online academic Questions & Answers is in your hands! Or would you gladly go hang out in there? It would be hard not to want to run away screaming from this room. Everything about this photo is seriously unnerving, isn't it? For centuries, mirrors have been the source of a lot of scary superstition and urban legends.

Do you think there's a bad vibe coming from the shadow on the other side of this door? How Well Do You Know These Rick And Morty Characters? Do you think you're fearless? Dolls can be pretty scary, right? Skepta), Midnight Sky (Radio 1 Live Lounge from LA - 1st September 2020), Lighter

It looks like it's in the middle of nowhere, in the creepy woods somewhere and it looks like it's a little bit run down. Yikes! Love Island 2018: Who Is The Favourite to Win? (feat. Scott and Chris are back together with today's Don't Look It Up Quiz! Which totally makes sense!

Something that scares one person might not scare another person.

Dark, abandoned looking room?

Do crowded elevators bother you?

A lot of people are scared of spiders. It can really make heading out to any vacation a seriously stressful situation.

The action starts on Wednesday 28 October with our very special Strictly themed pub quiz.This is your chance to test your knowledge of all things glitter, sequins and fake tan.

This quiz will totally get under your skin and find the things that terrify you. Yikes!

Wanna Try?

No matter how fearless you really are, there's probably something out there that gets under your skin and really gives you the creeps. Selena Gomez), Fake Friends

ROCKSTAR It especially applies when the person isn't particularly high up, because it's pretty normal to be afraid of being really high up, although not everyone is. If this bedroom were more than just a haunted house set, would you sleep in it?

Flying can be great. Something about this girl just standing in the dark, creepy woods like this with this terrifying mask on and her arms up is more than a little bit weird and gives off some seriously scary vibes.


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