Toss with raisins. I think they came out great and while you really can’t go wrong with either recipe, these are definitely worth giving a try . Calories: 140 kcal. In a large bowl combine oats, flour, baking soda, cinnamon, and salt. Store leftover cookies in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 5 days. Don’t worry about this. Honey did the trick! Thinly cover baking sheet(s) with butter, margarine, or cooking spray. In a large bowl, combine flour, baking soda, oats, cinnamon, salt, and nutmeg.

If you’ve been looking for the consummate healthy oatmeal cookie recipe, look no further. Freeze leftover cookie dough for up to two months. These cookies are soft and chewy, perfectly sweet, and just so dang good! I would just puree it so that it’s smooth.

Going with my gut, 4 TBL has got to be better for me than 14!

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Can home made unsweetened applesauce be used? Check out Vegan Baking for Everyone for recipes, tips, vegan how-to guides, and much more! Stacie Naczelnik from Seattle on September 06, 2007: I don't make my own, but my grandma makes it for me!

The Best Vegan Applesauce Cookies Recipes on Yummly | Oatmeal Applesauce Cookies., 20-minute Applesauce Cookies, Easy Applesauce Cookies Using a metal spatula, transfer cookies to a cooling rack. The modest amount of butter is key to the healthy oatmeal cookies’ texture and keeps the cookies from being excessively cakey. I know that a healthy oatmeal raisin cookie recipe would have been the *most* traditional route, but I simply could not do it. Crispy roasted chestnut mushroom pasta, So, I haven't posted in 11 months (and a week). Next, add the applesauce and vanilla extract. In a medium bowl, cream together egg, applesauce, canola oil, vanilla, and the sugars. If you decide to experiment too, I’d love to hear how it goes! No sugar! These vegan oatmeal raisin cookies are super quick and easy. Mine turned out dry, crumbly, and not very good. While I have not tried this recipe with almond flour, another reader has reported success with a 1:1 substitution.

The dough may look curdled at this point. I probably could have made a half batch. This prevents them from spreading too much in the oven. To do this, roll all the dough into balls. I was a little confused when I checked the nutrition and compared it to the quaker oatmeal vanishing oatmeal cookie recipe (which is delicious but uses 14 TBL of butter , yikes!!). Hi! In a stand-up mixer, with the paddle attachment, cream together the vegan butter with brown and granulated sugars until thick and creamy, scraping down the sides as necessary. It works perfectly every time! As I can recently attest, these healthy oatmeal cookies are highly freezer friendly. These were the perfect “treat” as we prepare for the onslaught of Halloween candy temptations! For oatmeal cookies with a festive twist, try these. And you’re going to love how simple they are. These vegan oatmeal raisin cookies made with just 4 ingredients and are also gluten free! These flourless oatmeal raisin cookies have no eggs, no butter, and no milk, but you'd never tell- They are soft, chewy and ready in 12 minutes! You can also see the rounded shapes of the soft sugar cookies. Will you please, please make low sugar items? Raisins: I just buy the raisins from my grocery store’s bulk section. But don’t worry, the excitement is strong.

I’m also, for the first time ever, going to be without my kids for longer than a week. Let cookies cool on baking sheets 10 minutes before transferring to a wire cooling rack. Print Rate. I had some leftover batter so I made some smaller cookies as well. Home / Recipes by Type / Desserts / Cookies. Made with a base of whole wheat flour and oats, they’re sweetened by applesauce and maple syrup. These cookies were super easy to make and gone in no time! She makes great pear sauce too. Serving and Storing - Serve these cookies once they are cool.

We can’t believe that after this many years of having a blog, we haven’t put out an oatmeal raisin cookie … Thank you for sharing this kind review! To make vegan: Use maple syrup instead of honey. Line a baking tray with greaseproof paper. Hi, I’m Sarah. First combine the dry ingredients, whisking together until they are evenly mixed. Place the baking tray on the top shelf of the oven for 15 minutes (check after 10) or until firm and slightly golden around the edges. Ben and I spent the better part of this week cleaning our old house in preparation for the new owners. Mmmm! © 2010 - 2020 Well Plated by Erin. Store in a cookie jar or air-tight container. 11.9 g This recipe makes about 12 large cookies or 36 smaller cookies, but this will vary depending on the size of your cookie scoop. With a cookie scoop or spoon, drop the dough into 1 1/2-inch balls and arrange on the baking sheet, leaving 1 inch of space around each. Get our all-time MOST POPULAR treats. Due to the fact I used salted earth balance, I did think they were a little too salty — my family members did not think so. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; These make whipping, beating, and blending so much easier. I’ll have to try it at some point. If you made any substitutions, let us know how it turned out! Applesauce is great isn't it -- do you make your own? Drop by the tablespoonful onto prepared cookie sheet, about 2 inches apart.

Hi, I'm Erin Clarke, and I'm fearlessly dedicated to making healthy food that's affordable, easy-to-make, and best of all DELISH. Patty Inglish MS (author) from USA and Asgardia, the First Space Nation on August 30, 2007: Thanks Stacie, I love this recipe! We can’t believe that after this many years of having a blog, we haven’t put out an oatmeal raisin cookie recipe. Thank you for sharing this kind review!

Stir in the oats and raisins. Remove the dough from the refrigerator (if it is very stiff, you may need to let it sit out for 5 to 10 minutes). My trip means the next time you’re going to hear from me (Wednesday) I’ll be flying over the Atlantic Ocean. Place them on a baking sheet in the freezer to freeze all the way through. Thank you! You don’t have to do this next step, but I was wanting large cookies and using the base of a drinking glass (lightly sprayed with cooking spray) make quick work of this task. WELCOME! I highly recommend them for all of your sweet treat and pick-me-up snack moments too. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Before baking the cookies, place the dough in the refrigerator to chill for 30 minutes. These Vegan Oatmeal Raisin Cookies pack a ton of flavor, but they’re also full of healthy ingredients. Log in. If you’d like the healthy oatmeal cookies vegan, you can swap said butter for a vegan butter substitute (my recommendation for that buttah flava) or coconut oil. Hi Sharon! Hi Charlene! Combine with your butter/sugar mixture and then fold in the raisins by hand. I have been looking for this recipe for 65 years. My scary task: clearing out the refrigerator and freezer. Your email address will not be published.

Whisk to blend thoroughly. Add the applesauce mixture to the flour mixture slowly and mix thoroughly. Put these ingredients together and you get these divine but surprisingly wholesome treats! The dough will be wet and sticky. I adore the overall effect the range of mix-ins gives these healthy oatmeal cookies. Bake until the cookies are golden and firm around the edges and set on top, about 9 to 10 minutes.

amzn_assoc_search_bar = "true"; For cakier cookies, add an extra 1/4 cup of flour and bake for 2 minutes longer.

Years ago, I loved Archway Raisin Cookies, but when the company stopped making them, I learned to make the following recipe.

I adore both sweets and veggies, and I am on a mission to save you time and dishes. Wanna learn how to bake like a pro? Cook Time: 10 minutes. Wrap bowl in plastic wrap and place in the refrigerator to chill for 30 minutes before baking. Baking time will vary based on the size you make the cookies.

Place them on a baking sheet and press them down ever so slightly with the palm of your hand. Learn how to make the best classic vegan oatmeal raisin cookies. These Vegan Oatmeal Raisin Cookies pack a ton of flavor, but they’re also full of healthy ingredients. Hi – Very excited to find your site and about to make the cookies, right now! Once the dough is chilled, roll it into balls about 2 tablespoons in size. In a second bowl, or in the bowl of the electric mixer, cream the butter and both sugars together until smooth (I use a bowl and a fork). Your email address will not be published. Thanks!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. To do this, roll all the dough into balls. Not sure where I went wrong! I haven’t told you yet but this week I’m taking a trip.

Preheat the oven to 375 F. Line 2 baking sheets with parchment paper or a silicone baking mat and set aside. 3 %, teaspoon butter-flavored cooking spray. The depth of flavor comes from cinnamon and almond butter. These cookies do not rise or spread so the shape you make is what you’ll end up with. Jump to Recipe Print Recipe Total Time: 20 mins. In the bowl of an electric mixer, add the softened vegan margarine, both sugars, the applesauce and molasses. For healthy oatmeal cookies banana edition, don’t miss my, If you are seeking healthy oatmeal cookies no flour (meaning no wheat flour in order to make the cookies gluten free), I’d suggest using a, 1:1 gluten-free baking blend like this one, For healthy oatmeal peanut butter cookies, you can bake. Use maple syrup in place of the honey. Ready in just 20 minutes for a quick and delicious sweet treat.

Stacie Naczelnik from Seattle on August 30, 2007: This recipe looks good--I love baking with applesauce. You only need about 15 minutes to make vegan oatmeal raisin cookies: 5 mins of prep time and 10-12 minutes of baking time. The Well Plated Cookbook is now available! Add applesauce and vanilla extract and beat to combine. With the mixer on low, add the dry ingredients to the butter/sugar mixer in 3 batches, scraping down the sides of the bowl between each batch. To make gluten free: you can experiment with oat flour (I haven’t tried this yet, but I would suggest swapping 1 1/4 cups oat flour for the white whole wheat flour) or use a 1:1 GF baking blend instead of the wheat flour. BEST EVER vegan oatmeal cookies! My favorite for baking would be unsweetened applesauce. Now, we need to talk about one of the more divisive oatmeal cookie topics: raisins. © 2020 My Darling Vegan — All Rights Reserved, Vegan Chocolate Torte with Hazelnut Crust, 4-Ingredient Cookies with Chocolate Chips, Vegan Chocolate Peppermint Crinkle Cookies, Vegan Pumpkin Gnocchi with Sage Garlic Sauce, Vegan Pumpkin Bread with Brown Sugar Glaze, White Wine Alfredo Pasta with Shiitake Mushrooms. While there were plenty of, um, questionable discoveries, one that I was very pleased to find was a frozen container of cookie dough from my last batch of, Secrets to Baking the Best Healthy Oatmeal Cookies Recipe. Leave me a comment below and let me know what you thought! Check out my guide to vegan sugars and alternative sugar replacements. all-natural peanut butter, oatmeal, baking powder, unsweetened applesauce and 2 more Vegan Oatmeal Cookies brown sugar, nutmeg, raisins, vanilla, salt, baking powder, applesauce and 4 more Get 30 days free access to chef-guided recipes WFPB friendly, oil-free, gluten-free and 100% plant-based. Hi Jacqueline, I’m sorry to hear that these didn’t turn out as you hoped. I’m so happy that you enjoyed them, Jenny! In a medium bowl, cream together egg, applesauce, canola oil, vanilla, and the sugars.

We have the crunch and warmth of the nuts and the sweet chew of the raisins, and I don’t think I need to tell you that if you stack an oatmeal cookie with chocolate chips next to an oatmeal cookie without, one of them is going to be the clear crowd favorite. For chewier cookies, use all brown sugar and remove from the oven when slightly underdone.


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