They sweeten as they sit and their extra-thick skins help them store through the winter (up to 5 months if kept properly cool and dry).

I did a tomato (from the garden and light mozzarella starter seasoned with basil and oregano from the garden and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil.

They look good when grouped amongst larger pumpkins for a size contrast, but they also look adorable on their own. This pumpkin has a hard skin that makes it difficult to cut, so it is not ideal for carving. There is no reason to discount Matlack’s story because the Coopers were actively engaged in horticulture and were well known in New Jersey and Pennsylvania for their Cooper’s Pale Green Asparagus, considered by many the finest variety in colonial America. The large turban squash makes excellent edible soup tureens; simply roast until tender and fill. According to Robbie Denny, Farmers Market and Farm Market Manager for California’s Underwood Family Farms, this six-to-ten-pound blue-gray skinned beauty is the perfect pumpkin for pies. Her book, 'Pumpkins and Squash - in the garden, around the home, in the kitchen' (Mitchell Beazley) is available for £14.99. This is great if a white-skinned pumpkin is important to you for display purposes. When properly stored, squash seed will remain viable for about six years.

Hubbard squash can be some of the largest winter squash you'll find (besides field pumpkins, that is)—the smallest ones still dwarf the largest of butternut squash. In fact, the only squash from the 1844 list that has truly disappeared is Commodore Porter’s Valparaiso. Cucurbita moschata. For many years, the squash was well known in Missouri, Arkansas, and Iowa, where seed remained in circulation among truck farmers. We love them! These attractive pumpkins are appropriately named ‘blaze,’ as they have pale orange skin with deep orange markings that make them look as though flames are blazing up around their base. They are no more than 4 inches in diameter and weigh less than a pound, making them perfect for stuffing, roasting, and serving as an appetizer or side dish. In fact, Mandan appears to be a variant form of several similar North American squashes of great age. 30 Different Types of Pumpkins - Facts & Pictures, Monkey Puzzle Tree - Growing & Care Information, Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree - Optimal Growing and Care Tips, 10 Outdoor Bamboo Plants You Can Grow In The Garden, 36 Types of Tomatoes - Growing Tips, Facts & Photos, 11 Common Types of Summer Squash (and How to Care For Them), 14 Different Types of Beets with Care Guides & Essential Facts, 15 Different Types of Cucumbers That You Can Grow. Marblehead has a gray-blue skin. Its name is a reference to the region it natively grows in.

As if the gray-blue skin giving way to bright orange flesh didn't have you sold, these squash also have a wonderfully subtle sweet and deeply nutty flavor that stands on its own better than any winter squash.

The Delicata Squash grows on 8-to-10-foot trailing vines with small silvery green leaves.

Some leaves are solid dark green while others have white spots along the veins. The mature fruit varies in size, some measuring 7, others as much as 9 inches across, and often weighing 7 or 8 pounds. It makes excellent puddings and preserves. Pumpkins are good for use as decorations during fall, and they are also tasty and nutritious when enjoyed in soups, pies, and other baked goods. Many markets prefer the smaller ones, since they are easier to sell. Some are best for carving, while others are best for eating. This pumpkin has steel blue-colored skin and bright orange flesh. When raw and cut in half, the interior is similar looking to other squash in that is it solid and filled with seeds; it is only after it is cooked that it takes on the appearance of spaghetti. It is believed to have been a cross between the yellow pattypan and the summer crookneck squashes, dating from the middle part of the eighteenth century. Varietal distinctions aside, only Mandan and Yellow Mandan are presently available through Seed Savers Exchange; the others have vanished from seed lists altogether.

This variety of turk’s cap squash was developed in France but was introduced into the United States early in the nineteenth century, perhaps as early as 1820. Semi-sweet, with a rich, nutty flavor, Blue Hubbard Squash is tender and starchy when cooked. On the other hand, it is an excellent keeper. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

They’re also a cinch to prepare. Cucurbita maxima. Individual fruit may weigh anywhere from 8 to 10 pounds — most of it rind — ripening in about 115 days from planting. The fruit of this variety ranges in size from 10 to 12 inches in length and is no more than 6 inches in diameter.

In fact, one of the early nineteenth-century names for the cheese pumpkin was West Indian pumpkin.

Cucurbita maxima.

Aside from the yellow and white bush varieties, there was also an old warty yellow variety that grew on trailing vines.

Another one you may or may not be familiar with, pumpkin works in just about anything (sweet, savory, etc.) In countries such as Peru they are often intricately decorated. Try the flesh cut into wedges and roasted with olive oil. The reason for this is not clear, although I suspect that seed purity has been compromised over the years, particularly in areas where the giraumon turban is also under cultivation. Add more curry paste, sugar, or salt to adjust flavor. For culinary purposes, the squash is harvested very young, while still tender.

1 ounce of sugar, and 1/2 pint of water.

These plants have a long growing season of around 100 days, so they will grow in any region that has at least this many frost-free days.

This squash has undergone a recent revival, for it is now found in many supermarkets during the early fall. The yellow is also more fragrant when ripe and stores better. Frankly, dried pumpkin is practical, since it stores easily and does not take up much space. The seeds may be removed when the fruit is required for cooking. Since hubbards are so big, you may find you have leftovers, in which case you can easily make a delicious winter squash spice cake.

Yes, pumpkins are as edible as any other common winter squash. Kabocha squash is large, round, and squat. Learn how to grow heirloom pumpkin varieties along with other squash varieties.

This makes it perfect for hearty dishes such as pies, casseroles, risotto, soups and pastas. The yellow summer crookneck is one of our oldest documented varieties of squash. I have no idea how it tasted, but from an esthetic standpoint, it was downright ugly.

The squash generally measures 7 to 8 inches thick and from 10 to 12 inches in diameter. Although eaten by whites, this squash was especially popular among the black population of the Old South.

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Puree in a blender or food processor with the other two cups of juice. Either sow directly after all danger of frost has passed or start in a large container within a greenhouse. "Sugar pie" and other smaller, sweet pumpkins make for great eating and can be used just like acorn squash.

A thickening of the skin and a green ring on the blossom end are certain evidence of impure seed. Regardless, I have grown both forms and have observed that they produce a large number of deformed fruit. They come in various shapes and sizes and are hugely popular to display during fall, and for carving at Halloween.

The plump and magical shape of cheese pumpkins means they are often, along with Rouge Vif d'Etampes pumpkins, called "Cinderella pumpkins" since it is easy to imagine them suddenly springing into a carriage.

The flesh is bright orange and has a mellow, somewhat nutty flavor that is good in soups or baked goods; the Red Kuri's small size also makes it perfect for stuffing and roasting. The skin of the European strains are smooth and bluish pink, whereas the specimens depicted in American garden books of the period show not only a pebbled roughness to the skin but also a bright orange color.

Related Reading: All The Fall Produce You Need to Try Besides Apples & Pumpkins, Chowhound’s Roasted Acorn Squash with Wild Rice Stuffing. The flesh will scoop out like mashed potatoes and can be used as a thickener for soups, especially for split-pea soups, both green and yellow. This has made it especially difficult to distinguish turbans from true acorn squash in early nineteenth-century records. Jack-o-lanterns are watery and tasteless.

All of the cheese pumpkins are characterized by deep salmon-orange flesh and trailing vines up to 18 feet in length.

The fruit, however, is not large, measuring 12 to 15 inches long and perhaps as much as 10 inches in diameter at it thickest point.

The Yellow Mandan is not a yellow White Mandan. They set fruit themselves and often spontaneously drop surplus flowers.

You can get a head start by sowing seeds indoors a few weeks before the expected final frost. Its sweet, meaty interior is richer, creamier, and less stringy than the flesh of the more commonly used sugar pumpkin. That cross was created by A. W. Stetson of Braintree, Massachusetts, and named for the Honorable Marshall P. Wilder, a well-known patron of agriculture at the time.


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