• The most sacred room of a church is also known as the chapel. However, the difference is not limited to size as there are a few more, and read on if you want to learn about these differences. • Church and cathedral are two of the several places that are used for worship by Christians; others being chapel, basilica, minster, and abbey. That can be because in a church setting chapel is included in the church as a room of the church. Chapel has a more straightforward derivation, from the Old French chapele, which in turn had roots in the Medieval Latin cappella, literally meaning “little cape,” honoring the story of St. Martin of Tours’ holy garment. A church is any place of worship that has a permanent congregation and is run by a pastor or priest. This article will explain the difference between a church and a cathedral in simple terms to remove all doubts from the minds of the readers. Sometimes, chapel is also used to hold funerals and choirs. • The word church is mentioned in the Bible where it has been described as the body of the Christ. However, a Though the word’s original connotations were of a building designated for holy worship, church services now often take place in secular locations, and former church buildings are frequently converted into private homes, bookstores, and bars. Inside a church, chapel is the solitary place of worship.

It defines a church as a building used by Christians for worship, and a chapel as a small building for Christian worship; the only difference it seems is their size, with a chapel being smaller t… A city can have many churches. Even chapels of considerable size or with their own freestanding grounds differ from the traditional Christian church in welcoming nondenominational or interfaith worship. In fact, a cathedral is considered the largest church in a city. Other rooms in the church are used for congregations and school classrooms, and other casual activities not related to worship. The places are considered holy places, and major festivals of the religion are celebrated with gaiety in these places. As with most questions on the nature of language, it depends not whom you ask, but when you ask. So a cathedral, is basically a large church, but this is not a feature that distinguishes a cathedral from a church. A church is a building which is used for Christian worship.

A church is a Christian place of worship; there is no doubt about it but what about a chapel then? Here are the characteristics of a church and a cathedral. A cathedral is basically run under the authority of a bishop, who is the highest priest in the church and housed inside the cathedral.

Perhaps the loosest definition of “chapel” refers to those peculiar Las Vegas wedding locations for hasty, and occasionally poorly thought out, marriages—a far cry from most established religion. Chronologically speaking, the words “church” and “chapel” emerged into widespread use at about the same time, dating back to approximately the thirteenth century. A chapel is a part of a larger church or a small building used for worship and is associated with relics. More recent denominations, such as Baptists or Methodists do not have a cathedral in their faith as their hierarchical structure does not have a bishop. Answer has 5 votes. A cathedral is a much larger place of worship than a church, and usually houses a church inside it. • Church and cathedral are two of the several places that are used for worship by Christians; others being chapel, basilica, minster, and abbey.• There may be many churches in a place, but a cathedral is often the largest of them, and houses the bishop of the city. A church is a Christian place of worship; there is no doubt about it but what about a chapel then? So a place could be called a city only if it had a cathedral. Filed Under: Religion Tagged With: abbey, basilica, bishop, Cathedral, cathedral and church, cathedral definition, chapel, church, church and cathedral, church definition, dioceses, Eastern Orthodox, Glasgow Cathedral, minster, priests, Roman Catholics, Koshal is a graduate in Language Studies with a Master's Degree in Linguistics, assemble and PREY to God, in (3rd line about midway though). Identifying the difference between church and chapel is somewhat difficult for those who are not Christians.


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