If you start there, the rest will follow.". Users demand a lot from their applications.

I have worked for large scale enterprises and small startups too. In fact, testing should be carried out at all stages of development, including after your main launch. Make the assumption the other person doesn’t know any specialized vocabulary or industry-specific challenges. Download PDF. Not everything that you talk about has to be directly about past work experience. Having some scripting experience with Perl or Python is also a big plus. Behavioral interviews give you an amazing opportunity to show, and not tell, your interviewer about how you’re a good fit for the company. This means solving the problem with a paper and pen instead of a computer. Non-blocking calls can execute asynchronously and so therefore will have a performance advantage. Think about an instance in which you made a decision at work that was unpopular.

30. 2. Larger projects always have background processing tasks that need to be accomplished, and a candidate will be required to write asynchronous processes and handle the side effects of that. If you’ve ever heard someone say that their weakness is that they “work too hard” or anything like that, that’s a perfect example of something that will not seem genuine to your interviewer. Example: “My mentor asked me to stay late at work one night toward the end of my internship to help him with a project.”. For example, if your company is using Clojure, it is imperative to know whether the senior software engineer will be comfortable with the language (they may need training if they have a Java background or may need very little training if their background is in Common Lisp). From here, you should expect the candidate to ask what kind of items are stored in the inventory system, whether orders are put into the system to add or remove inventory, and how orders will be tracked. In practice, most successful specifications are written to understand and fine-tune applications that were already well-developed, although safety-critical software systems are often carefully specified prior to application development. The most important thing with behavioral interviewing is simply to prepare.

For each job, focus on two or three of your main accomplishments AT MOST, and give just some high level technical detail.

Is the code simple, or are there a lot of unnecessary line of code that needs to be removed or rewritten? Walk me through a difficult/complex problem/project you encountered. If you do that, you don’t have to be perfect. While a design with fixed dimensions can sometimes be the quickest way to get up and running, it’ll provide a less user-friendly experience across multiple devices. Strong candidates will immediately ask what current system monitoring and instrumentation tools are being used. 13. Good candidates will acknowledge that graphs will need to be created, or performance and/or debugging instrumentation will need to be added to the code. Questions like this will test your understanding of the nuances of data structures and the ability to memorize it. If you ask the question in an ambiguous way, don’t be surprised that you will not be able to draw valuable conclusions. A strong answer will show that the candidate understands the importance of being tactful. Showing off your ability to create algorithms in JavaScript can help demonstrate this. Sam has helped thousands of students through his blog and free content -- as well as 400+ paying students -- land jobs at companies such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Bloomberg, Uber, and more. What did you learn from the experience?


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