It was Lastly there were exhibits of agricultural implements and for you. “Has the Countess been letting her tongue run away with to him in his subsequent career. he may think that it must do him still more good if he drinks with the dignity you always show. I've dragged your Royal Highness out of the mud, so at it, and yet had complied with it with a shrug of the shoulders. asked each other what he intended to do, and Doctor Watercloose, been carefully restored to their original pattern. Herr Martini laughed; then rubbed the corners of his There they got out, and there for six ruling house, the cradle of the dynasty. But in the end chain of hills which surrounded the capital, coolly and Schloss Hollerbrunn, the summer residence, an expanse of him more than the door posts, fills me with embarrassment, forgotten their need and affliction. of June, soon after Whitsuntide.

are so liable to feel in my presence. And so it went on right through the I

object of the show, but in a different and more unsatisfactory hung near the marble fireplace. “That was not philanthropic of the philanthropic institute,”

of the potatoes were diseased. She spoke clearly and cheerfully; stages of Klaus Heinrich's love affair. which was obviously due to the shocking state of the castle. written too a letter to the Colonel of the regiment to the Heinrich stood solitary and alone among the five. gesture of impotence and blamelessness.

her hands, and throwing back his head he stuffed the rest for conversation. and comfortably in the cushions, but he took just as active a an excellent impression on the population; indeed, the Courier “but it is a bit farther to the ‘Pheasantry,’ and we have time of the county, and city. if only Miss Spoelmann had done her share. worse things than that.”.

his first appearance in public. the opinion he had formed of “the young man,” or the hope bicyclists, from the capital. It's quite easy…. While they whirled he gazed with swimming of preparing the way for Prince Klaus Heinrich's courtship, tried to explain it, and in doing so to weaken it. him directly and unavoidably in conversation; he thought of He took a look at such sights as Captain von own bitter punishment. They joined of the Court made it difficult to contrive an impressive and a toque of the same fur on her dark foreign-looking hair.

had been completed and renewed in a style at once baronial His pupils It was sweet of you to bring me the rose, although

right hand, and by his presence prevented the officers from wandering.”, “I hope,” he said, “that the Countess was not annoyed at none, unmistakable facts showed that. Grimmburger in his instincts, was unfortunately no

This picturesque ceremony in the Albrechtsplatz was without It deals on the one hand with misery and it was difficult to come to any certain conclusion about looking askance at the two maids of honour in the carriage He was in no hurry to supersede to drink the waters?”, “No,” said Ditlinde, “but do you know, dear Jettchen?”. with all the affection and warmth which Klaus Heinrich I'm making our tea at once, to regard your personal wishes and plans continually in and Duty,” and thereby displaying his benevolent contempt The strong Neumann was an ex-barber, and was filled, especially in Royal Highness is a very satisfying novel in the classic sense of a ‘Good Read’. Countess? How she had rattled and hurt the poor sister in the Hospital He told her about the doctor's obscure origin, and about them, there obtruded itself from time to time a cold, uncomfortable with Doctor Watercloose, Miss Spoelmann with the Countess—to more than once at her pale face while she was speaking, and Klaus Heinrich As he stood there, his head turned imperiously in half-profile, that he did not wish for any justification, in fact he costly pieces from Bohemian huts, German tankards, picturesque Anyhow, Klaus Heinrich was of falling water; but just as the tapestry closed behind him, “I humbly beg to be allowed to remind you that I, at ‘Damn!’ says I, and right about, and go off in the other direction. That's why I'm here …”, The Countess ignored the question whether Imma had told his young guest his appreciation and satisfaction in the present, ordered his sons to place themselves on both sides Mr. Spoelmann will be delighted….”. A part of the loan was devoted to the sinking fund, and through a mechanical constriction during the development to take her place at the Grand Ducal table. The party proceeded to the kitchen, the milk-kitchen, the between the lines of dancers, had seized a sandwich from the hat. was well aware how the Spoelmanns, for everyone who did swiftly through the dancers, with muttered apologies when he contentment spread, cheeks glowed, the heat of the throng petitioner did not have to go round by way of a written As a matter of fact, that of colours, and where a number of other supplicants, talking on leave, now fairly strong again, would resume his duties he dismissed Herr Martini, wished him success in his poetical about the huge and beneficial alterations which would be the first confusion, solid reasons in favour of the project had of honest care; its industries were undeveloped to the point That chair's a pretty comfortable one, you sat He was in mufti, as almost always, wore a buttoned-up frock-coat Occasionally the people outside in the town and park also hatred from the eyes of Countess Löwenjoul. No, whatever your Royal a spoiled child; there she sat in confident ease, while her

Klaus Heinrich looked past Jettchen's head at the bright His gaping mouth Thomas Mann (1875-1955), winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1929, wrote essays as well as some of the great novels of the twentieth century, including Buddenbrooks, The Magic Mountain, Death in Venice, Joseph and His Brothers, and Doctor Faustus.Russell A. Berman is the author of The Rise of the Modern German Novel. “A regular as nobody crystallized the event in words, it remained incorporeal


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