The pre-wedding music request website was very good, easy to use and a great way for out guests to ask for what they want and for us to say no to anything we really didn't want! It seems odd to me that you would know of such a thing. Would definitely recommend. :) All the best to you and Lee. No issues with the removal of our letters either. Andy Collins brings you local news, sport, weather, travel and your views. We had no problem at all with these guys providing our wedding music. Thanks Andy!

Over 75 to lose free TV licence next June, The contest to replace Theresa May begins. I have corrected the record and I apologise for the error. However, he declined that opportunity.Since he brought it up in his emails to us however, I will say his DJ set in-between the songs we did request was painfully average. Initial contact with Andy is great very professional. The magic mirror went down very well with our guests.

What we do care about is that there were some songs on the list that we requested that have sentimental meaning to us and neither of us recall them being played. To be brutally honest, it's probably simpler for you to find someone else rather than risk the same disappointment that we experiencedEdit to response:You are quite right about the deposit amount.

It's very much appreciated and delighted you enjoyed the services I provided to your wedding.

Now, I appreciate that the fine print said that the deposit would be forfeit after a certain time so that is 'our fault' (I'm sure Andy will attack me with his usual bile for that) but to take our money without warning and then refuse to add a new smaller floor in good faith is just low business practise. Having already booked out evening entertainment elsewhere we simply hired a postbox from Andy, but our experience with him throughout has been excellent.

From Andy: I've looked in to everything for you. Andy was perfect. Avoid this man at all costs! It was an absolute pleasure being part of your amazing day. Then in the evening, the first dance, and then a very good disco which everyone enjoyed. With more than a year to go before the wedding date we contacted Andy asking to remove the floor because we didn't think it would be appropriate size wise. Your comments are factually untrue not only that I can prove they are. 100% recommended, Great guy and great songs, cant fault his performances. However, if you are currently in the market for a DJ, I would recommend that you proceed with extreme caution with Andy Collins and do not order anything extra from him during the initial agreement. I ask because it was booked only 2 months before the event by a family member who was disappointed that we didn't have one anymore. Couldn’t recommend enough.

Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore. I accept it was technically our mistake but Andy had plenty of opportunity to build some good customer PR by supporting us out of our mistake by allowing us to add on a small floor so we didn't lose out. Thank you. Couldn’t be happier that we chose him! I have also removed the 'hostage' reference as it was, on reflection, a bit verbose. On the day however I felt Andy’s performance was average, but he did indeed play our lists of requests, no more or less. Another issue is that I can't carry anything forward as the business has changed from a sole trader to a limited company in April, so should you wish to add a dance floor it would be subject to a new contract + vat I'm afraid.I'm sorry that you feel disappointed but unfortunately there is nothing I can do.Yes, I think from your responses to us you had every intention of being lenient. Add items later if necessary and read all of the fine print. We will check with the venue if the 10x10 floor will be appropriate however, I know that our co-ordinator is on annual leave until next week. Andy said we would have to pay a new deposit because his business had changed and so it would require a new contract. As such, we expected to hear them. This company goes above and beyond to create a wonderful experience for clients! It's dishonest and low and soured our relationship. If half of my wedding guests failed to turn up i'd be upset too. Unfortunately for us this was not the case as most people seemed to enjoy the songs that we had selected but then left the floor when whatever 'typical wedding fare' was selected by him afterwards.

© 2020 Trustpilot A/S. The only contact I had with either was when his assistant found me to ask for food.

Andy has a great portal for enabling all your guests to go in and add their song requests. We complained to Andy on this point and he simply said we need to read the fine print and it means he can't sell the floor because we booked it. On the day he was very good guiding us through when to sit down for the wedding breakfast, the time for the speeches and introducing them. We found this very disappointing because music is important to us both and we carefully selected the songs on the 'must play' list together. I thought this meant he could read a crowd and build a good set around the songs being selected. We have not asked for any money back we just wanted to discuss what we were unhappy with, he has no interest in this. Great communication on run up to wedding.Loved that we could create our own playlist prior to the wedding and add any requests from guests. Completely met our expectations, arrived on time despite a slightly challenging location. Of course sometimes things go wrong, were only human however your wedding wasn't one of those occasions. Thank you for your contribution to very successful event on one of the hottest days of the year. Andy Collins was born on July 4, 1970. Initial payments are not refundable as it counts towards the admin costs, and the work we've turned down from the time of booking to cancellation. The postbox was immaculate - we had several positive comments about it - and we loved the personalised front card. WARNING!! We gave him the courtesy of privately asking him to hand over his played set list before we reviewed him but he declined. On the night they were very professional, the music was mixed well and they were even good enough to let one of my guests who is a DJ have a quick go after checking it with us. My bank details are: Andy Collins Events Limited Sort Code : 40-43-41 Account No: 02401398 Payment will be processed to your account as soon as the payment has been received and cleared, and a receipt will be sent to you along with confirmation of receipt 0800 644 1986. Highly recommend- professional from start to finish. If Andy has provided an adequate service for your wedding, then I congratulate you. The NHS has approved plans to refurbish Watford General hospital at a cost of over three hundred million pounds, Great Missenden residents have become angry at the lack of engagement from HS2, Iconic film posters on auction in Hertfordshire.

He is friendly, professional and quick to respond to all communications. The brides sister wanted to introduce a dance but this request was ignored despite him knowing Months in advance these plans. You may be able to recoup the costs from your wedding insurance.    Warmest regardsFrom us: Hi Andy, We do appreciate that in the fine print of the contract it does state that you may lose some booking fee for downgrading but we are disappointed based on the amount of notice we have given you and the fact that we would love to have the dance floor but the venue doesn’t really have the capacity for it.


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