Information such as most frequently used keywords, frequently used hashtags, content engagement ratios, follower validation, etc are considered. By signing up, you agree to our He writes primarily about healthcare, lifestyle, and human interest. Here are some key factors to help you in your decision on collaborating with an agency. We study a 360 degree footprint of each Influencer recommended to a brand, including a 6-month history of their posted content. The other may be a celebrity who splits her time between appearing on the big screen and taking care of her kids and pets. Amanda Healy is the Head of IoT Brand Marketing and Thought Leadership at Cisco, in addition to being a respected national speaker and social media keynote. Home; Top Influencer pascal; Januar 14, 2020; 13 min read; 1283; Lippentattoos, Klopapierrollenhalter & Eieröffner: crazy Produlte beworben von 7 deutschen Influencern. “Unlike most mega-influencers, macro-influencers usually gained fame through the internet itself, whether that was through vlogging, or by producing funny or inspiring content,” he continued. There is absolutely no way to gather information about a campaign’s success without metrics. SIGN UP INFLUENCERS; BUSINESSES; LOG IN LOG IN; JOIN THE COMMUNITY; Discover Top Ranked Influencers by Category of Influence We’ve categorized the world’s top influencers so you can see how they’re ranked. Find top Instagram influencers for your marketing campaigns. Even if you don’t have your own pet, you’re probably guilty of looking at cute animals on social media. He has also authored a book which is soon to be published. "name": "Zahara Jade" She has authored ‘Fix Your Business’ and ‘Become Your Own Boss’ and is one of the top business influencers today! She also writes a weekly column – A Calmer You. Known for the brilliant content he creates, Tim Schofield has a popular YouTube channel – Your Tech Simplified that has a reputation for bringing out unbiased tech videos. In many cases, these numbers shouldn’t even be your top concern. A medical doctor, lifestyle medicine pioneer and a life strategist, Dr. Mark Rowe is a lifestyle influencer on Twitter, a TEDx speaker, an author and a vitality expert. She is a professional speaker and her tweets talk about all aspects related to search and some about politics as well. B2B SaaS consultant, Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré is also a product marketer and market strategist. A renowned speaker with TED talk experience and three times author Nilofer Merchant has received multiple awards including Future Thinker award by Thinkers50, and featured as one of the top 10 influential HR thinkers by HR magazine. A tech consultant and speaker, Alice Bonasio is the Editor in Chief at TechTrends and writes for Fast Company, Wired and TNW. Founder of TNDO, Giavanni Ruffin is an athlete, a public speaker and the owner of his own name brand YouTube channel Giavanni Ruffin. "url": "", Category: Top Influencer. Take a recent campaign we ran a campaign for a dating app as an example. Mobile app builder to create an app in 3 steps.Android App MakeriPhone App MakerConvert Website to App. Click the button below to login or create a free account. A plus size stylist and a lifestyle blogger, Stephy is a writer and an activist apart from being a lifestyle influencer on Twitter. A social media consultant and speaker, Dhariana Lozano is the co-founder of Supremacy Marketing and is known for helping businesses create effective social media strategies. “[A nano-influencer is] someone who has influence within their community. Just make sure any influencers you work with offer high-quality information that’s on the up-and-up rather than vague information or scams. As the animal-care industry grows, so does its presence among influencer marketing. They are unbendable and inflexible, so when you – the deliciously unique and complex, one-of-a-kind brand that you are – bring your campaign to a particular agency or platform that is more “one size fits all”, your options are limited.


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