The times in which the C3 came along were ever-changing.

In the first flight there is a white C7 Chevrolet Corvette with a F1A-94 ProCharger making approximately 1,100hp, a silver Nissan GT R (with Elite Prime turbos and a Shep 1K transmission) making 1,300hp, a 1,400hp twin turbo Dodge Viper and a red Nissan GT R capable of producing 1,700hp – Read More, Can’t find the excitement in SUV drag racing? This engine not only produced a noteworthy 345 HP but weighed in at nearly 45 pounds less than its LT4 predecessor. With 495 HP and 470 ft./lbs. Barely. When an apples to apples comparison of vehicle performance is the talk of the day, a car’s given time in the 1/4 mile often becomes the metric with which superiority is measured.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The 3 Most Notable Corvettes By Decade: The 2010s, The 3 Most Notable Corvettes By Decade: The 2000s, The 3 Most Notable Corvettes By Decade: The 1990s, 5 Mid-Engine Concepts That Predated The C8 Corvette, The 3 Most Notable Corvettes By Decade: The 1980s, List & Sell Your Corvette on, 4.6L (250HP) - 8 Cylinder Engine RamJet FI, 4.6L (283HP) - 8 Cylinder Engine RamJet FI, 5.4L (360HP) - 8 Cylinder Engine (RamJet FI), L83 (205HP), 3.31 Axle, 4-Speed Automatic, L98 (230HP), 4-Speed Automatic, 3.07 Axle, L98 (240HP), 4-Speed Automatic, 3.07 Axle, LS1 (350HP), 4-Speed Automatic, Perf.

During this time, big-blocks were still king, and little on the road could hold a candle to the fire-breathing 427 cubic-inch V8 and its monumental 435 HP output. He resides with his wife and children in Bowling Green, Kentucky, the home of the Corvette. 1/4 mile or quarter mile is a drag race, a type of motor racing in which the vehicle compete to be first to cross a finish line. These revisions included an increase in engine displacement to 6.0 Liters, an increase in compression from 10.1:1 to 10.9:1, and redesigned, high flow intake and exhaust manifolds. While this ride bears the moniker of a Japanese automaker, it is made in Germany (by BMW). We also have a problem with the Model X and Tesla won’t fix it! of torque at 4400 RPM. Pkg.

When the newly engineered 427 cubic-inch engine came onto the scene in 1966, two specific versions were available, neither of which was lacking in power. Full disclosure: From a purely mechanical standpoint, the Audi RS Q8, the Lamborghini Urus and the Porsche Cayenne are basically the same vehicle. how about the upcomicng charger/challenger dodge ghoul. This engine was rated at 230 HP, which came as a 25 HP increase from the previous year. Weineck Cobra and Koenigsegg CCR still top the list.. sort of.. nearly TWO dcades later. Federally-sanctioned emission standards came to pass in the early 1970s and universally forced the hands of automakers across the nation. This is bullshit, is it only Factory production cars? Don’t cross the center line or you lose.

Timeslips; Dyno; Videos; 1/2 Mile Times; 60-130 Times; Tracks; Parts; Games This served as the beginning of the end for the gas-guzzling Corvette big-blocks that were prominent in past years. Because it is a rear-wheel drive setup (from the factory), stabbing a V8 motor, the transmission of choice and a suitable rear end is much easier than transforming a front-wheel drive vehicle. The first race of the first round is a Chevy Malibu with nitrous against a Gen II Camaro with twin turbochargers. Corvette vs. McLaren, GT R, Viper and Mustang – Texas Street Hits TX2K20, High Performance SUV Shootout – Audi, Bentley, Lamborghini and Porsche Drag Racing, High-Level Street Racing from the Big Easy, Turbo LS Swap Nissan 240sx Tears Up the Track at FL2K, Desert Duels – Single Elimination Drag Racing on the Street, Dodge Charger Hellcat vs. Toyota Supra MKV – Street Roll and Dig Racing, New Mexico Cash Days – 40 Cars and a $10,000 Payday, Audi RSQ8 vs Lamborghini Urus and Tesla Model X Drag Race. stock toyota prius does it in 6.9 seconds. The earliest Corvettes featured a 235 cubic-inch, 6-cylinder “Blue Flame” engine that turned out a less than impressive 150 HP. 1/4 Mile Source; Acura CL: 2003: FWD: 6M: 5.7 sec: 14.2 sec @ 104 mph: …

Axle. Whenever Josh does not have a wrench in his hand, he can be found in the woods or on the water enjoying the great outdoors. The LS6 essentially came as a revision of the now legendary LS1 engine. Despite the L98’s noticeably improved performance, many consumers still demanded more. *. Axle. The 430 HP LS3 engine was introduced in 2008, while the 505 HP LS7 and the 638 HP LS9 were featured in conjunction with Z06 and ZR-1 packages, respectively. The Dodge demon Lucifer should have been included in this. Buckle up for this one!

However, by the mid-1970s performance ratings of the Corvette had dropped to the point of barely reaching the 200 HP threshold.

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Your email address will not be published. Whether launching from the line simultaneously upon the beckoning of the Christmas tree, or making an unaccompanied single pass in an attempt to conquer a standing best time, there is something about that magical 1320 feet that has always lit a fire in the very being of gearheads far and wide. By 1955, Arkus-Duntov, as well as others on the Corvette design team, had determined that the only way forward was to drastically improve the car’s overall horsepower and performance. Rules are simple.

This is street racing New Mexico style and the cars (trucks, too) on hand are not to be taken lightly.


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