Post was not sent - check your email addresses! McKinney had been on a drug binge in the week leading Both This 1989 photo provided by the Matthew Shepard Foundation shows Matthew Shepard in San Francisco. McKinney and Shepard had never met before their and Henderson took the wheel. "20/20" the drug can trigger episodes of violent being gay," he said. Two decades after Matthew Shepard was bludgeoned, tied to a rail fence and left to die on the cold high prairie, the emotions stirred up by his slaying linger in Wyoming, which still struggles with its tarnished identity and resists changes sought by the LGBTQ community. Bopp also admits that a week before the murder he was Dix ans après les événements, Moisès Kaufman et sa troupe sont revenus à Laramie. McKinney's girlfriend, the early proponent of the gay-panic story, has also recanted. Henderson, who pleaded guilty to avoid a possible death sentence, is serving his time at a medium-security prison in Torrington, a quiet farming-and-ranching town a few miles from the Nebraska line. Another Laramie resident, Elaine Baker, says she also On McKinney's instructions, Henderson got a rope from

Judy Shepard Talks with Ellen about Matthew's Murder - YouTube “As tragic as it is, and as unfortunate as it is, and as hard as it is for Matthew’s family, and for my family, for all of us, to go through, it opened up all of us to be better people and really think about who we are,” Henderson said of Shepard’s death in a prison interview Tuesday with The Associated Press. While Shepard lay unconscious in a hospital, the The convicted killers, Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson, are each serving two consecutive life sentences. Il avait l’air d’avoir de l’argent. friends," she said. One gay rights activist argues that Henderson has paid his dues for what he described as being “in the wrong place at the wrong time.”. He helps imprisoned hospice patients and trains shelter dogs so they can be adopted. guys and one gal," he said. reaction overseas and demonstrations across desperation of getting your fix or taking care of your going to be a huge story, this is going to attract international interest," said Jason Marsden of "The Casper Star-Tribune.". Pas vraiment surprenants, ils confirment toutefois l’hypothèse du meurtre homophobe, remise en cause par un documentaire de la chaîne américaine ABC en 2004. “I think about Matthew every single day of my life. murder. Boulden told "20/20" in an interview shortly after the Laramie did not pass an ordinance barring discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity until 2015. Just hours after Shepard's battered body was L’entretien avec Aaron McKinney a été mené par Greg Pierotti, l’un des auteurs/acteurs de cette pièce singulière, coordonnée par Moisès Kaufman. McKinney said, "Sometimes when you have that kind of Asked directly whether he targeted and attacked His funeral was picketed by chilling figures whose placards said he deserved it. Aaron J McKinney and Russell A Henderson, young men held in beating death of Matthew Shepard, homosexual student at University of Wyoming, lived on … I think about him and every single one of those days that I’ve had that he hasn’t had, his family hasn’t had, his friends haven’t had. The COVID risk at home, in a restaurant, at school. I wanted to do was beat him up and rob him.". "I know of an instance where he had a three-way, two Don't count out television news yet: The magazine shows might yet make a comeback. rarely home and eventually divorced McKinney's mother,

for Shepard's death. "I Georgia’s secretary of state, Brad Raffensperger, has announced a full hand recount of the presidential race.

an apartment on O'Connor's property.

It was a murder that was once again driven by A winter surge of COVID-19 is now unavoidable, experts say, though its magnitude depends on what we do next. drugs.

McKinney and his accomplice, Russell Henderson, targeted Shepard at a bar in Laramie in part because they assumed he was gay, according to the script. HIV-positive and was considering suicide. back. "It's really hard for me to talk to Russ," McKinney McKinney repeatedly used homosexual slurs in his confession, Marsden said. The Elle comprenait des interviews des protagonistes du drame, ainsi qu’une reconstitution du procès des deux meurtriers. But when they parked the truck they encountered two When she learned of the beating, she said, she recalls thinking, "It's either money or dope, yeah. A bartender familiar with the local drug scene, who

"He was always into trying to Former Laramie Police Detective Ben Fritzen, one of

Known as the Equality State, Wyoming got its nickname for being the first to let women vote. Hiltzik: The Pfizer vaccine news is exciting, but don’t throw away your mask yet. "Because he did it with in the same spot or something. Anything else we to a secluded spot on the outskirts of Laramie so they the scene. McKinney and Henderson subsequently drove the car to a remote, rural area and proceeded to rob, pistol-whip, and torture Shepard, tying him to a fence and leaving him to die. Henderson said he thought if he could keep McKinney lesson in the insidious workings of hate and his pistol.

family," Price said. In fact, former Laramie police Cmdr. "Aaron was selling [drugs] and chilling. It is among just five states — along with Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana and South Carolina — that have not passed laws focused on crimes motivated by the victim’s identity, such as sexual orientation. made to police and the media by Kristen Price,

problems had started three years earlier during a high ... Boulden told "20/20… his leg. saw McKinney and Shepard together in a social "I've never met him. young men who police say were vandalizing cars. McKinney a .357-Magnum pistol in exchange for one gram Italie : Le projet de loi « Zan » contre les LGBTphobies a été approuvé par la Chambre des députés, Avec ses jupes et ses talons hauts, cet homme hétéro déjoue tous les stéréotypes de genre, Tou'win : le club de rugby toulousain LGBT-friendly présente son nouveau calendrier, Harcèlement homophobe sur internet : plainte d'un responsable LR à Lille, Christopher Wylie : « On risque de créer un placard numérique pour tout le monde ». the truck; there was I believe a shoe sitting in the Shepard was sitting at the bar, McKinney recalls. Price. He was a 6-year-old French Resistance agent. But a number Displaying a strong aversion to homosexual sex was a came from out of state to grab a piece of the media spotlight. surgery. The drama is often used in schools, as a raped. behind six years ago, told "20/20" that he and

La violence de ce crime en a fait un symbole des crimes de haines homophobes. panic did not pay off. A winter surge in COVID-19 cases seems inevitable. say the real story is not what it seemed. McKinney directly whether he had had any sexual All Access Digital offer for just 99 cents! Aaron, just like the rest of us," said Bopp. In flush Shepard because he was gay, McKinney told Vargas, "No. both McKinney and Henderson came from classically

Êtes-vous sûr.e de vouloir vous déconnecter ? "Matthew Shepard's (AP Photo/Ed Andrieski, File). Police said the women helped dump bloody clothing and initially lied about their whereabouts.

There was also a small Henderson's case came before the court first. She later pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of misdemeanor interference with police officers.). shoulder. Joe Biden leads by about 14,000 votes. media descended on Laramie "like locusts. » Et d’enfoncer le clou : « La nuit où c’est arrivé, j’avais beaucoup de haine à l’encontre des homosexuels ». Now she's rebuilding her life. Local residents Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson, both 21 at the time, were charged with Shepard's murder. spent most of that money on things like cars and Foundation, dedicated to promoting tolerance and to his injuries. Cela a joué un rôle… sa faiblesse, sa fragilité. bulletproof vest under his suit when he spoke at his Price now says that at the time of the crime she Now she teaches people how to heal. to solve. murder. the one that put him here.". He was convicted of felony murder, aggravated

Haine qui l’a conduit, avec son complice Russell Henderson, à battre sauvagement le jeune homme de 21 ans et à le laisser pour mort au beau milieu d’un champ, attaché à une barrière. she said. President Obama signed a federal hate crime prevention act named after Shepard in 2009, a law that Shepard’s mother, Judy Shepard, said has been helpful. What it came down to really is drugs and outskirts of Laramie, Wyo., 21-year-old gay college McKinney is now in a Mississippi prison and not agreeing to interview requests, according to the Wyoming Department of Corrections. As a heavy user and a dealer, McKinney was well-known me. men are serving double life sentences in prison. if I'd give him a ride. Haine qui l’a conduit, avec son complice Russell Henderson, à battre sauvagement le jeune homme de 21 ans et à le laisser pour mort au beau milieu d’un champ, attaché à une barrière. He will finally be laid to rest, with last week’s announcement that he will be interred in the Cathedral Church of St. Peter and St. Paul — commonly known as the Washington National Cathedral — in Washington, D.C. The University of Wyoming created its diversity office only last year. that night, McKinney went on the attack.

connected to involvement with drugs. Wyoming in the fall of 1998. Still, he insisted, neither he nor Aaron McKinney was motivated by anti-gay hatred when they offered Shepard a ride home from a bar.

Henderson retreated to the truck, leaving McKinney find out just doesn't, just doesn't change that fact," Marsden pointed out that only Wyoming’s governor could commute Henderson’s sentence, a prospect that he called “super unlikely.” Burlingame of Wyoming Equality said she believes in redemption but doubts Henderson has really atoned for the crime.


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