A lot of people thought it would be at the back.This may or may not be a problem.

After getting replacements, they did.The biggest complaint about this desk is the difficulty in putting it together. Reddit user indieditor used the TROFAST storage combination ($66.99) with the LINNMON tabletop ($39.99) to make it all happen, and then added LEGO boards as the play space area. There is also some fiberboard and the add on unit has a metallic white board that can be used for notices or for pinning up a child’s art work.Some of those who purchased this wanted it for a vanity, and the white board area could be where the mirror would go. With that being said, we’ve reviewed 12 of the best IKEA LINNMON desks out there so that you can decide exactly which of them are the most suitable for your use. But for one uncle on Reddit, he decided to kick things up a notch.

It is a plain white table with 4 simple legs for support. 9) LINNMON / ALEX Table, White Stained Oak 59 x 29 1/2”. It fits into a small space and like other MICKE products it has a hole for electrical cords. That may make it harder for a desk lamp to fit.This is a good “starter” desk. Those two have decided to keep it rather than return due to the difficulties of disassembly.

r/ikeaPCstations: A place where reddit users with IKEA oriented PC gaming setups can post their battlestations Press J to jump to the feed. The 19 Best IKEA Desk Hack Ideas (according to us, at least) Ready to hack your way to your own dream IKEA desk setup? This is one thing to keep in mind. The second hack is to use something across the top that won’t scratch the pine. It is adjustable, so if it is for a child it can grow as the child does. For adults, it still works amazingly well. Another had two sewing machines. The supporting legs for this table also feature drawers that come in quite handy at home and offices alike. This product is an ideal option for anyone that wants a good and durable desk for home or office. Like the LINNMON, it is made of particle board and plastic, so care has to be taken. Those who read all of the reviews posted reviews saying how they got around these two problems. This is another LINNMON / ALEX table, and it must be said that it probably one of the most visually appealing desks on this list. The uses for this have ranged from high school and college students to craftspeople.There was one complaint about it that was common. Granted, they are small, but a reviewer noted that sheets of standard paper will fit in them without folding.The legs of the desk are metal and curve outward.

It is an almost perfect product for anyone that needs a spacious yet simple desk for their home or office.

The only complaints about this desk were with the assembly. It is heavy, and pine is a soft wood. There are a lot of reasons for needing home desks. best ikea countertop for desk reddit. Those who use it for this purpose suggest it is more comfortable for two rather than four if that is the purpose it is purchased for.As a desk, it is very light and ideal as a computer table. IKEA responded to the latter suggesting a replacement might be the solution. A child may need a different sort of desk than an adult. A reviewer noted that high humidity or an errant hot cup of coffee can damage the surface.For those who loved it, the size and style was what was most appreciated. (Honestly, I wish my adult-sized kitchen looked like this!).

That is true of most desks.When putting this desk together it may be wise to have some additional support for the back leg handy. Its measurements are 59x29 1/2. The design is quite simple, except for the multiple drawers on the left side which are a great addition to the table as they can be used to store useful items. However, if it is a problem, it might be wiser to buy a different model.The biggest complaint about this desk is with the drawer. Lastly, this version of the IKEA LINNMON / ALEX series is also quite handy and durable. Even those who have put IKEA furniture together before had to resort to common sense and/or the internet to get it together.All but two of the people who reviewed think it’s a great desk. Overall, this definitely a great desk for anyone under a tight budget. While these extra drawers and large size affect the price, this product is still quite good for value when you take all things into consideration. We won't send you spam. It may not be a good long term fit due to what it is made from.

The finished product looks Pottery Barn-level good. Some who posted added a back, others just complained. The top of the desk is not attached to the drawers, which disturbed one reviewer.With care, this desk will last a long time. The cabinet can also be used for storage. This is another desk known as IKEA LINNMON / ALEX, but it definitely isn’t like the previous two mentioned before it.

The remodel involved cutting the existing legs, filling pre-drilled hardware holes, sanding and staining the wood, and topping things off with a coat of polyurethane and some new hardware that seriously upgrade the look. This desk was designed for computers. The desk only comes with two legs; the other side is held up with drawers. However, if that’s the only problem listed, and it is, then this is a wonderful desk.Some of the comments were about what the purchaser used it for. This desk’s measurements are about 59x29 ½. Kitchn is a source of inspiration for a happier, healthier life in your kitchen. The first product that we’ll be reviewing on this list is probably the most simple and affordable as well. However, the wood is pine so it scratches easily.

Most, however, needed a computer desk and the add on unit helped provide more storage space without taking up more floor room.There are the usual quality complaints and a few people who had difficulty assembling the units. 9) MICKE Desk, black-brown, 41 3/8x19 5/8 " with add on unit. Unsubscribe at any time. However, if using it for writing it is wise to have something under it.Many people commented about changing out the handles to something they liked better. It did have one funny complaint.

It is mainly used for young people with homework.One of the reviewers thought that there was a drawer under the long section of the desk. There are multiple spacious drawers on both sides of the tables which provide more storage space. This completely plain yet aesthetically pleasing white desk is known as IKEA LINNMON / ADILS. It would be suitable for a child doing homework or various crafts.This desk is largely made of particle board and plastic. Each desk choice has its pluses and minuses, but all in all, they are good choices. This version of the LINNMON / ALEX is considerably larger in terms of size, allowing you to store more objects. It can be used as a desk, for crafts or as a hallway table.The desk is made of particle board and metal. That is in part because particle board is heavy. This is one desk where it might be advisable to go to the IKEA store and get a good look before purchase.There were no complaints about sturdiness or sagging. Gold and Marble Leilani Tulip Dining Table. Some experienced people had this problem.That said, those who got it together love it.

Honestly, it looks great. There are also drawer stops fitted in the desk which ensure that the drawers don’t get pulled too far out. 13) HEMNES Desk, dark gray stained, 61x25 5/8 ". Don't Miss Out On Interesting IKEA DIY Ideas! It is a very simple desk, and useful for many purposes. Two people reported that the desk was damaged on arrival, though IKEA was quick to post that returns are allowed within one year if there is a receipt.This desk is very heavy. This product is another version of the LINNMON / ALEX table which was mentioned previously. (I’m willing to bet his wife was psyched. The sides are made from metal, which together makes a sturdy desk. All these IKEA LINNMON desks are good options and are great for specific purposes depending on the exact desk in question. One of those reviewers did take the desk back. However, for the price, it does its job. 14) HEMNES Desk with 2 drawers, white stain, 47 1/4x18 1/2 ".

It is made to be great for work use or even studying.

There are two drawers on the side.

This is a great desk for a small room or for children who need space to do their homework. Choosing The Best IKEA Desks For Home IKEA is known for the type of furniture described. Unsubscribe at any time. 10) LINNMON / ALEX Table, White/Light Gray 59 x 29 1/2”. The desk is made out of solid pine. The desk top is made from solid bamboo.

All in all, a good little desk. Like many IKEA products, it is made of particle board with metal legs.While most reviewers bought this for homework and computer applications, a few bought it to use in the craft room.

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