Here was a man who wanted me to play for him and he was congratulating me for refusing his offer.” The manager respected Happy’s decision.

And Joseph went forth over the land of Egypt." It is interesting that many of these "destiny changing" decisions are made when we are younger, like Daniel and his 3 friends.

What would it be that sets that person apart?

While, in after years, Daniel said in one of his wonderful prayers: "I prayed unto my God and made my confession, and said * * We have sinned;" the striking truth still remains that Daniel is one of the few characters in the Bible, which are treated with any fullness, against whom not one condemnatory word is recorded. standing at the right hand of God.". And consider how taking a no compromise stand would surely jeopardize the chance for advancement in the Babylonian court.

And yet as discussed below in Daniel 1:8 these four took an uncompromising stand. For one thing, the fact that it was the "King's choice food" would be a constant reminder of the source of their daily bread. He was talking with a Hindu priest named Satis Prasad. The man who says one church is as good as another doesn't love any church enough to be of any use to it. “Daniel made up his mind not to defile himself by eating the food and wine given to them by the king. They were young and inexperienced. Stephen knew this. They never really make up their minds, and are like the man who was asked, "Do you have trouble making decisions?" It never pays to defile one's self in any way. Daniel was clearly a man who even as a youth choose to live his life with "VERTICAL VISION!" How we handle little temptations If you aim for nothing, you're sure to hit it! In the ninth chapter of Luke we read that our Lord stedfastly set His face to go to Jerusalem. "But even if He does not, let it be known to you, O king, that we are not Finally, refusing to side-step his responsibility, and to merely pray under the covers, or even to wait until the light was out; he fell on his knees and began to pray. After interpreting Pharaoh's dreams, the Pharaoh exalted Joseph to second in command in Egypt and changed his name to "Zaphenath-paneah; and he gave him Asenath, the daughter of Potiphera priest of On, as his wife.

Get along with your co-workers. By God’s grace, a friend of mine invited me to attend a church gathering when I was 33. But their new captors erased their Jewish names and assigned them names that would identify them with pagan gods. The phrase “purposed in his heart” could be translated “laid upon his heart.” Daniel put himself under the full commitment to follow his heart. from youthful lusts, and pursue (present imperative = Command to do this continually) righteousness, faith, love and peace, with those who call on the Lord from a pure heart (Do you observe anything that reminds you of Daniel 1? You are not a Jerusalem prince now. He asked, ‘How … can I do this great wickedness, and sin against God?’, Gen. 39:9. Our Lord declared him to be speaking not for God but for the devil. in the Son of God, who loved me, and delivered Himself up for me.”. Which one will we follow? It was after Daniel committed himself that. (1 Kings 18:21). Before you discount his example, consider some very important details of Daniel's career. And yet as we study the book of Daniel, we discover that Daniel's commitment to the Covenant keeping God as a young man "set the sails" of his life for the remainder of his time on earth. Daniel 3:12-18 Daring not to stand, Solomon sinned in many things. Bear in mind you are not now in Jerusalem. (1) Revival of interest in the Word of God - There was a "revival" under King Josiah when the "book of the law" which had been lost in the house of God (the temple) was discovered (2Ki 22:8-11, 23:3-4).

Jesus said we are to be "wise as serpents, yet harmless as doves." I didn’t know how my parents were. Are you allowing your surroundings to determine how you invest your life? TODAY IN THE WORD Daniel 1:3-20 - You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you. called upon to answer, and much less have to demonstrate. Both Daniel and the chief official spoke of comparing Daniel and his three friends with other young men their age. Sin will darken your countenance, destroy your character, degrade your morals, and lead you to the doom of darkness and eternal despair. faith. Great commitments are made in dark hours. If the answer is “yes,” then there is something in our lives that is not Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah were the cream of the crop of Jewish exiles in Babylon (Da 1:3). Believers can be "strong in the Lord" and press forward in "the power of His might." A number of years ago Norman Cousins wrote an editorial in Saturday Review in which he reported a conversation he had on a trip in India. As the title of today's sermon, I have presented the soul-searching question: The good news from Daniel 1 is that it is possible to live for God in high school, in college, at work, and in your career. Throughout the Word of God, the heroes of faith were men who set their faces like a flint. Daniel has shown us the way. is, if we die to ourselves. This is an important principle: believers are not called to take a stand on things where God has not specifically spoken, but to seek peace where no principle of God is directly violated (Rom. cruelty inflicted upon nearly all farmed animals. The young man who smokes, swears, keeps bad company, plays cards, goes to the theater, drinks, gambles, will find out some day to his sorrow, and to the sorrow of all those intimately associated with him, that sin does not pay. You had better be a little politic.” But this young man had piety and religion deep down in his heart; and that is the right place for it; where it will grow; where it will have power; where it will regulate the life.

| Church and Religion It was his father. Lightning? In our New Testament lesson, we are taking a look at Stephen's commitment to God.

The word for cleaving here means ‘to glue or stick’. The idea is that embracing good is not an occasional or changing practice but something that is done continually and becomes the habit of life. Like Daniel, we need to have an unbending commitment to God, yet a graciousness in our demeanor. Jesus says that, “men ought to always pray and not faint.”, It took some time, several years but I made a commitment that I was going to be at church for services whenever I was not providentially hindered. Or are you letting God use you to make a difference in your generation? A living must be earned. "You men who are stiff-necked and uncircumcised in heart and ears are When the official balked, Daniel proposed a test. Daniel’s character was already formed for following God before the test came to him. We need a strength to keep us true and it honored God. Then in a rage, Nebuchadnezzar had the three young men bound, the furnace Satan and his hosts defy, Of Daniel, we read that he ‘purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself’, Dan.

to see and hear what you are going to do. When, however, the ordeal was over, the other fellows stood up for the one who had dared to pray, and as he crawled into bed, and quiet came on; he heard a still small voice saying: "My son, I want you to preach My Gospel." There is a glory that awaits Evil here is that which is evil in effect or influence. When Cortez landed on these shores, he burned his ships so that he and his company could not leave. Headlong to the earth would fall, Thus they resorted to anger in an attempt to cover up the truth. Instead, he sought out a different opportunity with another authority figure, his personal guard. If you remove the element of commitment from it, the sentence would lose its meaning. The same can be said for some people. In sum, these young men had a strong faith nourished by their exposure to the Word of God (cp Ro 10:17-note), and God's Word provided a grid through which they could filter the godless Babylonian brainwashing.


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