You’ll find profiles of the candidates, including biographical information, the main issues they’re citing in their campaigns, their top contributors and links to their web or social media sites. Voting by Absentee Ballot Your Guide to Alabama’s 2020 Constitutional Amendments. Monday, February 17, 2020 Last Day to Register to Vote in Primary Election. In Jefferson County, contested races also include a district court judgeship, deputy treasurer, tax assessor, assistant tax assessor and assistant tax collector. Step-by-step guide for Alabama voters to register, check their registration, decide how to vote, apply for a mail in ballot, vote early and be prepared to make their voice heard this November 3rd, 2020. The public polls of the race suggest Tuberville's approach is winning, with the former coach holding double-digit leads over Jones. He opposes late-term abortions (a rare procedure) except when the life of the mother is at risk, has voted for appropriations bills that include the Hyde Amendment, which bans the use of public money to fund abortions. Created by the How to Vote Project to Simplify the Voting Process. In BirminghamWatch’s 2020 Primary Voter Guide, you’ll find: Casey has also criticized the current RSE, saying it does not provide enough information to the public about how electric rates are set. List of Candidates with Profiles. Profession: Owner, Barry Moore Industries. Kay Ivey, a Republican, and other state officials for their handling of the pandemic, particularly the mask mandate Ivey put into effect in July. Facebook, Jones also wrote that he supported red flag laws as a way to bring down the state’s high rate of deaths from firearms. On Election Day, the people of Alabama will have the chance to cast their votes for a number of federal and state officials. Important Dates.

He had $1.5 million on hand. She supports a public option for the Affordable Care Act, improvements to medical care provided by the Veterans Administration, and a $12-an-hour minimum wage. Issues: Harvey-Hall said she wants to focus on infrastructure in the district, particularly extending broadband by securing grants to help communities in southeast Alabama. Issues: Moore has emphasized national issues in his campaign, particularly his support for President Donald Trump. About 64% of registered voters in Jefferson County turned out to vote in Tuesday's general election, according to the county's website. Voters are streaming into polling places today to vote in what could be a record-breaking election. Tommy Tuberville has largely avoided campaigning, Doug Jones has tried to focus almost entirely on Alabama, polls of the race suggest Tuberville's approach is winning, As Tommy Tuberville pitches to Republican base, Doug Jones tries to assemble a coalition, Where Doug Jones, Tommy Tuberville stand on addressing the COVID-19 outbreak, Where Alabama Senator Doug Jones, challenger Tommy Tuberville stand on health care, Where Alabama U.S. Senate candidates Doug Jones, Tommy Tuberville stand on climate change, Where Alabama Senate candidates Doug Jones, Tommy Tuberville stand on abortion, gun rights, Where Doug Jones, Tommy Tuberville stand on addressing poverty in Alabama U.S. Senate race, Phyllis Harvey-Hall focuses on education, development in Alabama congressional seat race, Barry Moore hitting veteran status in congressional run, 'Transparency' vs. 'fight off liberals': Alabama Public Service Commission candidates clash over priorities, Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. The senator said he wanted an aid package to include an extension of a $600-a-week supplement for unemployment; hazard pay for responders and aid to state and local government to state jobs. Printable Sample Ballots for Jefferson and Shelby Counties. Campaign finance: Through Oct. 14, Harvey-Hall raised $50,166 and spent $46,741.15. But the incumbent has outspent Tuberville nearly 4-to-1 and has been trying to make inroads with traditional Republican constituencies, like white suburbanites and rural voters outside the Black Belt. In Hoover, the vote deals with three property taxes totaling 21.4 mills that bring in more than $22 million annually for Hoover City Schools. The presidential race gets most of the attention. Education: B.S., Physical Education, Southern Arkansas University, 1976, Offices held/offices sought: First run for public office. Profession: Business owner/government official, Education: B.S., Biology and Secondary Education, Auburn University, 1989. One can’t say voters in the 2nd Congressional District will lack choices. Abortion: Jones supports abortion rights. Jefferson County voters go to the polls on Tuesday, March 7, 2017, to vote on whether to renew property taxes for schools. SUBSCRIBER EXCLUSIVE:As Tommy Tuberville pitches to Republican base, Doug Jones tries to assemble a coalition, Education:  B.S., Political Science, University of Alabama, 1976; J.D., Cumberland School of Law, 1979, Offices held/offices sought: U.S. Attorney, Northern District of Alabama, 1997-2001; U.S. senator, 2017-present. How he got here: Moore finished second in the Republican primary for the seat on March 3. Alaska Christian Voters Guide . How she got here: Cavanaugh defeated Robin Litaker in the Republican primary on March 3. Campaign finance: Through Oct. 14, Moore had raised $711,172 and spent $714,465. Days to Election--See My Ballot. . He had $4 million on hand. She had $2,363 on hand as of Oct. 23. The two candidates are emphasizing two very different sets of issues in the lead-up to the election in the district, a Republican stronghold for decades. Printable Sample Ballots for Jefferson and Shelby Counties, Your Guide to Alabama’s 2020 Constitutional Amendments, Check your registration status, find your polling place and check the status of your absentee ballot, Jones Runs Aggressive Campaign to Maintain Senate Seat for the Democrats, With a Commanding Lead in Polls, Tuberville Shuns Media and Jones While Embracing Trump, Poll Watchers Have Strict Rules to Follow, and So Do Others at the Polls. To reduce abortions, Jones supports making contraception more accessible and available, improving access to health care and making it easier to adopt children or take them into foster care. The state’s U.S. Senate race will be a nearly-perfect test of that hypothesis.

Also up for grabs are races for the Alabama Public Service Commission presidency and a seat on the state Board of Education. Merrill said the increased turnout may lead to longer lines Tuesday. 2016 Primary. Offices held/offices sought: Democratic candidate for Alabama Senate, 2018. 2018 General. It has sent one Democrat to Congress in the last 50 years. Poll Watchers Have Strict Rules to Follow, and So Do Others at the Polls. Contact Montgomery Advertiser reporter Brian Lyman at 334-240-0185 or On Tuesday, March 3, Alabama voters will participate in the presidential primary elections and primary elections for U.S. Senate and several state and county positions. List of Candidates with Profiles. Five of the six statewide amendments on Alabama’s ballot passed Tuesday. Days to Voter Guide Release 0. He defeated former U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions (who represented Alabama in the Senate from 1997 to 2017) in the July 14th runoff. Proposed constitutional amendments can be confusing. Cavanaugh has defended the solar fee, saying other Alabama Power customers should not have to “subsidize” solar panel users. But change won't be fast and there are more hurdles to clear. On Tuesday, March 3, Alabama voters will participate in the presidential primary elections and primary elections for U.S. Senate and several state and county positions. Tuberville has chiefly reached out to GOP voters, a strategy that has worked before in Alabama. Issues: Casey wants to encourage the development of alternative energy sources, and has criticized the PSC for allowing Alabama Power to charge a fee for the installation of rooftop solar, which critics say has crippled the growth of the solar industry in Alabama. Tuberville, who did not respond to questions on the topic, calls the ACA a “failed experiment.” Tuberville’s campaign website says he wants to repeal the law while allowing people with pre-existing conditions to get health insurance. Trump won Alabama overwhelmingly Tuesday night over Democrat Joe Biden. Jones voted against a bill McConnell finally advanced which included neither of those things. Also in the guide is a rundown of the amendments with an analysis of each by the Public Affairs Research Council of Alabama, sample ballots you can print, mark as you want and take to the polling place as a reminder if you want; and information about voting and going to the polls. He did not face any primary challengers this year.

2018 Primary. here. Also follow us on 2018 Primary.

In BirminghamWatch’s 2020 Primary Voter Guide, you’ll find: Any primary runoff elections will be held March 31. Alabama voters will cast ballots for President, ... Alabama voter's guide to the candidates on the ballot on Tuesday. Moore also said he wants to expand trade opportunities for farmers in the district, and to protect Maxwell Gunter Air Force Base in Montgomery and Fort Rucker outside of Enterprise, and said he believed the personnel at the bases give the district opportunities to bring in aviation companies, such as. The former Auburn football coach has made limited public appearances; declined interviews with all but a handful of conservative radio talk shows, and focused on social conservative issues (particularly abortion) with little if any mention of specific Alabama topics. Jones has sponsored bills that would provide a 100% match for expansion for three years, as the federal government offered in the first years of the program. The candidate has not provided any explanation of how he would do that. COVID-19: Jones pushed hard for a second COVID-19 relief package throughout the summer and criticized Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky, for stalling on an aid package.

BirminghamWatch 2020 Voter Guide. My Ballot. Education: A.S., Enterprise State Junior College, 1988; B.S., Agricultural Science, Auburn University, 1992. More:Where Alabama Senator Doug Jones, challenger Tommy Tuberville stand on health care.


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