6. Thus, 4-hydroxy-3-methoxy-4'-methylbenzophenone can be obtained according to one of the processes described above and subsequently can be converted by selective nitration into 4-hydroxy-3-methoxy-4'-methyl-5-nitrobenzophenone. 10. 16. in methylene chloride, with 3,4-dimethoxy-4'-methylbenzophenone forming in a Friedel-Crafts acylation. The concentrate is cooled, with the product crystallizing out. The term "halogen" stands for fluorine, chlorine, bromine and iodine. Water or water-containing solvent mixtures can be used as the solvent for the crystallization. is dosed at 25-300C into a 25 suspension of aluminium trichloride (1.04 eq.) Advanced Search Citation Search. The process of claim 1, wherein R1 and R2 are methyl. This process is especially suitable for the manufacture of 3,4-dihydroxy-4'-methyl-5-nitrobenzophenone. As soon as the reaction has finished, the reaction mixture is cooled to 200-250C and stirred into a two phase system consisting of methylene chloride and dilute hydro-chloric acid of OOC. Skip to Article Content; Skip to Article Information; Search within. Unlimited viewing of the article/chapter PDF and any associated supplements and figures.

As set forth above, the compounds obtained in this manner are inhibitors of catechol-0-methyltransferase (CO.MT) and are suitable, for example, for the treatment of Parkinson's disease. Where desired, the compound of formula (I) can subsequently be purified further according to known methods.The term "lower-alkyl" used for the definition of the general formulae relates to straight-chain or branched alkyl groups which contain a maximum of eight, preferably a maximum of four, carbon atoms. 15. After cleavage of one methyl group, 4-hydroxy-3-methoxy-4'-methylbenzo-phenone can be separated from 3-hydroxy-4-methoxy-4'-methyl-benzophenone by selective crystallization of the corresponding sodium salt or lithium salt. 93. The filtrate is concentrated, with the product beginning to crystal-lize. a saturated aqueous sodium chloride solution. is dosed at 15-250C and subsequently p-methylbenzoyl chloride (1.00 eq.) The product liberated by the acidic hydrolysis is extracted with methylene chloride. The process of claim 13 or 14, wherein R1 is a methyl group. 94. The thus-purified compound of formula (I) can then be transferred into an organic phase by acidification, -e.g. The precipitated sodium salt can be separated and subsequently washed e.g. ), whereby the two isomeric hydroxymethoxybenzo-phenones are dissolved as potassium salts in the aqueous phase.The methylene chloride phase is separated.

In order to complete the crystallization, the suspension is stirred at -1 50C for at least 3 hours. Benzophenone oxime. …

Browse other articles of this reference work: The full text of this article hosted at iucr.org is unavailable due to technical difficulties. Yield: The yield of benzophenone oxime is 20gm and m.p. 91. Compounds of formula (I) are important intermediates for the manufacture of pharmaceutically active compounds, for example for the manufacture of 3,4-dihydroxy-4'-methyl-5-nitrobenzophenone. The product will then be benzophenone oxime. The sodium salt of 4-oxy-3-methoxy-4'-methylbenzo-phenone is isolated, washed with dilute sodium chloride solution and subsequently dissolved in a two phase mixture of ethyl acetate and dilute hydrochloric acid.

8. (Drugs of the Future (1991) 16., 719-721).

and methylene chloride is dosed into the dried methylene chloride solution of 4-hydroxy-3-methoxy-4'-methyl-5-nitrobenzophenone at an internal temperature of 50-1 50C. After stirring for 2 h. the resulting 4-hydroxy-3-methoxy-4'-methyl-5-nitrobenzophenone is precipitated by the addition of water. 4. Stir them up (it will probably require heating since it is a relatively hindered ketone). Hope you find it helpful. For the derr.ethylation, the nitration product of general formula (V) can be treated with a solution of aluminium trichloride in triethylamine and methylene chloride. Example 3: Manufacture of 3.4-dihydroxy-4'-methyl-5-nitro-benzophenone a) Demethylation of 4-hydroxy-3-methoxy-4'-methyl-5-nitrobenzophenone and isolation of 3,4-dihydroxy-4'-methyi-5-nitrobenzophenone as the crude product Water-moist 4-hydroxy-3-methoxy-4'-methyl-5-nitro-benzophenone is dried by azeotropic distillation with methylene chloride. Caprolactam is the feedstock in the production of Nylon 6.. Yield of 3,4-dihydroxy-4'-methyl-5-nitrobenzophenone: 72-85% of theory based on 4-hydroxy-3-methoxy-4'-methyl-5-nitrobenzophenone used. Surprisingly, the corresponding salts of compounds of formula (II) have a far better solubility compared with the salts of the corresponding isomeric compounds of formula (I). The distillation residue is dissolved in methylene chloride, filtered and subsequently concentrated. To the aqueous phase there can be added e.g. 9 b. benzalacetone: benzalacetoneoxime: 90. The synthesis is mentioned in the aforementioned European Patent Application and is also described by Borgulya et al. Please check your email for instructions on resetting your password. Accordingly, in the manufacture of benzophenone derivatives of formuia (I), ~ ~ R2 HO (I) 3 0, wherein Rl is lower-alkyl and R2 is hydrogen, lower-alkyl or halogen, salts of the compounds of formula (I) are separated from the salts of the corresponding isomeric compounds of formula (II), HO ~ ~ R2 R1O (II) wherein Rl and R2 are as defined above, by selective crystallization. … Substance identity Substance identity. The product can be stored in water-moist form or in pre-dried form until it is used in the subsequent step (Example 3). The substance is a catechol-0-methyl-transferase (COMT) inhibitor and is especially suitable for the therapy of Parkinson's disease and for the treatment of depressions and similar disease states. The process is based on the separation of a compound of formula (I), R10 )OA0 RZ HO (I) wherein R1 is lower-alkyl and R2 is hydrogen, lower-alkyl or halogen, from the respective, corresponding isomeric compound of formula (II), OHO ~ ~ R2 R'O (II) wherein R1 and R2 are as defined above. The 35 aqueous phase is extracted with methylene chloride. The methylene chloride-moist crude crystallizate is dissolved in abs. The process of claim 4, wherein the salt added to the mixture is sodium chloride. Thus, compounds of formula (I), RIO \ ( R2 / HO (I) wherein R1 and R2 are as defined above, obtained by means of the process described above, can be converted by nitration into compounds of formula (V), R'O 0 I HO NO2 (V) wherein R1 and R2 are as defined above.1 o After demethylation, there are obtained compounds of formula (VI) HO \ /( 1 R2 \I HO NO2 (VI). The process of claim 13, further comprising dealkylating the compound of formula (V) to obtain the compound of formula (VI). Filter it, wash with water and dry by pressing between filter paper.

The Beckmann solution consists of … Surprisingly, it has now been found that these disadvantages can be largely avoided when a process set forth in the claims is used for the manufacture of the corresponding starting material or in carrying out the corresponding overall synthesis. Rest of the world moves on as Trump won't concede, Fox News host shuts down Graham's money plea, Trump's ex-adviser on election claims: 'Put up or shut up', New 'Bachelorette' suitor tests positive for coronavirus, Jason Momoa: We were starving after 'GOT', Ex-cop in Breonna Taylor case accused of sex assault, Why mask enforcement is so hard for the NFL, Supreme Court signals that Obamacare may survive, GOP demands answers about election — the 2016 election, 'There's a screw loose': De Niro revives Trump feud, CDC chief's handling of COVID-19 leaves agency in the balance. It is based essentially on the reaction of 4-bromotoluene with 4-Pop/So 20.10.97 (benzyloxy)-3-methoxybenzaldehyde in the presence of butyl-lithium to give 4-(benzyloxy)-3-methoxy-4'-methylbenzhydrol.By oxidation to 4-(benzyloxy)-3-methoxy-4'-methylbenzophenone and subsequent debenzylation there is obtained 4-hydroxy-3-methoxy-4'-methylbenzophenone. After the reaction, the product, which can be liberated e.g.


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