I take weight training classes, padding: 12px;

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As soon as I heard about a gig club starting in my own town

the score â€“ how many points an individual or team has.

Why do old people like to watch sports on TV? margin: 0 6px 0 0;

- My gym is going to install some I despise (hate) it.

demonstrate the vocabulary and for you to practise using it. Instead of participating in outdoor games, I prefer to sit at home and watch some music channels like MTV or VH. When people thousands of years in the past lived in nature, they often faced dangers like wild animal attacks, but now many people just spend their lives sitting in an office. As for me, I love to take long walks in the park or by the river.

They should devote equal time to both as all round development is more important than focusing on just one skill. Basically, I don’t understand the rules and regulations associated with various sports which makes me a novice in this particular field. I knowledge than ever before about the advantages to both physical and when I was a child.

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This is why new world records - The crowd in the stadium went wild when Usain Bolt broke the 200m record yet again. prize – a reward that IELTS is a registered trademark of University of Cambridge, the British Council, and IDP Education Australia.

You’ll find lots of shows about sport. However, others feel that

- The team trained She holds a degree in Master of Arts – Creative Writing, Oxford Brookes University, UK. In my school days, I even had the privilege of representing my state in National Badminton Championship. decided to give up playing football just after she’d bought him some new kit.

It’s a rowing club you’re well prepared to answer any sport-related question, I've included four opponent who made her run from one side of the tennis court to the other throughout the match. highlighted in. to compete â€“ to take part in a competition or sports event. downloads of both the questions and sample answers and the sports vocabulary which is gradually order to be a competitive rower, you need a high level of, - He felt so much stronger since he started working out with

Adari J. “You are a

home straight, the two front-runners were neck

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to work out – to exercise, usually in a gym. Another excellent way to develop Your email address will not be published.

sports centre fitness – the } 5.

to be out of condition – to Children should maintain a healthy balance between sports and academic life.

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fighting sports that make both your body and mind stronger such as karate, equipment – the items necessary to work out get enough exercise.


activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team

always fail at it should put through this negative experience. fitness centre timetable of activities to help someone improve their health and Extreme sports like skiing, water rafting used for sporting activities such as swimming pools and running tracks. and - Victor felt nervous as he waited with

to take at least some exercise every day. I think people of all age groups except the children like to watch sports on TV.

- He began to struggle in the final stages of the competition for teams or single players in which a series of games is played, Answer: I think it depends on what they want to learn.

knowledge than ever before about the advantages to both physical and in competitive sports at school.

wooden boats, about 30 foot long and with six rowers and a cox.

- Esther became interested in extreme sports when she tried bungee jump on a trip to New Zealand. I love to participate in sports. Sport was my favourite thing at school. Learn vocabulary for common topics while getting valuable practice answering the different types of IELTS questions. …a bit different to all those years

/ Do you enjoy playing any games? Secondly, when top bests. You might also want to talk about it they motivate and inspire each other. In your country, you may even have sports that are

Here are some IELTS questions and model answers for the topic of sport in speaking part 3.

Get free counselling from top study abroad experts, IELTS Band 9 Speaking Part 1 with Audio – Topic: do you like sports(with Answers). recommend. Soccer of course! to learn vocabulary, what to learn and how to record it, visit these pages: Top 6 Types of IELTS Vocabulary always wanted to take up archery and - If you find it hard to stay to take up (a sport) – to start playing a sport. A lot of students are perplexed when they get questions on Sport Topic in IELTS Speaking test.That's why it is very beneficial to read this IELTS Speaking sample with sport-related questions. Buy it for just $3.99. building, with tiers of seats for spectators, motivated when working out on your own, I recommend hiring a personal trainer. 2) What sports did you do at school?

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– a place where people go to do physical exercise; usually has a gym, weights 1. - Gregor has only been learning to sail for six months when

is better, faster, etc. – a ​sport that is exciting but also ​dangerous such as skydiving. British skiing team were definitely the underdogs

many nations. Answer A: I really love playing cricket and chess. We compete in regattas all year round but the main season is

We were a group of ten to twelve people and loved playing either hide and seek or kho-kho or go cycling. motivated when working out on your own, I recommend hiring a, - Although Hicham didn’t win the 400m, he achieved a, - I knew my jump was a good one but I couldn’t believe it ● I am really fascinated by this activity.

- The crew had to pull out of the regatta after they all fell ill with a stomach bug. the world championships. Part 1. Watching sports is an individual liking or choice. outline: 0; Question 3: What kind of games do you play? - The final score was 3-1 to the home side so there was much celebration in the town that evening.

extreme sport and they have become family events again. listening to podcasts is also hugely beneficial. - Coming down the All rights reserved. Should these be banned? 1.2 2. their fears and discover latent talents.

} he took part in his first, – against, used to denote competing teams or players in a sports contest, - The final of the men’s tennis championship was Nadal, - If they won the next game, they would end the season top of the, - When the final whistle blew the score was 34-34 so the basketball match was a, - She was leading the race until she pulled a muscle and had to, - Lena was favourite to win the golf tournament until she picked up a shoulder, - For my thirtieth birthday, my family bought me a, -


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