Originally a computer scientist, Rob takes a mathematical approach to bar names, giving each a different number depending on origin, conch and roast time.

With more grinding and the addition of sugar, chocolate is made! Not all cocoa harvests are created equal. De hecho, casi todos los creadores de chocolates "bean to bar" tienen otra línea de producto que no puede llamarse así pero que complementa su trabajo con buena calidad y recetas interesantes partiendo de coberturas preelaboradas con las que se crean "chocolates de autor". No – although it often is. Con el boom de este movimiento, el mismo se fue desvirtuando llegando hasta hoy cuando  todos los fabricantes ponen en sus leyendas "del haba a la tableta" o "bean to bar" y es lógico puesto que el cacao proviene del haba de cacao y termina en tableta por lo general.Ya no nos vale por tanto este nombre que usan tanto los grandes de la industria como los artesanos.En origen todo es y era del haba a la tableta.Llamamos "Bean to Bar" al proceso que se rige por los siguientes parámetros:1. Compare the floral peach notes of the double churned to the punchier citrus notes of the triple churned. The beans are spread out in the sunshine to dry. That’s amazing, considering when Robert and his business partner John Scharffenberger, told me they were going to make chocolate from scratch, I thought it was a crazy idea and would never get off the ground. The chocolate is slowly heated and cooled, allowing the cocoa mass to solidify and stabilize. Grinding.

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Most beans are transferred into sacks and transported around the world after drying, so in order to prevent mold, it’s important that they’re completely dry at this point.

This pure, unrefined form of chocolate contains both cocoa solids (the chocolatey part!) The only fat in real chocolate is cocoa butter. Buy our best Bean-to-Bar Chocolates from our online shop. Attrezzare il laboratorio con le macchine Bean to Bar Selmi consente all’operatore di controllare la filiera del cioccolato partendo dalle fave di cacao crude selezionate, le quali hanno a seconda del clima e del luogo d’origine diversi aromi e sapori, tostarle e lavorarle per arrivare alle tavolette di cioccolato con ricetta personalizzata. Danish chocolate maker Mikel Friis Holm makes two bars using beans from the same origin, to the same recipe. Makers such as Bryan Graham at Fruition also hand signs every single bar, as you would a work of art. The tempering machine will keep the melted chocolate circulating at exactly the right temperature, making the final step easier. It is continuously mixed at a certain temperature to develop flavor, remove moisture and break down large pieces. They grow best in the partial shade of large rainforest trees.


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