I had extremely low appetite. Be open to trying new things and you will get better! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Maybe that's been my issue; not using them regularly for a month. Usually, you need to take them for a few weeks (up to 8 weeks) before they start to take effect. They didn't fix my depression, but they boosted my mood enough that I could start taking action to fix my life, which is ultimately going to be what will cure my depression. When I went to my doctor complaining I still wasn't feeling well and I didn't think the pills were working, she doubled the dose instead of taking me off the damn things. The number one thing I wish someone had told me about meds is that I can't expect them to cure all my problems. Peer support for anyone struggling with a depressive disorder. Without an anti-depressant I feel hopeless; that life isn't worth living.

I can honestly say I'm not depressed as much anymore, I'm not happy all the time but definitely not depressed 100% of the time, I found Mirtazapine made me v drowsy. Press J to jump to the feed. Is all this going to happen for you? Like I said, I don’t feel like an entirely different, always happy, anxiety-free person.

It gave me most of my life back. If you notice a side effect or change in mood, write it down. Or perform an EEG to help understand how your brain works. It's like it normalizes the color saturation in life so that everything isn't dreary and gray. I will be honest with you, it sucks. The underlying causes of my depression weren't removed, but almost all of their power was. After a while, I decided that I'd be better off ending it. Also felt very little emotion, almost like a switch was turned off. They feel like nothing. Just be aware the side effects of Anti-Depressants can make you feel worse, and make you want to stop them - you have to persevere. It's a process you have to work through with your psychiatrist. These are typically partially covered by insurance, but they can be expensive options. Then I started noticing that urge to just lay around all day was wearing off. The fog had lifted, it was extraordinary how happy and normal I felt. I still have panic attacks here and there, but by and large I feel like … Id wake up in the morning and my brain would try to remind me how bad of a person I was.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, http://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2015/05/a-test-that-finds-the-perfect-drug/393611/. When my doctor decided we would try Paxil, I was hesitant. Honestly it's been great, very few side effects, and I don't feel any different, just normal. I would suggest communicating with your doctor if there are any side effects, negative changes in your mood. If you are not satisfied with how you feel, get off of them as soon as possible because the deeper you go, the more your life will be ruined. It wasn't a great experience, felt sick alot of the time. Absolutely no side effects (for me). The one which I used to take made me feel like I would rather be asleep than awake most of the time and made me insatiably hungry. I hated Effexor. It can even change over time as your brain chemistry adjusts to long term antidepressant use. How do you even bring that up with a doctor? Currently I'm on a mixture of an MAOI drug (phenelzime sulfate, trade name Nardil) and a drug called Olanzapine.

One piece of advice I will give you.

So it took a LOT to get me to finally start on Lexapro. Cookies help us deliver our Services. The overall change that most people feel is a bit of fatigue and you'll sleep more at night. Do you just go to your GP/internist and tell them how you feel, or do you start with therapy and then they prescribe something? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Just keep them in mind when you find yourself in a better financial position. Meaning I never felt any type of euphoria or instant high from them. I think people tend to expect too much out of their antidepressants. But then one day I started noticing that I had been feeling less sad than usual.

I think people tend to expect too much out of their antidepressants. However, side effects can begin before the main effects kick in. Sometimes it takes a while to find the right medication, and it is a long process but it's worth it. I’m thinking of giving them a try but I’m afraid of the side effects outweighing the positives. They have the option of performing dna tests which help narrow down what needs are likely to work best. Prepare to see side effects immediately. I have depression and it always feels like waves where I’m happier and then more sad. My brain is all I got. I know they're doing something because without them the only things I did were sleep, and get up to go to the bathroom. Felt a little high for the first few months. On them for 7 years now. For someone who was literally a slave to depressive thinking, it was as simple and jarring as cutting the chains that bound me. But I simply ignored my brain, and went about my business. Sometimes, it feels I'm in a new world where everything is clean and bright, but on other occasions, it feels as if my soul is wrapped in gauze. I don't miss it. I felt very glazed over and initially felt like I was watching myself almost like autopilot. Feel great. Going to see a doctor about my depression on Monday and just a little nervous about what to expect. r/AskReddit is the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions. Don't give up if your first try doesn't work, I was on prozac for about 4 months and it made me very very sleepy, but when I switched, like I said almost no side effects. But I usually slept through the hunger. I have a few years experience working in mental health with people that take a lot of meds., so I’m a bit more informed and was able to understand a little of what each med does, so I read reviews and looked at meta analysis comparisons of meds for depression and decided i thought xyz med was useful for me, I then approached my doctor who thankfully did a prescription. I've been on so many meds idk what I took but I'm pretty sure I took my fair share of anti-depressants.

I don't know. Also I'm set to begin weaning off the lexapro this spring, wish me luck! Mentally you should start to feel more active in a week, be careful and have someone keep an eye on you as you get used to your mind lifting out of that fog. Id like to put an asterisk on this post for OP though. I could (and would) distract myself with video games and bad television, and as a student who was cutting class, I had quite a bit of time to do so. Zoloft didn't really work and came with all sorts of awful side effects. It has helped me at times but I can't find one to sustain me for longer than a few months.


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