I think they also had an arcade game for that game but it wasn't as good. It's been stuck in my head for years.

save hide report. At $200, it cost almost as much as the Xbox itself.

3 comments. The original Xbox. Halo 5.

FableJade EmpireSplinter Cell (Original, Pandora Tomorrow, and the best of the bunch, Chaos Theory). Panzer Dragoon Orta is a great reticle-type shooter. Much appreciated. Would be awesome to see them on the One tho.

Almost everything from the 360 era that hasn't been remastered since will have skipped PC. Xbox has all these franchises that they just refuse to use and i don’t understand why, Im with you there, so many great aboard games they should revisit. If you have a limited edition Xbox with a translucent case, you can look for an extra screw mounting post visible through the underside of the Xbox.

I recently did an overhaul of my gaming setup which allows me to easily switch between my Xbox and PC on the same monitor. The original Xbox. Some of those exclusives could have really helped xbox this gen to dominate. Jet Set Radio, Oddworld, GunValkyrie, Panzer Dragoon, Fable, Project Gotham, Blinx, Amped, Otogi, Conker, Perfect Dark, Breakdown... just to name a few... if there was a new game from these franchises released as …

It's a shame there's not really any other games like that. I mean all we have now is halo and gears of war which are fantastic but we need MORE, More posts from the originalxbox community. Can anyone recommend anything else?

Can't have Max Payne 2 without Max Payne 1! ... we all came together because we lost one of our crew.

Good emulation can't come soon enough. This can also include original Xbox or Xbox 360, as long as I can buy them on the Microsoft Store for Xbox One or the CD is backwards compatible.

Not sure if I've missed anything? Also I’d add riddick, panzer dragoon, and crimson skies. Jet Set Radio Future, Amped 2, San Andreas, Halo 1 & 2, Morrowind, Knights of the old republic, Burnout Revenge, Steel Battalion and Steel Battalion Line of Contact. This can also include original Xbox or Xbox 360, as long as I can buy them on the Microsoft Store for Xbox One or the CD is backwards compatible. Everything about it! But a lot of stuff still remained console-only. SSX Tricky is fantastic but the only entry in the series that's even good. I'm wondering, what are some of the best Xbox/Console exclusive games that aren't available on PC? Press J to jump to the feed. Hey just picked up an original Xbox and wants some games to play over Christmas break. 10 Superman: The Man of Steel. Ghost Recon 2 was fantastic. The Original Xbox’s 15 Best Exclusive Games. I love that game. I had a PS2 as a kid so im looking for games that were released on PC/XB but not PS2. There are a lot of 'rare' games for the xbox technically but most are just really bad. Breakdown is one of my favourite games of all time. What is the best pal/NTSC/Jpn exclusives for og Xbox? I love all the Tom Clancy games. The Xbox One may be struggling for exclusives, but Microsoft did not always have such a limit line-up.


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