In porn it’s a money shot; in romance it’s cunnilingus and commitment. Sometimes fights break out on the Facebook group, and Musk jumps in as a peacemaker—as she had to do so many times with her brothers growing up. The platform also produces its own original content based on romance books. Although Tosca eventually got sick of eating peanut butter sandwiches, she learned an important lesson: that a single woman, even in sexist South Africa, could succeed in both motherhood and a career as long as she worked hard and demanded respect.

“From the beginning, when Passionflix approached me, they told me their mission was to bring books to screen in a way that respected the books and respected the readers,” Reynard said of the opportunity. For about half of the 30-day shoot of Gabriel’s Inferno, a coterie of five to 30 fans mingled on set, sitting next to Musk while she filmed, offering advice. They’re widely popular, but fans tend to be reticent about their love of the genre. Rather than sorting through a larger streamer to find a specific genre, romance movies are at a viewer’s fingertips at the push of a button. Gabriel’s Redemption soon followed in 2013. Giving fans exactly what they want has a name: fan service. Account active “I did not think it was a healthy place for her,” he says. * Passionflix is available on all iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, on the Web, Apple TV and select smart TV’s! In the 15 years after Puzzled, she worked on more than two dozen movies, but only a handful of them were romance films. It misstated the time it takes for Tosca Musk to film her movies. The Will came out in February and Gabriel’s Inferno was released in three segments: May and July, with Part 3 coming up on November 19. Now, Musk and her team are slowly getting back to work and they’re starting with holiday Quickies as a way to test the water while giving fans presents to unwrap during the holiday season. The selection of Passionflix was an easy decision for him given their willingness to work with him to faithfully adapt the books so that fans can savor every moment from the stories that they love. Fifty Shades of Grey and Gabriel’s Inferno both started as Twilight fanfiction and became publishing sensations in their own right. (Musk is trying to change that; she sells Passionflix T-shirts and hoodies.). Original movies Dirty Sexy Saint and The Protector are perfect examples of the Passionflix difference. In a 2019 book, their mother, Maye, paints a grim picture of her marriage, saying the kids witnessed instances of violence. A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation. To date, Musk and Passionflix have produced 13 full-length feature adaptations and two short films they call “quickies.” These movies are sexy but not pornographic, because “women are more interested in two people’s hands touching” than watching genitals, Musk says.

Natalie Morales catches up with Tosca Musk, the sister of tech billionaire Elon Musk who is turning romance novels into films with her digital streaming site, Passionflix. Gabriel doesn’t understand his forbidden attraction to the brilliant young woman in his seminar, but what he doesn’t realize is that they’ve met before, long ago, and it’s something that Julia has never forgotten. And every so often, she goes back and asks again, just to be sure their needs were met.

More important than nudity is showing “a woman can have pleasure” during sex, Musk says. It's not like romantic comedies are missing from theaters, or from Netflix, but Passionflix co-founder Tosca Musk said the genre is dwarfed by action blockbusters. Also, it’s hard to come up with a Marvel plot that doesn’t feature a central love story and an emotionally satisfying and optimistic ending.


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