Graduates can also continue their studies with a master’s degree programme within health sciences. Graduates work with film and audiovisual storytelling in a variety of production settings. The majority of graduates are employed as social workers in the public sector, including municipal and regional social services and institutions.

Data is treated for provision of educational services and in compliance with legal obligations. Social workers contribute to preventing and solving social problems as well as planning, coordinating, implementing, evaluating and developing social measures both at individual and group level – as well as with organisations and society as a whole. As a result, graduates have the necessary skills to work in professional settings after finishing their degree. They analyse tests, are involved in screening programmes and carry out research that can lead to new treatments. This associate professional degree programme educates candidates in developing and constructing new products, and in the optimising, planning and controlling of production. T: +45 87 55 23 08 Purdue admits to individual majors. Graduates can apply to any of VIA’s design programmes if they have completed a c-level English course. The Danish programme has a stronger national focus. The bachelor must be able to practice social work within the public sector, including the employment area and the social measures area, as well as in the private and voluntary sectors. The programme has been developed in close collaboration with employers in the business and graduates thus have great job opportunities.

This professional bachelor's degree programme educates international candidates for the modern textile industry.

The degree in Social Education trains professionals in social and educational actions for children, young people and adults, with or without specific needs.

E: We also offer the programme through e-learning. Consult further details on data protection at, Faculty of Education, Translation and Humanities Twitter, Instagram and Web. Courses include single family home construction, mathematical and physical principles for construction and multi-storey construction. Graduates can continue their studies with a master’s degree at a university. Workplaces include social institutions, daycare centres and schools, prisons and probation services as well as organisations working with youths, culture and sports.

Graduates are encouraged to continue their studies with one of VIA's top-up bachelor degrees.

Students learn how to assess and diagnose problems with movement and functioning in patients and to plan, carry out, manage and communicate relevant physiotherapeutic interventions. The programme is taught mainly by guest lecturers from the film and media industry, and the programme works closely with companies in Denmark and internationally. Purdue has interstate licensing agreements with the other 49 U.S. states, which means graduates will be able to teach in Indiana and any other state in the country. E: Transfer students must meet Purdue's overall transfer criteria, as well as any major-specific requirements. T: +45 87 55 41 04 Graduates are employed in childcare, psychiatric institutions, rehabilitation, disability and elderly care centres among other places.

One semester is offered in English and students are encouraged to spend one to three semesters abroad during their studies. Courses are taught as a combination of class work, lectures, group work on cases and internship. Students learn to reflect on and respond to the interaction between bodily and psychological experiences in individuals and groups. Many pursue international careers, such as in troubled regions. a bachelor’s degree in social education. This includes working at production companies, media organisations and working as independent creatives. Read about, Degree: Professional Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Degree: Professional Bachelor of Prosthetics and Orthotics, Degree: Professional Bachelor of Psychomotor Therapy, Degree: Professional Bachelor of Education, Degree: Professional Bachelor of Social Education, Degree: Professional Bachelor of Multiplatform Storytelling and Production, Degree: Bachelor of Textile design, Handicraft and Communication, Degree: Garment construction – vocational degree, Degree: Professional Bachelor of Christianity, Culture & Communications, Degree: Professional Bachelor of Diakonia and Social Pedagogy, Degree: Professional Bachelor of Public Administration, vulnerable groups and people with disabilities, Degree: Professional Bachelor of Social Work, Campus: Aarhus C and Holstebro. Rikke Thomsen Graduates can pursue various masters degree programmes at universities. They typically carry out case work, legal support or organisational project work.

Graduates work in hospital laboratories, research laboratories or in the pharmaceutical industry. You may exercise your right to access, rectification, deletion, restriction of use and opposition to processing of your data. Campus Aarhus C  T: + 45 41 72 86 12. Subjects fall within both health sciences and engineering, such as anatomy and physiology, mechanics, mathematics and orthotic technologies. The programme offers many international opportunities, such as participation in film festivals, conferences, study trips and exchanges. Social educators help people to understand their social, political, economic and cultural environment, to become integrated into society and participate as fully-fledged citizens. E: Data processing is carried out under the authority of the Balmes University Foundation, which is the UVic-UCC proprietor.

T: +45 87 55 33 61. Subjects include professional nursing skills, both working with somatic and mental illness as well as acute and chronic diseases. This professional bachelor's degree programme educates students for positions as advisors in the public tax administration, in accounting companies, in agricultural organisations and the like. International Coordinator

Courses are taught as classroom teaching, lectures, project work as well as work in clinical practice.

At the building technician study programme is focused on planning of construction projects, collaboration and project design. The programme aims to educate students to become academically, didactically and pedagogically competent teachers in primary and lower secondary schools.

In Denmark, students of nursing learn through a mixture of theoretical teaching, simulation-based training and clinical internships at hospitals and municipal healthcare institutions. Working with innovation and creative solutions in cooperation with professional practice is a large part of the programme. The bachelor degree programme offers students a lot of international possibilities, both in terms of clinical internships abroad, exchange and international project work. Graduates work as entrepreneurs, bloggers, consultants and educators. Head of programme

E: Students learn how to tell stories using a variety of media platforms. Most bachelors in public administration are employed in various areas of the public sector.

Lis Montes de Oca This professional bachelor's degree programme prepares students to work with rehabilitation and training of patients with physical and/ or mental disabilities or with health promotion and prevention. Production technologists work in a broad range of areas, such as construction and product development and logistics, management, quality assurance and project management. Courses include social studies, social education and pedagogy, care work, religion and philosophy. A social studies education degree will enable you to teach social studies at the secondary level (grades 5-12). T: +45 87 55 25 02

Elisabeth Halse

Courses combine classroom teaching, lectures, project work and internships – which can take place internationally. At the marketing study programme students learn to work with marketing and sales in the Danish and international markets. Graduates work with communication, management and education within the church, NGO's, cultural institutions and schools. Karen Søndergaard Though the focus is on students developing strong skills in physiotherapy, the programme is cross-disciplinary in scope and draws from other areas of health sciences and both the humanities and social sciences.

Students develop a close contact to relevant businesses and get to try their skills in professional settings. E: T: 87 55 33 37. Privacy Policy. In addition, there is focus on the building process of the future with digital tools and sustainable construction. Focus is on helping people live their everyday lives with meaningful activities. The bachelor's degree programme prepares students to work as professional physiotherapists in public and private practice. T: +45 87 55 20 51 Susanne Markussen E: E: They often participate in professional teams in hospitals and institutions. Viborg The programme includes extensive clinical practice at laboratories. Data is passed to responsible public educational authorities and to other organisations under the terms of collaboration agreements. T: +45 87 55 35 66 This includes working in galleries and theatres, working as cultural project managers and teachers or working as independent consultants and artisans. Graduates can take a top-up degree of 1 ½ year to get a bachelor’s degree, for example within International Sales and Marketing Management. Campus Holstebro  Subjects cover design, cultural communication and teaching, entrepreneurship and a specialisation within weaving, knitting, embroidery or garment. They also work internationally in NGOs and relief organisations. The bachelor's degree programme has a strong focus on professional practice, though the theoretical teaching is always based on the latest national and international research. The award-winning resources include techniques for using materials in the classroom, information on the latest instructional technology, reviews of educational media, research on significant social studies-related topics, and lesson plans that can be applied to various disciplines.

Courses include early childhood development, social education and pedagogy, learning and caretaking, nature and outdoor education, culture and creativity, health and exercise, digital media and social innovation. Building technicians are typically employed at architects, entrepreneurs or producers of construction elements. One third of all teachers in Denmark graduate through VIA's bachelor's degree programme for teacher education. Code Name Credits Type (of subject) Course syllabus, schedules, exams; 33457: Social administration and welfare systems: 6: Compulsory: Check info: 33473: International education

law. Subjects include construction and product development, mathematics, IT, language and process optimisation.


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