One study suggested the following reasons for undertaking actively all forms of sales promotion: 1.

Desire to have an immediate positive impact on sales. To Induce Middlemen to Purchase More – The middlemen whole sellers and retailers are induced to purchase more stock by offering more facilities such as credit facilities, higher trade and cash discount and free gifts etc. Informing is to educate the consumers about the product. The space available for displays in retail store and display material, number of displays is limited.

viii. Definition: Objectives of marketing communications. The main purpose of sales promotion is to introduce a new product among customers. Deflect customers’ attention from price. In today’s competitive world, promotional activities play an important role which can be judged from the following facts: Every market is the imperfect market. As a reward, marketer offer something of value to those respondents in the form of lower cost of ownership for a purchased product, example – lower purchase price, money back, inclusion of additional value added material etc. This leads to virtually a, 4. Providing information. They do not change brands easily, and consumer awareness and trial was low, despite heavy advertising. Small budget companies, who cannot afford sustained advertising expenditures to introduce new products, or match the competitive advertising blitz, find sales promotions to be more cost effective and helpful in generating sales volume. Stimulating sales – Sales promotion helps in promoting larger sales in certain specified segments of market. Sales promotion secures the following objectives: 1. Deflect Customer’s Attention from Price: Public Sector Enterprises or Undertakings in India, Sales Promotion Objectives – Top 7 Objectives: Launch New Products and Increase Trail, Encourage Dealers to Participate in Display and a Few Other Objectives, Sales Promotion Objectives – For both Marketers and Traders, Sales Promotion Objectives – The 3 Fundamental Objectives: Informing, Persuading and Reminding, Sales Promotion Objectives – Educating Customers, Stimulating Sales, Facilitating Co-Ordination, Attracting New Customers, Introducing New Products and a Few Others, Sales Promotion Objectives – 7 Main Objectives: Introduction of New Products, Attracting New Customers, Inducing Present Customers to Buy and a Few Others, Sales Promotion Objectives – 2 Most Important Objectives: Consumer-Oriented Sales Promotion and Trade-Oriented Sales Promotion, Sales Promotion Objectives – Increase in Sales Volume, Stock Clearance, Emphasizing Variety, Tempting Customers, Seeking More Involvement and Introducing New Arrivals, Sales Promotion Objectives – Providing Information, Increase Sales Volume, To Keep the Memory Alive, To Arrest Seasonal Decline, To Induce Middlemen and a Few Others, Sales Promotion Objectives – With Reasons for Growth, Sales Promotion Objectives – Increase Sales Volume, Launch New Product, Increase Trial, Encourage Repeat Purchase and Deflect Customers Attention from Price. To Block Competitor’s Moves  5. The consumers may feel an urge to buy the product, considering certain benefits of the purchase. For this purpose, sales promotion plans are started. Display and advertising allowance are granted to dealers to compensate them for the space given for the display of manufactured products. When consumers see in bold print “FREE”, their attention is focused on the advertisement. Emphasizing variety, novelty offered by the retail outlet. Speed up the sales of slow moving products. A small, but important, sub-set of sales promotions are targeted to the business-to-business market. That is why we find discount, off season price reduction of such items in the market. Therefore, sales promotion activities are undertaken by the manufacturers to encourage dealers to have more stocks of their goods. To Increase Sales in Off-Seasons 14. However the marketer may have a number of different objectives for example: ii. Motivate dealers to stock and sell more.

So, many companies now use personalities selectively to avoid overexposure. Sometimes it gets mistreated by both merchant and customers. Bowman (1980) cited the evidence indicating that print advertisements containing coupon are more likely to be noticed and recalled than are the same advertisements not containing coupons. vii. have brought greater pressure on manufacturers for support and allowance. vi. One possibility, though, cannot be ignored that these brand switchers sometimes get exposed to better products and some of them may become repeat purchasers, almost every sales promotion that offers immediate value at the time of purchase may contribute to increasing sales-volume. Sales promotion does not include advertising, personal selling, and publicity. To Counter a Competitor’s Sales Promotion Device: Sales Promotion Objectives – 3 Fundamental Objectives: Informing, Persuading and Reminding, Sales Promotion Objectives – 5 Important Objectives of, Sales Promotion Objectives – Top 5 Objectives.

by distributing samples, free gifts, purchase pre-eminence discount etc. They must have some knowledge about the product offered by the producer. Sales Leads Promotions that are aimed at directly generating leads to close sales. Therefore, no company can afford to ignore promotion activities. Short term incentives offered to the buyers stimulate sales. Marketers should provide continuous reinforcement to resist brand switching and to encourage brand loyalty.

When the coupon would be available, the new price does not appear to be so high relative to the new price of the product. The supplier provides his own personnel to explain the benefits of the displayed products to the customers.

It can be done by lowering the cost of ownership to the customer. Definitely, sales promotion cannot be a substitute for weaknesses in marketing strategy. Calling attention to new products and product improvements. To gain additional market share or additional revenue. To persuade the or wholesaler to carry the brand; To persuade the retailer or wholesaler to carry more than the normal amount; To induce retailers to promote the brand by featuring, and price reductions; To stimulate retailers and their sales clerks to push the product. Since many products have seasonal demand like fans, refrigerators, an important aim of sales promotion of such goods is to encourage the purchase in off-seasons. Thus, all marketing activities are undertaken to increase sales. Persuading generally becomes the main promotion goals, when the product enters the growth stage of its life cycle.


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