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Unfortunately, Hercules prevailed upon him to let him have a drink. [57] However, according to Diodorus, Persephone welcomed Heracles "like a brother" and gave Cerberus "in chains" to Heracles. With the wounding of the centaur, Hercules learned the potency of the gall of the Hydra in which he had dipped his arrows. The cattle ran away. [126] Snakes are also often shown rising from various parts of his body including snout, head, neck, back, ankles, and paws. [106], Horace (65 – 8 BC) also refers to Cerberus yielding to Orphesus' lyre, here Cerberus has a single dog head, which "like a Fury's is fortified by a hundred snakes", with a "triple-tongued mouth" oozing "fetid breath and gore".[107]. Hercules' motive for performing them is to gain permission from Eurystheus to return to the Peloponnesian City of Tiryns. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. For his second labor, Eurystheus ordered Hercules to rid the world of this predatory monster. Hercules followed the advice, and so completed the sixth task set forth by Eurystheus. Cambridge University Press. Hercules agreed, easily beat him, killed him, and took the bull. After the melee, Hercules, saddened and angered by the deaths of his friends Chiron and Pholus, continued on his mission. [62] The geographer Strabo (63/64 BC – c. AD 24) reports that "according to the myth writers" Cerberus was brought up at Tainaron,[63] the same place where Euripides has Heracles enter the underworld. In the earliest description of Cerberus, Hesiod's Theogony (c. 8th – 7th century BC), Cerberus has fifty heads, while Pindar (c. 522 – c. 443 BC) gave him one hundred heads. Atlas did so but didn't want to resume the burden, so he said he'd carry the apples to Eurystheus. [122] Occasionally in Roman art Cerberus is shown with a large central lion head and two smaller dog heads on either side.[123]. [115], The capture of Cerberus was a popular theme in ancient Greek and Roman art. Larger than life, Hercules (also called Herakles or Heracles) the demi-god surpasses the rest of the heroes of Greek mythology in almost everything. [102], According to Diodorus Siculus (1st century BC), the capture of Cerberus was the eleventh of Heracles' labors, the twelfth and last being stealing the Apples of the Hesperides. [119], In Greek art, the vast majority of depictions of Heracles and Cerberus occur on Attic vases. (Click the link in the title to show exact location) We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. "[155], Virgil described Cerberus as "ravenous" (fame rabida),[156] and a rapacious Cerberus became proverbial. According to Gantz, "Presumably the frequent variant of two heads arose from logistical problems in draftmanship," and Ogden wonders if "such images salute or establish a tradition of a two-headed Cerberus, or are we to imagine a third head concealed behind the two that can be seen?" Seneca has Heracles enter and exit at Tainaron. [37] However Xenophon reports that Heracles was said to have descended at the Acherusian Chersonese near Heraclea Pontica, on the Black Sea, a place more usually associated with Heracles' exit from the underworld (see below). Helios gave him a golden goblet to use as a boat to cross the ocean. Getting help from a goddess is not the same thing as getting help from one's nephew (Iolaus), whose help in the 2nd labor invalidated Hercules' decommissioning of the Lernaean Hydra. Location: On the Passage of Souls coming from the Realm Portal. Seeing all the cattle Augeas wasn't taking care of, Hercules got greedy. As early as Homer we learn that Heracles was sent by Eurystheus, the king of Tiryns, to bring back Cerberus from Hades the king of the underworld. Trickily, Hercules agreed but asked Atlas to take back the heavens for a moment so he could rest a pad on his head.


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