The Basic Tier requires you to spend Reward Points on benefits (otherwise called Advances), outlined in your Profession’s description. Calculate all results together to determine Total Damage.

Circumstances directly affect your ability to succeed or fail with a Skill Test.

Assistance with a Test can be announced by another player after the Difficulty Rating has been called out by the GM. Fury Dice can explode as many times as you can generate face ‘6s’. Grover’s Stealth Test is (Challenging -10%), whereas the scullion’s Awareness Test is (Routine +10%). These are generally contextual and the GM will announce any additional benefits or penalties tied to a Match. You pray hard and sacrifice to your own gods so that they may save your soul from damnation. Simply stating that you wish to assist a Charm Test likely won’t garner a vote of support from the GM, but declaring that you intend to gaze admiringly and subtly seduce the lady-in-waiting that your ally is engaged in conversation with will. As the GM calls upon you to mold the flow of events, you roll the dice to determine success or failure.

However, these results may not be all that encouraging. Spending additional time beyond that typically confers no additional bonus, unless the GM rules otherwise.

You now find yourself among others of similar disposition. In a grim & perilous world, common peasant rabble (when gathered into large enough groups) can drag a veteran knight off his steed and beat him to a bloody pulp. The GM presents the world Characters live within. These challenges frame the drama of the adventure. Behind the curtain, these dark powers play puppet master, pulling the strings of both cast-asides and the well-bred alike. However, not all Tests can necessarily be retried. Injuries sustained in ZWEIHÄNDER often have nasty consequences, requiring prolonged periods of recovery and care. After all, you’ll never know when you need Lady Luck to intervene on your behalf once more, particularly in situations where you’re staring down the business end of a blunderbuss or trapped within the grasp of a ravenous monster. Both succeed at their Athletics Tests, so it’s time to compare Degrees Of Success. However, Credence is suffering from Ignore 2 Skill Ranks on the Peril Condition Track. You should concern yourself only with your Character’s immediate Base Chance to use a Skill and let the GM worry about any other ambient modifiers. Ultimately, you must ask yourself how these circumstances will change your Character’s primary motivation. Personalities within the game will be comprised of moral strengths and flaws; in other styles of game, the rewards for success are based on successfully manipulating situations confronted towards the former and away from the latter. Sometimes, prejudice manifests despite the safeguards of tradition and religion. These negative effects always dramatically enhance the story and your trials and tribulations. You likely know little of the world beyond where you were raised, but have grown accustomed to the grim nature of your environs. One rule above all others is held in the highest regard around the gaming table – have a good time! Generally, your GM will call upon you to Test a specific Skill as you role-play within the campaign world. Knowing that this will drastically reduce Leopold ‘s Total Chance of Success, the player tells the GM he doesn’t want to do it. Add modifiers from Talents and Traits that apply.

Immediately after rolling a D6 Chaos or Fury Die, spend a Fortune Point to treat it as a face value of ‘6’.

But, if the Opposed Test results in a Critical Failure, the participant automatically loses the contest.

Some failures may even work against your mind, demoralizing you. For Skill Tests that require longer lengths of time, your GM will indicate how long it takes to attempt it after they’ve announced the Difficulty Rating. This mechanic is generally only used for use of Special Skills in which you possess no Skill Ranks in. But a role-playing game is much more than just a series of arbitrations between numbers on a sheet of paper or a puzzle of arithmetic to be plotted out and solved. If you rolled a face ‘6’ on the tens die and a face ‘1’ on the units die, you generated a result of 61%. For instance, mending a person’s wounds with the Heal Skill takes ten minutes. He wishes to evaluate whether it is a forgery or not with the Counterfeit Skill.

CRITICAL SUCCESS: If you succeed at your Skill Test and the dice Match, you incur a Critical Success. As the wheel of fortune turns, it works both into the favor of players and the GM alike. Rolling equal to or under the Total Chance for success means you succeed at your Skill Test.

Describe what you wish to attempt accurately as you can, so that the GM can assign an appropriate Difficulty Rating.

For now, go to the first page of the Character sheet and record Basic Tier.

ZWEIHÄNDER does not provide a complete list of every single Difficulty Rating for the situations your Character may be thrust in. Add all of the modifiers together to determine the Total Chance for success.

Far from the prying eyes of others, sorcerers risk their sanity and their souls to harness the mysterious power of cosmic disorder by striking Faustian bargains with gods, diabolical servants and other less palatable entities.


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