Celebrities With Sjogrens Syndrome: Venus Williams, Nina Rawls, Shannon Boxx. Actress Mary Elizabeth McDonough suffers from lupus, which she believes stems from leaking silicone from her breast implants.

Shannon Boxx was playing soccer for the U.S. National Team when she was diagnosed with lupus at 30. He then added, "Michael, he was never sexually abused but according to him, he was traumatized verbally and physically in his childhood, and it was a big issue with him." Chopra told People Magazine, "There's some recent research that suggests that if children have experienced either physical or verbal, mental, emotional or sexual abuse, then 20, 30 years later they can develop these autoimmune diseases including lupus." I'm way healthier than I was in my 30s… The further I get from those implants, the better I get.". Here’s a list of 20 celebrities with some interesting and very strange diseases. I had to leave competitive skiing after several knee operations, and lupus forced me away from mountain bike racing. They say rest is probably the best medicine. “The truth is, I don’t show any signs, any symptoms of lupus. Spiritual teacher and medical doctor Deepak Chopra was a close friend of Michael Jackson. He slowed his career down after his diagnosis and unfortunately lost his life to the disease at 86 in 2001.

The scars of a skin form of lupus left a distinctive pattern on British singer Seal's face. And because of my schedule and everything I had a few blood clots in my lungs which then affected my heart as well. There have been many people who have made names for themselves in the world of entertainment, sports, and politics who happen to have lupus. “Some days I can’t balance it all,” she said in an interview with Huffpost Live in 2015. By using Verywell Health, you accept our, Axelle/Bauer-Griffin / Contributor / Getty Images, ANTM Finalist Mercedes Scelba-Shorte's Journey With Lupus, Lupus: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment. Musician Seal battled discoid lupus as a childhood.

Both diseases made Jackson extremely sensitive to light and slowly caused his skin to change color. ). And the symptoms may be related to another condition entirely.

I feel like I haven’t felt the after-effects of it. Famous People With Lupus Disease Lupus Erythematosus is an autoimmune disease in which an individual's immune system begins to attack normal, healthy tissue. Diagnosed at age 46 with lupus myelitis, a rare form of lupus affecting the spinal cord, this comedic actress first showed signs of lupus when struggling to climb a flight of stairs. As a singer, Gomez has had to balance the symptoms of her Lupus and the demands of … Sign up for our Health Tip of the Day newsletter, and receive daily tips that will help you live your healthiest life. Of course I’m not used to the medicines, but I feel like I’m starting to figure out a lot of holistic ways, meditation and stuff to get through it. Even after his diagnosis, Walston continued to act up until his death. "Some days I can't balance it all," she told HuffPost Live in 2015. J. Dilla, hip-hop producer, and rapper died at 32 due to lupus complications. Johnston now practices sobriety after many years battling alcohol abuse and drug addiction. Does Shampoo Expire and How to Tell If It Has?

As one of the most recent celebrities to come forward about their battle with Lupus, 24-year-old Selena Gomez has become globally recognized for her responsible approach to the disease. Mercedes has continued modeling since her 2004 run on the hit series and is now a spokesperson for the Lupus Foundation of America.

Although there is no cure for lupus, many people with lupus live relatively healthy and even extraordinary lives. Paula has been a major supporter of Lupus LA to advocate for lupus awareness and research. Celebrities with Lupus who prove that disease can't keep them down includes popular names like … I remained optimistic on pursing my goals and dreams despite my hair falling out, heavy fatigue, and achy joints. But I know it was something that bothered him a lot.". The list of celebrities with lupus include: actress/model Kelly Drury, actress Elaine Paige, baseball player Tim Raines, movie producer Lauren Shuler Donner, TV presenter Terri Seymour, and many more. Charles Kuralt wasn't diagnosed with lupus until he was 62, years after retiring from a lengthy career as a TV journalist for CBS News. More from his IMDB page: The scars on his face are the result of discoid lupus erythematosus, a type of Lupus that affects the skin, resulting in the classic Lupus “butterfly rash” across the cheeks, and nose. Actress and singer Selena Gomez revealed that lupus was the reason behind her hiatus from the public eye.

© Alexander Tamargo / Getty Images for Spotify, © Ron Galella, Ltd. / Ron Galella Collection via Getty. That's what my break was really about. Discoid lupus causes blistering, especially around the facial area, which can cause deep scarring when ruptured, though it can affect skin anywhere on the body. Symptoms vary, but it typically causes joint pain, swelling, hair loss, weight loss, mouth sores, and scarring., It's a chronic condition, meaning that its symptoms can last longer than six weeks and often for years.


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