This can be used as daily walking cane or even sel.. Everyone I showed it to said it was very well made also. Movie props are some of the coolest and most sought after collectibles on the planet. The hard plastic tip that came with it had absolutely no traction at all. Customer service was great helping to make sure it arrived on time. The blade unlocks with a push of a button hidden in the cast brass fittings. This unassuming sword cane is a beast when it comes to self defense! I will keep it as a collection.

Changing the tip on the bottom may be preferable as like mentioned in prior reviews, it is hard & prone to slipping. The functional and sharpened 17 inch SK5 carbon steel blade features a stealth black coating.

Copyright © 2007-2020, HanBon Forge, All Rights Reserved. My only "Con" which is partially my fault for not reading the description & reviews closer, is that the blade is more of a spike than a blade perse'. A rubber tip had been added to increase traction against the ground when walking. This process is carried out until there are up 8192 layers, creating beautiful grain like patterns in the steel.

This thing is heavy don't be misled.

Easier to jab than to slash anyway. Extra Length Canes. I tested it on 1/2" particle board and it penetrated with hardly any effort. The blade has been highly hand polished and hand sharpened. The only thing I wanted to do (didn't really have to) was to change the o-rings on the upper shaft so the handle would fit a little more snug. Well woth the money and yes it is heavy which we both like about it. The 16 3/4" blade is cast from 2Cr13 stainless steel with a satin finish and piercing point for deep penetration. The cane sword is made from folded steel and is sturdy enough for cutting and thrusting. Not terribly bad, as we have hardwood & linoleum floors in our house & I haven't had it shoot out from under me but you need to be aware. Doubt I'd ever buy another or even suggest it to a friend. I threw it away, cut the shaft down to match my old cane (a hacksaw works nicely on this material), and put a one inch rubber cane tip on it. The ultradurable, sturdy shaft is built just as well as the handle, making this sword cane virtually indestructible! The walking cane sword is constructed by forging and folding 1060 carbon steel together 13 times. But don't worry, we've found a similar item that's ready to ship now. The handle and the scabbard are made of top quality ebony with alloy dragon design fittings.

SHOP ALL SWORD, WEAPON, & GADGET CANES. I wanted one with a blade. Quad Supportive Base Canes.

The high tech materials used in its construction make it incredibly strong and the quadrangular armor piercing blade is unique among modern sword canes. Sword Canes. This lion themed cane sword is the result of damascus folded steel which has visible grain pattern (HADA). When I say I spent four hours on the grinding wheel, I had to use that time to break down this piece of Steel. This cane sword is very well made. The visible tenuous undulating grain on the blade was resulted from folded repeatedly during forging. If your looking for a sturdy cane and would like the added benefit of a protective spike, I highly recommend this one. The folding technique can be easily seen by the unique patterning of the steel on the blade.

It is solid molded nylon, so I used a sanding drum to re-contour the grip. Pros: Well made. after buying found out that i could not cut down to fit returned it. They're very nice people.

Although laws vary and may make them tough to carry they are still wonderful curiosities to own. Specialty Canes. Bought it because of the great price and design feature. That being said, due to it's construction, you could possibly beat someone into submission w/it as well as stabbing through most conventional body armor w/the spike.

The blade unlocks with a push of a button hidden in the cast metal fittings. JUST a baada-bing would take down most attackers, but the blade is menacing. This sword Jian is strong enough .. 1 inch inside diameter. Cane Sword Handmade Full Tang Sharp Fighting Blade For Sale. The blade comes full tang and sharp.

Extra Strength & Supportive SHOP ALL XL & X-STRENTGH & SUPPORTIVE CANES. This Item Cannot Ship to the Following States: NY, MA, CA. Subscribing to the Lot Closing Notification for an item will trigger our system to notify you about 5-10 minutes before the bidding closes. Actually the cane is amazing. I ordered the Honshu Sword Cane-Wow it arrived earlier than said ,right to my Apartment Door,which is rare ,and Thanks for the fast service,And The Cane was awesome everything,was tight the washers were sealed so when you pulled the Sword out it all fit snug,and the Sword was tight and didn't rattle,heavier than it looked,I was really impressed.Thanks for the Great Service,especially at Christmas time. they would not pay me for shipping fee of 29 dollars too heavy blade come out of sheath too easy rubber o rings making fit are sloppy. The scabbard and handle are made of black ebony wood with hand carved brass mountings.

Using the fold forging method was to tranaform iron in to high quality steel and make the blade more strong.

Much better, but could still use a larger handle. A rubber tip had been added to increase traction against the ground when walking.

Page 2, We have a large selection of cane swords for sale. Liked the grip Cons: Very heavy for a walking cane, around 3 lbs.. No weight was given in the listing. A couple of people have picked it up and handed it to me; it didn't raise an eyebrow. I am very happy with the sword and also now the improvised sword. It just slid on hard surfaces. Palm & Ergonomic. The fully functional sword cane is suitable for self-de.. Whether it's to assist you in walking or as an extra measure of self-defense, this swo.. Fast shipping, excellent customer service.

Beautifully plain looking but strong and surprising light. See my video on YouTube Net4Truth USA channel. Nicely built, no complex locking mechanisms or buttons to find. And we all like the fact that it is more like a dagger, than a long sword. If anyone is located in Minnesota they attend some of the conventions here and used to run a shop at renfest. We offer standard, 3 day express, 2 day express, and overnight express shipping options for your convenience.

NOT SOLD (BIDDING OVER) 0.00 USD + applicable fees & taxes. Even frontier gamblers and many others carried these tools discretely.

We won't be able to ship this item until we receive more stock. In the world of concealed weaponry, it doesn’t get more classic than a sword cane. I've tried making my own sword canes but nothing ever came close to this sword cane. Buy one, you'll love it. Don't bring a knife to s gunfight. This is hands down the finest contemporary sword cane I have ever purchased! Cane bottom features a black rubber foot which provides traction. Sword canes have been used throughout history and are often featured in TV and movies by villains and heroes alike. It is heavy, sure. This cane sword is hand forged and hand sharpened using old Chinese method to create a perfect blade.

High Carbon Steel are folded 13 times creating 8192 layers for superior strength and flexibility. Hiking Canes & … It offers a strong, partial crook handle constructed of injection-molded fiberglass-reinforced nylon composite for a strong, sturdy grip. The blade of the cane sword has been constructed from forge folded steel, through hardened, and highly hand polished. Max Edge CLP Knife Lube - Use With All Blades, Long-Lasting, Inhibits Rust, Lifts Residue, Won’t Dry Out - 1.5 Oz, Universal Fully Adjustable Faux Leather Shoulder Harness Sheath For Sword Or Katana - Scabbard Adjusts From 1" To 2 1/2" - 22 1/4" Overall. Authentic, real items. The 16 3/4" blade is cast from 2Cr13 stainless steel with a satin finish and piercing point for deep penetration. It is almost impossible to bring it to a sword's edge, but I've got some equipment that helped me. The spike has four fullers for maximum strength and eight sharp edges leading to the tip of the spike. SWORD CANES. Just got out of the hospital with back surgery and the wife had this waiting for me. The blade is folded with 13 times created 8192 layers, which shows beautiful grain pattern (HADA) with visible layers. This sword cane features a strong, partial crook handle constructed of red wood. Have had to use this a couple of times to defend ourselves against dogs. The handle has indentations/finger grooves on both sides which makes it pretty much ambidextrous. The blade unlocks with a push of a button hidden in the cast brass fittings. More of a collector item than a practical cane. In essence, it is a sword and its sheath was designed in such a way as to appear to be a non-assuming cane when the sword is sheathed. M48 Strategic Sword Canes for sale are 37 inches in all. It's everything I expected in a sword cane -- simple, stealthy, easy to draw in a heartbeat if it's ever needed, yet stays closed rather well.


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