Rare “high number” cards, error cards and multiple card back variations keep collectors plenty busy trying to build a complete set. The second most desired high number rookie, Hoyt Wilhelm made his appearance in the ’52 Topps set at card #392. 1952 Topps 4 Don Lenhardt.

This disturbing fact haunts collectors to this day, knowing that one of the most valuable baseball cards ever made likely has several dozen examples entombed in a watery grave. Sid Schacht BOS-N 414. Just below the stats, towards the bottom of the card, the typical red star to the right of the words "Topps Baseball" was printed in black.

Only those lucky few who have deep pockets can afford to complete (or buy) the set. The cards now had a color Series Three (131-190) are printed on White Stock. Berra was a key part of all those Yankee championships during his playing days and here he’s shown in his famous pinstripes. As a result, you could write an entire book on the subject. It consists of 407 cards and all cards measure 2 5/8" X 3 3/4". Cards #131-190 are printed on both white and gray cardboard. 1952 Topps 5 Larry Jansen Black Back. Others aren't as easily noticeable. Dick Donovan BOS-N 411. The card backs featured statistics and biographical information about the players, a component that would become very important in helping to connect the depicted players with their targeted market, children. Transcending sports, many of the players depicted in the set became true icons of pop culture during the 1950s. In total, there are 145 total variations, or more than 25% of the standard 407-card set. This came about as a direct result of economic conditions faced by Americans at the onset of the 1980s. Buddy Kerr BOS-N 416. 1952 Topps 4 Don Lenhardt Black Back.

The green over red design with the baseball icon in the middle have become fixed in collectors’ minds. There are a few stars lacking in this set (Kiner, Musial, Williams, among others). Manufactured by the Topps Gum Company, 1952 Topps Baseball is considered by many collectors and baseball historians to be the most important post-war baseball card set ever produced. Most know that Mantle’s rookie card is by far the most expensive in the set and one of the most valuable baseball cards in the entire hobby. Series Six) 311 to 407 are quite scarce. For example, due to these variations that include several different printing errors, there are actually 552 total cards to be found in completing a master 1952 Topps set. Each is valued equally. Need help buying or selling cards or have a general question about the hobby? Not even the venerable Mickey Mantle card escaped the gremlins of the Topps printing presses.

In 1952, Topps came out with the largest baseball card set of the time. Some common cards can go for less than $10 if they’re in poor condition. NOTE: All 80 cards in Series One are available in "Red Back" and "Black Back" variations. His card variation includes the following identifiers: darker skin tone, a white printing dot alongside the left border, no black border around the Yankees logo, and the last "E" in his signature ends with the line pointing down.

1 Andy Pafko 2 Pete Runnels RC 3 Hank Thompson 4 Don Lenhardt 5 Larry Jansen 6 Grady Hatton 7 Wayne Terwilliger 8 Fred Marsh 9 Robert Hogue 10 Al Rosen 11 Phil Rizzuto 12 Monty Basgall 13 Johnny Wyrostek 14 Bob Elliott 15 Johnny Pesky 16 Gene Hermanski 17 Jim Hegan 18 Merrill Combs 19 Johnny Bucha 20 Billy Loes RC SP 21 Ferris Fain 22 Dom DiMaggio 23 Billy Goodman 24 Luke Easte… A minuscule difference, but the card is considered a legitimate variation nonetheless. There were a total of 407 cards to the set. These cards were issued only as a factory set.

Cards 281-300 were single printed compared to the other cards in the next to last series. That meant he was at the top corner of the printing sheet (exposed to increased wear) and kids wrapped their card stacks (with his usually on top) with rubber bands. The simple nostalgia that is generated by this set of baseball cards stretches well beyond heavily invested veterans of the hobby. Each is valued equally. Card number 48 (Joe Page) and number 49 (Johnny Sain) can be found with each other's write-up on their back. #33 Warren Spahn. Most baseball fans may not recognize Pafko but most baseball card collectors do. As previously mentioned, all 80 Series One cards are available in Black and Red Backs. Gene Mauch BOS-N 417. Similar to Pafko, Mathews’ position as the last card in the set exposed him to just as many condition risks as mentioned with card #1. As a result of this practice, the key card in the set and by far the most valuable and recognizable, is the rookie card of none other than Mickey Mantle which appears as card #311 on the set's checklist. Bob Addis BOS-N 418. Luis Olmo … 1952 Topps 5 Larry Jansen Black Back. In addition to the larger checklist, the design of the cards themselves featured full team logos, colorized black-and-white photography and most interestingly, a facsimile signature of the player taken directly from their player contract with Topps. There seems to be no print run difference between the two versions. Not to mention the 5 cent price tag in the upper right.


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