A motion from Scottish Labour’s Monica Lennon calling for routine testing received support from all parties. The site of that sewage works was immediately behind the present Cumnock Academy in Ayr Road, and an old discharge pipe from this facility is still to be seen close to the River Lugar, below the bridge which connects the Academy with Broomfield Playing Field. You will find Lloyds Pharmacy situated at a convenient location at 9 Townhead Street, about a 0.08 mile driving distance north-east of the centre of Cumnock (near Greenmills Primary School).This pharmacy is an important addition to the areas of Lugar, Craigens, Logan, Netherthird, Holmhead, Auchinleck, Cumnock Town Centre and Glaisnock. In his will, John Baird made a bequest that his estate be used to provide a public building in Cumnock which would contain a museum, recreation and reading rooms on the land owned by him in Lugar Street, known as Baird`s Place. In 1955, a new grandstand was erected at Townhead Park. It was inscribed with the name of a Mrs Brakenridge, Cumnock and dated 1891.

If they were stolen, the thief probably took them to London to dispose of them. There is now no visible evidence of the Flush.

Cumnock Cycling Club existed at an early date and was followed by the Cumnock Ramblers Cycling Club in the 1920s. did SEPA stop the job or did Cumnock object to the drainage system and in fact Cumnock stopped the job.What is the problem here perhaps somebody could tell the facts as to why the job was stopped. The Picture House had their own electricity generator situated at the back of the building. I told them what the plan would be going forward. A proper system of drains and sewers, discharging into the Cumnock Sewage Disposal Works did not come into use until 1929. Shanie Thomas, 24, found out she had got Covid-19 in both September and November after receiving two positive test results. Sad to say, they lost the game 3-0 - but getting to the final was, in itself, a great achievement. This work was completed in 1887, and the Flush was used to flood out the bed of the river and rid it of its noxious burden, when required. There are still a large number of people in Cumnock who remember The Flush, and its location between the foot of Drumbrochan Road, and the timber houses in Coila Place. In the 1920’s and 30’s it was a favourite venue for ballroom dancing with music by local bands.

The 14-year-old was arrested today after videos allegedly showing an attack on a schoolboy were posted on social media. In 1934, after moving to Townhead Park, Cumnock Juniors joined the Western League becoming Champions in seasons 1935-6, 1936-7 and also in 1952-3. The opening ceremony was performed by Dr J G Kerr of Stepends House, Auchinleck Road, and as President of the Club, he presented two beautiful silver trophies for annual competition, - one for the ladies and the other for the gentlemen. 1937). However, their pond was to develop into a facility which could be used in the hot summer days. The programme was varied from one film for a whole week or it changed Monday and Thursday. Public generosity helped to equip the Hall: which included a special contribution from a local firm which paid for the ceiling ornament (cost £5), and a piano which cost £35 from another donor.

The building served as a cinema until the advent of television when people could see films in their own homes.

Mrs Bain remembered the key.

A closer look at the west terrace. The pond was filled in many years ago, and the entire area is now covered by many trees. This project was meant to take between six and twelve weeks to give Cumnock a 3g pitch .The project is now long behind schedule. The youngster clearly wasn't too invested in the 2-0 loss to Finland. After they left there were burn marks on the doors and walls from their floodlights. It was one of the finest open-air swimming pools in the country. Ayr Observer and Galloway Chronicle, 1st June 1888 Cumnock asked him to be housed for a period of twelve weeks. sweep, February 16, 2016 in Junior Football, This project was meant to take between six and twelve weeks to give Cumnock a 3g pitch .The project is now long behind schedule.

Cumnock's first goal came from this penalty. This time they won the game 1-0 - there was great jubilation in Cumnock that night. From April 1996 the Baird Institute became the responsibility of East Ayrshire Council. No big diggers or other machinery were used as all the digging was done by hand, the excess earth being carried away by horse and cart. By the late 1960’s, a modification was made to the seating to try to keep income up.

One of the most distinguished members of the club was Adam Brown Todd (1822-1915) a newspaper editor and poet, who was Chairman at the Club in 1909 when it celebrated the 150th Anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns. Many viewers commented on Michael's appearance, with some remarking he had aged. “We need to get the competitive edge back into that game. In the same year the grazing on the course was let to Mr. Scott, Butcher, for the year for the sum of £43. The former Queen of the South midfielder starts his first full season in charge of the West Premiership. THE GOLDEN KEY COMES BACK TO CUMNCOK Is that Rossvale's park after JC's first dive for a free kick was a bit overshot? In 1920 the Picture House was updated with two all-electric projectors, and the Spider (a series of strings that opened and closed the picture gates at changeover to allow continuous projection). Rev John Warrick, in his The History of Cumnock, published in 1899, remarks that “most recently a golf club has been formed with a short course over parks quite close to the town”. It finally closed as a cinema around 1980 (see note at end of article) after a trial period of different days for bingo and cinema. Does anybody know on what date work will resume? As a Cumnock lad, Burns can’t escape the club — or the huge rivalry with Auchinleck Talbot. The Cumnock Curling Club offered their curling pond as a possible water storage area, and the Council undertook to deepen, and repair the pond, and to install a sluice. Rosie Ramsey was so delighted to receive a signed copy of the book Clanlands from Outlander's Sam Heughan. However, the succeeding Minute Book is still extant and, some years ago was transcribed, and also transferred to computer disc.

Cumnock’s first wrestling competition was presented in 1905.

John Murdoch, the father of the inventor of gas lighting, made a type of wooden horse which he used to travel from Bello Mill at Lugar into Cumnock. Derek has been in hospital since March after contracting coronavirus but he is slowly taking small steps to recovery. A neat three sided shaped sandstone façade with two circular windows one either side and a large curved top window at the front. “We have drastically reduced the age of the squad and we’re trying to build something for the future at this club. Dr. Kerr ceremoniously drove the first ball, after which the monthly medal competition took place. So the work was started on digging the swimming pool. Cumnock’s projection room started life as a separate add-on room on the roof of the original entrance frontage. For instance, it is recorded that in 1929, the Greenkeeper, Findlay was to be paid 1/- (one shilling) per hour for the 44 hours he was employed scattering 30 tons of sand on the greens.

Well bud,while that might explain wee Soo's perpetual frown and bring a whole new meaning to the 'izzy wizzy,lets get busy' banter,I'm sure that the troops on here will treat this 'revelation' with the same scepticism that greeted the recent Bert and Ernie fiasco. The 30-year-old was re-arrested this week after a three-year probe into the deaths at a hospital in Chester. In 1949 as things improved after WWII when cinemas hit their highest takings, the projectors and sound system were re-equipped this time with the Kalee KT21 the fully enclosed projector with total fire fighting ability. The balcony separator was opened up and another 6 rows were called Front Balcony. *Not that there's anything wrong with that. The covered terrace in the west end of the ground can be seen in the background.   You cannot paste images directly.

Referred to at Ballochmyle Golf Club as the “Cumnock Cups”, they are outstanding examples of the silver-smith’s art. Trustees administered the Baird Institute until 1972 when it was transferred to the ownership of the local authority, Cumnock Burgh, because the Trustees felt they no longer had adequate funds to maintain and administer the building and they were of the opinion that the continued use of the building was desirable as a service to the community. New Ayrshire Aldi store opening date revealed along with middle aisle plans. It is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday 11 till 5 and can be contacted at 01290 427084 during these hours. The Keir Hardie Room and art or historical exhibitions can be viewed throughout the year at the Baird Institute.2009.

Many shows were twice nightly or one “B” film, ads and newsreel and then the main Picture.

Download the 17th Cumnock Cycling Rally 1954 booklet HERE. You can unsubscribe at any time. In 1937, they won the first Vernon Trophy and took the League Cup for the first time. It is constructed from pink sandstone quarried at Auchinleck. Eventually, most of these players joined Ballochmyle Golf Club, Mauchline (est. Some Scottish golf clubs can claim to have been functioning for well over 250 years. The arc lamp started to fail by 1978. They were Ayrshire Regional League Champions in 1971-2 and 1973-4. More care homes hit with Covid cases in South Ayrshire. The other cinema being in Auchinleck.

The contractor was meant to come back in three weeks ago but has failed to appear. Visit us in-store and get groceries delivered to anywhere in the UK, or collect from your local store or petrol station at a convenient time for you. Cumnock are based at Townhead Park and compete in the West Region Superleague Premier Division, from where they were relegated in 2009. Get the stories that interest you straight to your inbox every day with our personalised newsletter. The Cumnock Chronicle reported on 19th May 1922 that the course comprised the grounds of Drumbrochan Farm, and a small strip of Barshare Farm. Emeline Panhurst came to the Town Hall in 1907 to address a Votes for Women rally. On May 19th 1979 the team were once again at Hampden Park to meet Bo'ness United in the final of the Scottish Junior Cup. “The town is supportive and the game with Talbot is massive; the biggest in Junior football. The pool was opened in June 1936 by Provost Nan Hardie Hughes amid a crowd of 2,500 spectators at a cost of £5,500. *. The first park in Cumnock for playing quoits was located at Townhead and eventually several inns had their own pitches. See our Gallery Places > Woodroad HERE.

Dr John Strawhorn in his The New History of Cumnock (1966), reports that golf was played in various fields - first to the north of the town, and then successively near Ayr Road, Cairn Road, and the Coachworks. Burns has added experienced midfielder Craig McLeish with young guns Jordan Kemoe (ex-Partick Thistle) and Jamie Conn leading the line. A rink at Townhead had been used for many years - but had proved to be unsatisfactory. Paul Burns says he wants to build something special at Cumnock.. The first president of the team was Bailie Miller - with George Bridges as treasurer and William McGregor as secretary.   Pasted as rich text. Not so many citizens remember the days when The Flush contained a large volume of water. Ayrshire police say car torched in driveway could have had 'catastrophic' consequences, Detective Sergeant blasts 'extremely reckless act', Ayrshire author's holiday book is a tapestry of travel tales. The No 2 projector was still in peak condition giving flawless projection and in immaculate condition. It has been very gratifying that Lugar have bent over backwards to assist Cumnock during the refurbishment of Townhead Park and I for one cannot thank the "usual suspects" at Rosebank for their help, particularly Bert Esquierdo, who we keep getting told " has no association with Lugar now", If that's the case, I hope we find someone like that who has " no association" with our club to do as much as he does, But, back to the original point raised by the man who has had Harry/ Mathew Corbett ( and some other guy who I'm to old to know who he is) with their hand up his arse for many years.


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