When Milton sees a poster that says the Harlem Globetrotters are coming to Seaford, Milton suggests that Eddie's uncle can help them out, but Eddie starts acting nervous and tries to find ways to get out of it. Special guest star: George Wendt as Uncle Blake. Jack and Jerry climb up the support beams of a building being built in order to save Byron, and when they climb high enough, they find Byron again. Later, while preparing for the tournament, Kim starts freaking out because there is a member for every event, except the rings; however, her and Gabby discover that Jerry has a talent for the rings after he uses them to hide from Lenore, who was chasing him for comforting another girl, and want to make him a part of the team. Rudy offers to make the first donation, but Kim tells him that to save the basketball program, it is going to cost $5,000, which shocks him. Meanwhile, Milton stresses out after failing his cake test and getting his first non-A grade in Mr. Pedesta's class. Later, Milton uses the rope to lower Jack onto the RV from a tree branch, but Jack has trouble with the rescue, as the RV is unstable. Later, Jerry has a bad feeling about what he overheard and wants to go back to protect Grandmaster Po. When they exit the restricted area, they run into Derek, who has the gloves on. Things take an unexpected turn when Jack and Kim are living in the movie rather than acting in it and must reach the Hollywood sign, all while surviving various obstacles along the way. Julie and Dan show up, and Milton asks them for a ride; however, after Dan refuses to give him and Jerry a ride, Milton becomes agitated and tells Dan that he will give them a ride. Later, Jack and Kim try to have their date again, but Milton and Jerry show up, so Jack and Kim make up a lie that they are going to see a play. Later, Jack auditions to be the Gutter Rats' lead guitarist and is excited when he ends up getting the spot. Later, at the temple, when Milton tells Wan Chi that he is not much of a party person, Wan Chi tells Milton that he reminds him of the ancient warrior Yoshimi, who did not like to have fun, either. Kim becomes annoyed and starts to tell Jack that she thinks of them as more than just friends, but she cannot get the "friends" part out. However, when Milton demonstrates his yo-yoing, his yo-yos get stuck in Jerry's armpit hair, which is then ripped out, and Jerry screams out in pain and chases Milton out of the dojo in anger. Later, Jack explains that they have always talked about working there together, so he tells Jerry that they have to agree that Doctor Kicks either hires both of them or neither of them if things go well.

Kim tries to help Milton and ends up kissing him out of frustration for being so nervous to make a point; unfortunately, Julie sees this. Ty turns the dojo into a Black Dragons dojo, which does not settle well with the Wasabi Warriors, but they pretend to be happy for Rudy's sake.

Jack, Jerry, and Kim have no luck in fighting Brock at first, but they eventually figure out a way to outsmart him and defeat him and chain him to the pipes. This appears to make Kim happy; however, as she is leaving, Jack puts on the bracelet and smiles. Rudy then asks if they would come back if he were their sensei in that dojo, to which they all respond yes, so Rudy decides to fight Ty and his students to get his dojo back. This ruins Rudy's image, and he becomes upset and ends up punching Don Quiñonas in the stomach while at Falafel Phil's Bowl and Burger. After Kim gives Rudy a signed photo of Bobby Wasabi, Jack mentions how he has a better gift; however, Rudy takes that to mean that Jack is bringing the man himself and Jack goes along with it. When Milton confronts Tom, Tom explains that every member of Skull and Bones has to steal a valuable item for the legacy room. Jack, Jerry, and Kim find Rudy at his home and tell him that, while they are better at karate, they are miserable. Later, Jack notices that Milton, Sidney, and the others are packing up after they could not save the classical music club, but Jack tells Milton that he is not going to give up. Bobby is touched and says that while he lost a wife, he has a family. Bobby also tells Milton and Mika that they will plan his wedding. Milton gets a hairpin from Mama Sparkle's hair and is able to unlock the lock and save Jack, just in time. Kim agrees to rejoin Jack, Milton, and Bobby Wasabi disguised as a boy named Cam. Jack manages to win a dirt bike, but when he learns that Jerry rejected calls from Kim, he becomes upset. Later, during the basketball game, the Harlem Globetrotters easily win against the Wasabi Warriors, scoring significantly higher than them; however, the Wasabi Warriors are still happy because they have raised enough money to save the basketball program and managed a score in the double digits. Wasabi Forever When they arrive at the school, they run into Joan, who burps on Rudy and turns him into a zompire. Kim, who is volunteering at the hospital, takes care of Jerry. When Mika learns of this, she asks Phil for help in order to get revenge on Jerry and puts Jerry through a series of rituals that are made up to get back at him. Milton, Jerry, Kim, and Eddie confront Jack, but he tells them that Carson is a cheater and that none of them believed him, including Rudy. Prince Yuval arrives to visit Phil; however, Jack becomes jealous when Kim starts going head over heels for him. Alex Christian Jones is no longer part of the main cast and Olivia Holt has been absent for one episode.

Later, when the council is about to vote again, Jack shows up and interrupts the voting and tells everyone to follow him because he can prove Frank's innocence. When Jack and Milton contact Funderburk, he explains that there was one RASH agent they did not know about, who is recruiting new people. There are three challenges in the game, and Kim takes on Megan in the first challenge, but ends up losing, while Jack takes on Clammer in the second challenge and manages to win. However, when Eddie tells Jerry that the whole school thinks he is in a relationship with Mika, Jerry loudly announces that he and Mika are going out. Not wanting to give the audience their money back and disappoint them, Jerry takes it upon himself to attempt the tightrope walk. Kim tells Jerry she is sorry that things are not working out, but that the right person is closer than he thinks. Jack tells Rudy that they need and want him back at the dojo and admits that they all got caught up in the excitement of the Wasabitron 3000, but it is not Rudy. Later, Eddie confides in Jerry that Big Easy is not his uncle and explains that he thought if he told people that he was related to a Globetrotter, it would make him feel special. After being chased by dogs, Jack and Kim reach the Hollywood sign, where they discover that they must fight each other as only one of them can be a movie star. As a result, Jerry asks Kim out on a date. Jack and Kim both agree to keep the date between them. Rudy is upset with the boys, but they tell him that they overheard him say that the only reason he is trying to save the club is to get rid of them. However, Jerry starts regretting his wish after he sees that the Wasabi Warrior Academy never happened, Milton dropped out school due to the bullies, and Jack and Kim have become Black Dragons. The school has cut funding for the classical music club, and Milton and the other club members try to raise money to save the club.

However, things go wrong when Yoshimi's spirit comes out of a picture of him in the wall and possesses Milton. Everything goes well and the two start dating; however, things go wrong when Milton and the other Wasabi Warriors discover that Julie's uncle is Ty. In the final challenge, Milton figures out how he can beat Angus, one of the strongest people in the McCrarys. Jack brings in Kim to help Jerry train for his black belt test; however, when Jerry keeps slacking off and not taking it seriously, Jack gets fed up and cancels his test and suspends him from the dojo. Bobby reveals that his mansion is gone because he put everything he had into the movie, and what was supposed to be his big comeback turned into his big "go away". Jerry tells Milton that Hero Con is also on Friday, though he must skip school. After Milton manages to save him, Jerry explains that wearing a costume does not make a person a hero and that he just found the costume in the garbage, which gives Milton the courage to reveal himself as the true hero. Jack further apologizes by telling Jerry that he got carried away because he has always dreamed of running a dojo and that he should not have disrespected him. After the story, Jack states that Cook Martinez and his men were the real heroes. He accuses Albert of using his clarinet to shoot the spitball and that he used the fan he turned on when he faked hot flashes to redirect the spitball toward Milton. Jack asks Rudy if he will do him a favor a give a letter to Kim, which contains some things he wants her to know. Jerry gets a job at the Meatball King to help the gang buy a go-cart. Rudy's uncle shows up, who tells Rudy that he has already been told the truth; however, rather than being disappointed, he is proud and tells Rudy that he made a great investment by buying the dojo. The series stars Leo Howard, Dylan Riley Snyder, Mateo Arias, Olivia Holt, Alex Christian Jones, and Jason Earles. This upsets Jack, who reluctantly agrees. Later, at Luke's skating domain LS Industries, Jack asks Luke if he can build them a skatepark in Seaford, but Luke is hesitant as he does not believe there are any real skaters in Seaford.


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