Petra has gone from being one of the more villainous characters on Jane the Virgin to trusted confidant of our heroine. As with most of us most of the time, Rogelio tries to cover up his embarrassment rather than own it right away, and predictably, it doesn’t go well. We shared a dream and a bond that will never go away.”, This Shawn Mendes Cover Is Just Too Much to Be True.

• Our Narrator’s thoughts on edible underwear: “Am I the only one getting hungry? There’s a gloriously bonkers Rogelio story, which somehow ends with not-quite Brooke Shields having a toe bitten off by a wolf?! Thank you to the kind reader who pointed it out. Awwwwwwww. To be continued! Jane takes this opportunity to pull some Petra moves on a sulky store clerk, and discovers that just demanding you get what you want often works pretty well. The fascinating trio of Elizabeth (Olivia Colman), Thatcher (Gillian Anderson), and Diana (Emma Corrin) make the series’ fourth season its best yet. But more importantly, once she gets back home to the privacy of her own bedroom, she learns how to use it. The two had also just said "I love you" and were going to move in together. It's Official: We Have Our Next President and VP, You Deserve a Nap RN—*and* These Luxe Silk PJs, Read Kamala Harris's VP-Elect Victory Speech, Your Horoscope for the Week of November 8th, Team Cosmo Explains Why We Voted This Year. JR entered the room just in time to grab the gun from the assailant and shoot him (or her!). She owns up that she wasn’t being honest either, and they promise not to weaponize each others’ weaknesses against one another. What to Know About ‘Jane the Virgin’ Season 5, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. Correction: A previous version of this post incorrectly posed the question "Who shot JR?" They should make “we promise not to weaponize each others’ weaknesses against one another” Valentine’s Day cards. Meantime, Petra was in love.

You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, Clare Crawley Wants to Have Babies With Dale ASAP, 'The Bachelorette' Season 16, Episode 4 Recap, 60 Celebs You Totally Forgot Were on ‘DWTS’.

Because this is not HBO, as the Narrator later reminds us, Jane’s body is positioned to cover up a particularly detailed portion of one of Raf’s texts, but our Narrator is ticked that he’s missing the good stuff. (Remember, Sin Rostro is a master of disguises.) Also, does this mean Rafael told Sin Rostro where Luisa is, since that's the information she was after? He tries to steal Nanny-to-the-Stars Felicia away from … MARIO LOPEZ. We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we love. Let me get the big #Jafael stuff out of the way up top: After much foreplay, several fizzled false starts, and a nice conversation about accepting each other for who they are, Jane and Rafael have sex. He turned up at the tail end of the episode, and all we know for sure is that Sin Rostro — an unreliable source — told Rafael about him in the first place. As is usually the case, there’s also some crime stuff going on — in this case, JR helping Petra get out from her position as a person of interest in Anezka’s murder, while also attempting to shake herself loose from whatever her arrangement is with the Unseen Forces Who Have It In for Petra. And they seem very happy! Was it Miloš? But Jorge recently turned down Alba's request to get back together (after she'd turned down his two proposals), so it's not meant to be a romantic marriage. Here, six questions you need answered ASAP. Jane loves Petra, in a platonic but very real way! (I also can’t understand why someone recovering from surgery wouldn’t want to help someone else study for an exam, with flashcards and memorization and stuff. • This episode also contains the most merciful thing Our Narrator has ever done, which is to let us celebrate Alba becoming an American citizen by swapping out our portrait of President Trump with a winking, cheerful Obama. rather than "Who did JR shoot?" His wife is now reflecting on her “clearly delusional” marriage. Then, when Rogelio does manage to win Felicia over with the promise of a three-episode arc on Passions of Steve, he responds to the inevitable “Bye Felicia!” by yelling, “Later Slater!”, Already a subscriber? A glimpse of a mostly uneventful day for the Big Three circa eighth grade illuminates the issues they’re dealing with in the present day. How Patti LaBelle’s Alleged Nephew Broke Twitter.

JPJ's Reaction to Tayshia as Bachelorette, Though! — Magda says she actually did see Petra kill Anezka, so I guess those murder charges aren’t going away as fast as Petra thought. This week, I turn to the moment when Petra falls asleep and daydreams about her new friend JR, who arrives at her door to announce that she “got Petra off,” and what’s more, now she’s going to really get Petra off. Alba was officially a U.S. citizen. All rights reserved. The season-four finale of Jane the Virgin started out happy enough: Rafael found an apartment that he and Jane could actually afford. And Petra laughs!

But clearly this is me thinking about myself.). I continue to have high hopes for their friendship. Alec Baldwin Holds a ‘You’re Welcome’ Sign on, The PlayStation 5 Argues That Games Don’t Need to Change, Britney Spears Loses Court Bid to Suspend Father’s Conservatorship. Of course there’s an inevitable moment of embarrassment when Alba finds the vibrator in an unfortunately public way. She loves her!

There is a perfect shot of her in bed, completely tucked into the covers, with her face slowly changing. But the bigger takeaways of the sex-shop story are: Lube can be more important as you get older, the Narrator likes edible underwear, and Alba needs to learn how to think of sex as something that can bring pleasure. How Patti LaBelle’s Alleged Nephew Broke Twitter. Still, the set-up creates enough tension and cross-motives to let the Villanueva women walk through a full range of emotional responses to their current family crisis. Bert Kreischer, the Man Behind the Machine. We regret the error. Given that this is deep into season four and Jane and Rafael have been one of the long-term defining relationships of this series, you’d really have assumed that they’d already had sex with each other at some point, but — no! “One toe! When they do sit down and have a family meeting about the hidden citizenship exam and Alba’s fear that Xo isn’t recovering fast enough, it’s a welcome reckoning. What did we ever do to deserve this show? Alba, now a U.S. citizen (and an excellent giver of party speeches), marries Jorge so that he can go visit his dying mother in Mexico and not worry about getting shut out of America forever (he's not a citizen himself). Rogelio and River Fields aren't exactly getting along, but they're essentially two peas in a pod.

Fine, Jane doesn’t quite get all the way to that point, but she’s much more understanding of Petra’s methods, her work ethic, and her working demeanor.

She’s in charge of a lot, and terrible things keep happening to her! I have to say, this may be close to my platonic ideal of a Jane the Virgin episode. #TeamRafael. The two had also just said "I love you" and were going to move in together. All that, and Alba gets a vibrator! “Uncomplicated, light.” “I mean, way to generalize about Chris,” the Narrator retorts. But River should at least do some reading before she dismisses Rogelio entirely. Except then she’s somehow still in the clutches of the Unseen Forces, who are also planting suggestive evidence from the crime scene in Petra’s office. Love it or hate it, a viral video about the election, based on a certain Marvel movie scene, might be a defining image of our quar-brained culture. Stacey Abrams Knows Who Buffy’s True Love Is, Yes, Spotify Has Made Another Big Acquisition. Petra and JR need to have a conversation about whether or not they’re going to be serious, which they do manage to do by the end of the episode. Brooke Shields — or rather her telenovela alter ego River Shields — gets in a Twitter spat with him, insisting that male postpartum depression is not a real thing, and that Rogelio should stop co-opting female experience for his own purposes. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, By submitting your email, you agree to our, King Von Was Building Something Bigger Than Chicago Drill, No Thanks!


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