And Poison reduce armor & damage from the Enemy's when its full. Le 04 octobre 2018 à 13:35:58 Hamtaplow a écrit : Why would I want the -50% All Resistances engraving. on a good note ive really narrowed stuff down tho.

Fire will make more damage to enemies, while poison will have less damage but it also reduces their damage on you. I prefer fire though, as with poison the enemies still attack you, but with fire most of the time they will stop attacking you and start flailing and patting themselves trying to put it out.

All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. i just wanted to add something ive personally learned about it to help anyone that may want some help deciding. Seriously, fire sucks. It seems to melt down enemies very quickly. Lukas455555 1 year ago #1. If you find some of those that fit your build then I'd say just take the opposite of whatever your weapons proc. Sauf que tu n'as pas bien lu les descriptions étant donné que le poison diminue les dégâts et l'armure de l'ennemi en plus du dot. I know there's an ability to do fire damage but I haven't seen any for poison?

I am using swords with 1 stat prefers fire and another with poison. Care to explain how Poison is superior to Fire in Origins? Le 04 octobre 2018 à 20:24:59 Douzinator a écrit : Cookies help us deliver our Services. Ça évitera ce genre de débat inutile gamin. I've got access to two legendary engravings, +40% Fire Resistance and +40% Poison Resistance, both available for torso armor. I am unable to use abilities/abilities greyed out since last update? Poison. Help! it didnt look like i could repeat them. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. En terme de dégât j’arrive pas à voir la différence. By Sage Ashford Aug 21, 2019. Some weapons have stats that buff certain type of damage (something like - "Deal extra 10% fire damage") - if you find a good weapon like that, you might want to match your style to it. Does their fire give less damage as well ?

Elle te dit tout, Non elle dit pas tout les 2 description parle de dégât pendant 15 secondes et rien d' tu veux pas répondre aux gens ne leurs dit rien et passe ta route au moins si d'autres ce pose la question à l'avenir ce topic donne la bonne réponse avec une recherche rapide, Bref la question c'est : une des deux compétence est-elle plus puissante que l'autre?les dégat du feu/poison prennent en compte les dégât guerrier/assassin ou elles sont pareil avec dégât fixe, Le poison baisse fortement les dégats de la cible


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