The FTC places regulations on the funeral profession that requires us to provide a General Price List to anyone who inquired about prices or services.

Week 6 Mini Project- Kirsten Olszanowski.docx, First Coast High School • ENGLISH english3. My husband and his brother held tight and bought an inexpensive coffin for their mother’s cremation. Tickets: $25-125. The performance will be followed by a presentation from Jason Reynolds, National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature, and author of Ghost, the Track Series, As Brave As You, and Long Way Down. A link will be sent to all ticket holders and will also be available on I do shit like that sometimes. Maybe you didn’t know that, so let me explain. But as with any profession, there can be some unscrupulous types. I was with her when the mini urns arrived and she began sobbing. I entered funeral service to truly service families and I’ve been blessed to work for funeral homes that do just that. There are so many tips out there for planning a funeral that you may feel overwhelmed by all options.

They tend to display the premium items in the showroom, along with a few cheaper models that give you the impression that you are looking at the whole spectrum of options. FREE study guides and infographics! This is some really good information about funeral homes. Your email address will not be published.

This puts many families in a difficult position at a very difficult time!!!

Pre-planning your funeral and making your final arrangements in advance is a great idea. And also yes, you can find many cheap urns online, many of which will be of acceptable quality (depending on what you want) or may come with highly unreliable customer service at a time that you need it most. There are so many tips out there for planning a funeral that you may feel overwhelmed by all options.

When planning a funeral, it’s a good idea to bring another person along whenever you are shopping for or deciding on funeral services. Complimentary tickets for ACS teachers and ACS middle- and high-school students will be available at the door on a first-come, first-served basis. Want to learn more about saving on funeral expenses? 1. 10 Things HR Doesn't Want You to Know (but I'll Tell You) ... but it doesn't mean you should run to HR every time a co-worker isn't playing by the rules.

You can find many perfectly fine, respectable, and ‘much, much’ cheaper urns in a lot of places. However there is still risk involved when purchasing a pre-need plan, and people should be aware of those risks. **Update: Per our private messages, I’ve updated a few things in the post for clarity.**. So thanks for your thoughtful comment! Thank you for sharing! I kinda/sorta mentioned it in passing under point #8, and we just today published a post about this very topic that goes into much more detail:, I’m not aware of waterproof caskets per se, but there is something called a gasket that the funeral home may try to sell you.


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