I havent tried with XP but i think it is possible that it will fix it.

And yes, Assassin's Creed 1 had the same exact draw-in down to the bone. 84% Upvoted. Also let's not forget that the geometry setting is bugged at the moment as DigitalFoundry confirmed. Because even VICE CITY has texture popping. Unfortunately because they went bonkers with the details up close for PC and the game engine wasn't designed to show that much detail, draw-in can be even more noticeable on PC regardless of the fact they improved that also. Did AC1 have any graphic tweeks? To get right to the point, I just see textures popping up RIGHT infront of my face. I have all settings maxed. Its the one setting that requires a restart. Denny Zuko 3,721 views. Anything but the highest setting has terrible draw distance. What happens after that is a severe bottleneck with most draw calls culled or incorrectly rendered, resulting in texture/NPCs popping all over the place. I cant change weapons how do I change them?

Problem is, DX11 is only equipped to handle ~10,000 peak draw calls. Tried Reinstalling, Tried Installing older ones, tried uninstalling drivers, then instaling about 10 other versions, untinstalling one, and installing another. Did anyone figure out yet how to set the textures to load fully in greater distance? I'm actually planning to go to Firenze this year, it's only about 300 kilometers from my country. This problem is persisting for quite the while. For now we have to wait for a modding community to rise. And this texture thing only annoys me because the buildings and their architecture are fricking awesome. And I think that the only thing that could be really problematic is that "synchronizing" rotation. Maps? Discussion in 'PC Games' started by Sycho, 15 Jul 2010.

Too bad they had to ruin it for a lot of people with DRM. Plants?

... if someone does have a logical fix for this please feel free to correct me. It is VERY distracting, and honestly becoming a pain in the rear end. Not only have I not been able to fix this problem, but the controller fix no longer works so the game is even more broken. I know you can remove fog in the game but it looks worse imo.

Yeah, the have upped the textures a lot, not everywhere but when you look back and compare it to Assassin's Creed 1 the difference is very big. Joined: Dec 11, 2013 Posts: 14. its not that bad anymore but its still terrible. If they enabled the developer console (there is one in the game, but we don't have access to it) we would be able to do that. Nothings helped. DOWNLOAD SECTION. Download Low Specs Experience Optimization Tool. HELP!!!

I've seen other topics concerning something like this, but no fixes have I found, Can anyone help? But if I come closer, it becomes all smooth and detailed. Ok, I wrote "fix" because I already know about the camera clip far setting, my camera default far is 1000, which renders the terrain quite far. Assassins Creed 2 DRAW distance graphic problem - Duration: 0:06.


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